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Chinese White Dolphins Face Serious Extinction Threat

The Pearl River Estuary Chinese dolphin population is declining at about 2.5 percent per year and is fast approaching its minimum viability threshold.

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Japan consumption habits harming 700 rare, endangered species

Feb. 22 (UPI) -- Japanese consumption habits are detrimental to more than 790 endangered and rare species of plants and animals, according to a university economist.

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How acoustic monitoring gave us a last chance to save the vaquita

With only 30 animals left, the vaquita is the world’s most endangered cetacean and one of the most endangered mammals.

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Lemur facial recognition tool developed

A team of researchers has developed a facial recognition system that can identify individual lemurs in the wild with high levels of accuracy.

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Three fish species known as ‘sea monsters’ in danger of extinction

As they have enormous size and always causes big waves when whisking their tail, the fish are called ‘sea monster of Mekong Delta’.

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Camera traps proving to be powerful tool for studying endangered species in remote locations

In 2015, a team of researchers left 21 camera traps on a previously unsurveyed ridge in Peru’s Sira Communal Reserve for six months and captured some of the first images of the critically endangered Sira curassow to be made publicly available.

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US Endangered Species Act could be facing extinction

43-year-old legislation designed to save rare bald eagles, grey wolves and manatees heading for threatened list

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Roudsar Persian leopard in torment

People exert noticeable impacts on biodiversity in several ways. As long as there are greedy and uncaring people, there will be change in relative abundance of species. Namely hunting is estimated to have caused 33% of the extinctions of mammals.

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The Vanishing: Europe’s farmland birds

The Head of Conservation for BirdLife Europe & Central Asia explains how intensive agriculture has made farmland birds one of the most threatened bird groups in Europe. Once upon a time, they were all around us – sights and sounds as familiar as the dusky skies their flocks danced in or the wind ...

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Sound of crickets 'could become a thing of the past'

The first comprehensive assessment of Europe's crickets and grasshoppers has found that more than a quarter of species are being driven to extinction.

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Climate change, fishing threaten endangered African penguin

Climate change and fishing practices are contributing to increased losses of the already endangered African penguin, a new study has found.

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Back from the brink of extinction: How the Gangetic dolphins made a comeback

On the verge of extinction, recent spotting of Gangetic dolphins in the state’s river system has brought cheer to scientists, forest officers and environmentalists.

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Javan leopard sighting raises hopes for rare big cat

Four Javan leopards have been spotted in an Indonesian national park where they were previously thought to have died out, raising hopes for the future of the rare big cat.

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Black rhino: 'New plan' to help save endangered animal

A new approach is needed to help save the black rhinoceros from extinction, a study involving Cardiff University scientists has found.

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The solution from the skies to save endangered species

The world's first astrophysics-ecology drone project at Liverpool John Moores University could be the answer to many global conservation efforts.

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Endangered antelope 'may be wiped out'

The death of more than 2,000 critically endangered Saiga antelope in Mongolia was caused by a disease that could now threaten the entire population.

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There are now just 30 vaquita left in the wild

The vaquita continues to earn its title as “the world’s most endangered cetacean species.”

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Protected zones offer refuge for Cambodia’s endangered ibises

In a process that has been six years in the making, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, has approved plans to divide Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary’s 250,000 hectares of land into four different zones, with added protection for areas that are significant to globally threatened species.

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Don't 'bee' worried: Researcher says endangered bumblebee populations will rise again

Bumblebees recently became the first species from the U.S. to be placed on the endangered species list, but an entomologist said bumblebee endangerment is nothing to be bugged about.

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Scientists survey medicinal potential of endangered frog family

Jan. 27 (UPI) -- New research details the medicinal potential of Bufonidae, a large tropical frog family. Secretions from Bufonidae species have been used in traditional folk medicine for centuries.

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Saving the Egyptian Vulture – Have your say!

There was a time when the striking silhouette of the Egyptian Vulture in flight cut an impressive figure through the skies over Europe, Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

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Endangered Hawaiian monk seal population rises to 1,400

HONOLULU -- The population of Hawaiian monk seals -- one of the world's most critically endangered marine mammals -- has been increasing 3 per cent a year for the past three years, federal wildlife officials said.

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Bumblebee Added to US Endangered Species List

A small insect is getting a lot of attention in the United States.

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Primates facing 'extinction crisis'

The world's primates face an "extinction crisis" with 60% of species now threatened with extinction, according to research.

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Last ditch attempt announced to save vaquita porpoises from humans' 'acquatic cocaine' habit

Some of the last remaining vaquita porpoises are to be taken into protection in a last-ditch attempt by the Mexican government to save the species from extinction.

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Myanmar's 'smiling' Irrawaddy dolphins on brink of extinction

Tears fill Maung Lay's eyes as he describes losing the dolphin he knew since his childhood, the latest casualty of a battle against pollution and electrofishing that may see the species disappear in Myanmar.

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Study shows signs of hope for endangered sea turtles

Bones from dead turtles washed up on Mexican beaches indicate that Baja California is critical to the survival of endangered North Pacific loggerhead sea turtles, which travel some 7,500 miles from their nesting sites in Japan to their feeding grounds off the coast of Mexico.

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Enforcement, development and education define efforts to save Vietnam’s rare primates

CAO BANG CITY, Vietnam – Vietnam is home to some of the world’s most endangered primates, many of which live in the country’s mountainous, heavily forested far-northern provinces.

