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News Headlines

Bleached coral reefs to heal by 2022 Coral reef monitoring takes to the skies

Why are scientists turning to aerial images to monitor the health of ecosystems found beneath the ocean’s surface? Coral reefs support millions of species ranging from single-celled algae to sharks and sea turtles. However, this diversity, coupled with the scattered and often remote (underwater) ...

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Blue Planet 2: David Attenborough offers stark warning against climate change and pollution during finale

Over the last few weeks, Blue Planet II has been impressing viewers around the country, quickly becoming the most-watched television show of 2017.

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Bolivia's indigenous women cope with climate change

Bolivia is among the many countries around the world now dealing with the consequences of global warming, including extreme weather patterns.

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Bonn climate change talks: What the debate about Loss and Damage is about (and why it is so heated)

While 196 countries attempt to negotiate a road map to implementing the Paris Agreement on limiting climate change at the Bonn climate summit, some of the effects of the accumulated greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere are already playing out in various parts of the world.

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Bonn, the global climate village: Bigger, greener ... better?

The UN city of Bonn is getting ready to host the global climate conference. With just a few days before the start of COP23, what do participants, activists and residents expect?

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Borneo's orangutan population slashed by more than half in 16 years

The number of orangutans on the island of Borneo has more than halved in 16 years, as hunting of the critically endangered species continues and rampant deforestation destroys its habitat, scientists say.

News Headlines

Botanic gardens are world's "best hope" for saving threatened plants

"If we do not conserve our plant diversity, humanity will struggle to solve the global challenges of food and fuel security, environmental degradation, and climate change"

News Headlines

Botanical garden to be milestone for protecting biodiversity, nature: Mushahidullah

Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan Thursday said that Botanical Garden, would be set up in the Federal Capital to help protect the biodiversity and nature.The minister expressed these view while inaugurating the construction of boundary wall of the South Asia’s first “Zoo Bot ...

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Botswana: Bio-Diversity Important to Economy

Maun — Deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, Mr Thabang Botsoma says biodiversity and ecosystem are vital to the economy and development of Botswana.

News Headlines

Braiding Science Together with Indigenous Knowledge

As the negative consequences of human-induced environmental and social changes are becoming increasingly obvious, there is a growing recognition that “status quo” approaches to resource development and management, rooted in the dominant, largely linear, reductionist worldview, are failing.

News Headlines

Brain damage in fish affected by plastic nanoparticles

Calculations have shown that 10 per cent of all plastic produced around the world ultimately ends up in the oceans. As a result, a large majority of global marine debris is in fact plastic waste. Human production of plastics is a well-known environmental concern, but few studies have studied the ...

News Headlines

Brazilian study discovers six new species of silky antieaters

Since the pioneering description made in 1758 by Swedish naturalist and father of taxonomy Carl Nilsson Linnaeus (1707-1778), there was officially one single silky anteater species. This short-snouted, pigmy-sized anteater would then be known for its scientific name, Cyclopes didactyla, after it ...

News Headlines

Breaking legume's crop wild relative barrier

Domesticating plants to grow as crops can turn out to be a double-edged scythe.On one hand, selecting specific desirable traits, such as high yields, can increase crop productivity. But other important traits, like resistance to pests, can be lost. That can make crops vulnerable to different str ...

News Headlines

Bridgestone hits the brakes on deforestation

The tire company has become the third of the world’s “Big Five” to have a formal policy on deforestation, but environmentalists say they will be closely watching its implementation.

News Headlines

Brilliant blue tarantula among potentially new species discovered in Guyana

While walking through the forests of Guyana’s Potaro Plateau one night in 2014, herpetologist Andrew Snyder noticed a flash of bright cobalt blue peeking out of hole in a rotting tree stump. When Snyder took a closer look, he noticed that his flashlight had illuminated a small tarantula’s blue l ...

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Bring politics of biodiversity at same level as climate change – UNEP

Every other nation [has] accepted the climate message, and we should be at the same place by 2020 with biodiversity,' says United Nations Environment Programme head Erik Solheim at an international wildlife conference in Manila.

News Headlines

Bringing Uganda to Ugandans

All those Ugandans who have never seen a lion in real life are, therefore, advised to make plans and be there. The king will be in the company of other powerful cats such as leopards and the cheetah, up close and personal.

News Headlines

Budget 2018: Feds commit $500 million to conservation funding

The funding reflects the Liberals' commitment to safeguard at least 17 per cent of Canadian land and inland waters by 2020, including migratory bird territory.