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Japanese law for endangered wildlife set for what critics call toothless revamp

The Law on Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is set to be revised once again to further improve government measures to prevent vulnerable animal and plant species from becoming extinct.

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World’s most endangered fruit bat could soon be extinct due to rapid forest loss

The rare Livingstone’s fruit bat population is down to about 1,200 individuals, distributed across only 21 roost sites that are threatened by habitat loss, a new study has found.

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Rusty patched bumble bee listed as endangered species

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 10 (UPI) -- The rusty patched bumble bee has been granted a spot on the endangered species list by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It is the first bumble bee species in the continental U.S. to be protected by the Endangered Species Act.

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Is the world’s tallest creature heading for a fall?

A recent list of threatened species revealed that giraffes are now on the brink of extinction after a devastating decline.One of nature’s most lovable creatures, giraffes split their time between tottering around – head (neck) and shoulders above the rest of the animal kingdom – and eating. Dubb ...

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Just about everything you buy came at the expense of an endangered animal

The cup of joe that helped you get through the morning, the must-have chair purchased at that trendy furniture store and the palm oil that’s key to a favorite family recipe all have elements ripped from the habitat of a threatened or endangered animal somewhere in the world.

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Mexico bid to save world's smallest vaquita porpoise

Mexican authorities and scientists are trying to save the world's smallest porpoise by capturing illegal "ghost" fishing nets.

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New population of rare Myanmar snub-nosed monkey discovered in China

Scientists have confirmed the presence of a new population of the rare Myanmar snub-nosed monkey in China.

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Rare wild turkey caught on video for first time

WAISAI, Indonesia, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- The Waigeo brush-turkey, a rare species endemic to the Indonesia, has been captured on video for the first time.

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Glory in the Azores as Europe's most threatened songbird rebounds

Think invasive species and images of chick-munching cats and rats immediately spring to mind. But many local extinctions have their roots in alien invaders of another kind: plants.

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Reports that wild Sumatran rhinos may survive in Malaysia prompt hope, skepticism

In 2015, Malaysian officials publicly confirmed there were no wild rhinos left in Malaysia.

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From loathed to loved: Villagers rally to save Greater Adjutant stork

You know a bird has a PR problem when an ornithologist refers to it as “a prodigy of ugliness.”

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Scientists propose ten policies to protect vital pollinators

In an article published on 25 November in the journal Science, a team of researchers has suggested ten clear ways in which governments can protect and secure pollination services – vital to the production of fruits, vegetables and oils.

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California court upholds ban on ivory and rhino horn

On November 28, the Los Angeles Superior Court upheld California’s ban on trade in ivory and rhino horn, rejecting claims by the Ivory Education Institute that the new law was unconstitutional.

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Rwanda's gorillas become new face of climate change

There are less than 900 mountain gorillas left in the world, and their fight for survival is getting even harder. Climate change is forcing the apes to travel farther for food. In our continuing series, "The Climate Diaries," Mark Phillips went to the mountains of Rwanda to see what else is putt ...

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Protections for Rare and Endangered Animals Under Threat From Drilling Industry

Midland, Texas -- Monarch butterflies, tiny lizards, and a type of grouse known as the lesser prairie chicken all drew close scrutiny from a large gathering of oil and gas executives at the Permian Basin Petroleum Association's annual meeting this year.

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Tigers face ‘unprecedented’ threat from transport projects: WWF

In 2010, 13 tiger range countries pledged to double the number of wild tigers by 2022 – the next Chinese year of the tiger. But the path to achieving these goals appears to be marred by a boom in transport projects, according to a new WWF report.

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Elephant Refugees Flee to Last Stronghold in Africa

The elephants swim across the river in a straight line, trunks jutting out of the water like snorkels. With low, guttural bellows, they push their bodies together, forming a living raft to bolster a calf too tiny to stay afloat on its own.

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Scientists scale trees in desperate attempt to save orange-bellied parrot

Scientists are scaling trees in Tasmania in an attempt to save the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot after the wild population dropped to the “stupidly low numbers” of just 14 individuals.

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Kiwi chicks changing the future of endangered species

One kiwi chick at a time, a West Coast wildlife attraction is changing the fate of some of New Zealand's most endangered kiwi. The West Coast Wildlife Centre celebrated the birth of their 101st Haast tokoeka kiwi chick on Monday, a species with less than 400 birds in the wild.

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The beloved Hawaiian honeycreeper birds are at risk of extinction from avian malaria

In the rugged mountain forests of Kaua’i, colorful birds called honeycreepers are dying out. Usually protected by the cooler temperatures found at higher altitudes, the birds are now victims of malaria-carrying mosquitoes that have crept upward as temperatures rise.

News Headlines

Study finds more birds are endangered than previously thought

Hundreds of bird species today face a greater risk of extinction than is formally recognized, a new Duke study found.In a team led by Stuart Pimm, Doris Duke professor of conservation ecology in the Nicholas School of the Environment, researchers concluded that by failing to include new informat ...

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Rare river crossing by female raises hopes for boost in Florida panther population

Efforts to save the Florida panther may have broken through a longtime barrier: a female cat appears to have forged the Caloosahatchee River to stake out new territory to the north.

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