News Headlines

Bugs Are Teaching Robots How To Jump Up Without Legs

When a click beetle lands on its back, it doesn’t roll back and forth to get up. It can’t just turn over like a person could. So, it employs a bizarre mechanism to get up—it “clicks” its back to launch itself into the air and hopes that it lands right-side up.

News Headlines

Building a climate-resilient Asia-Pacific

To build long-lasting resilience to climate change, the Asia-Pacific region must address the root causes of two of its most pressing challenges: human vulnerability and gender inequality.

News Headlines

Burundi: Hippo Movement in Neighborhoods Close to Lake Tanganyika, 'Sign of Threat'

In recent days, residents of Bujumbura say they meet hippos in some neighborhoods near Lake Tanganyika.Environmentalists say these hippos come out of their natural habitat to seek food because they are threatened with hunger.

News Headlines

By 2100, climate change could alter key microbial interactions in the ocean

The ocean is rapidly absorbing carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuel and other human activities, resulting in warmer and more acidic waters. According to a new study, these conditions can also change the behavior of tiny marine organisms essential to ocean health.

News Headlines

By air, land and sea, global warming rises

Global warming is real, and it’s happening now. Within hours of the announcement by scientists in the US that 2017 was at least the third warmest year recorded, if not the second, over the Earth’s land and oceans, there comes a further revelation: 2017 was also the warmest year on record for the ...

News Headlines

CARICOM eyes key outcomes from UN climate change talks

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) — Representatives from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), attending the 23rd meeting of the Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Conventon on Climate Change (COP23) now underway in Bonn, Germany are focusing on mitigating climate risks and building resilience agains ...

News Headlines

CDB to promote resilient recovery, climate action for the Caribbean at UN Climate Change Conference

A delegation from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has arrived at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany. While at the event, which runs until November 17, the Bank will join other regional stakeholders in reiterating the urgent need for climate action and resi ...

News Headlines

COMMENT: Alarm on biodiversity loss

COMMENT | ROBERT WATSON | With the United Nations’ climate change conference underway recently in Bonn, Germany, rising global temperatures were once again at the top of the world’s agenda. But why care about the increase in temperature, if not because of its impact on life on Earth, including h ...

News Headlines

COMMENT: GMO technology in Uganda

The recent article in The Independent magazine (October 31 2017) titled “Tears and Cheers over New GMO Law” left me, as a farmer and a science journalist, disappointed. It carried negative and misleading sentiments about agricultural biotechnology.

News Headlines

COP23 endorses mainstreaming of gender in climate action

BONN, Germany — Negotiators at the COP23 climate discussions in Bonn, Germany, have approved a plan to more directly include women in all climate activities and to enhance gender-related mandates that have already been adopted, in a move many participants said is long overdue.

News Headlines

CPAWS celebrates “historic investment” in nature conservation in Federal Budget 2018

This unprecedented investment will support Canada’s efforts to achieve its commitment to protect at least 17% of our land and 10% of our ocean by 2020, delivering on the Prime Minister’s promise that Canada will achieve and substantially exceed this target in the coming years.

News Headlines

California is tackling poverty and climate change together

In places struggling with poverty and unemployment, carbon pollution is often not the number one concern. But with a new program, California plans to demonstrate that solutions to these problems can go hand in hand.

News Headlines

California's dry regions are hotspots of plant diversity

The first "big data" analysis of California's native plants, using digitized information from more than 22 herbaria and botanical gardens around the state, provides some surprises about one of the most thoroughly studied and unique areas in the country.

News Headlines

Call to conserve 'crucial' rare Wales spider species

Action is needed to conserve Wales' rare spider species, including those which only live underground, a review has found. Some of the 500 species of spiders that live in Wales are found almost nowhere else in the world, according to Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

News Headlines

Can Fiji Save the World?

When Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama assumed the presidency of the 23rd meeting of the UN’s climate change convention on November 6, he was a long way from his Pacific home. Fiji is the first Pacific Island country to host a UN Conference of the Parties (COP), but is doing so remotely fr ...

News Headlines

Can Nepali coffee survive impacts of climate change?

Climate change has delivered a double whammy to coffee growers in Nepal, as areas where the crop flourished are turning unsuitable for future plantations, and pests are destroying existing ones.

News Headlines

Can a Carbon 'Vacuum Cleaner' Save the Planet?

We humans are really, really good at making carbon dioxide. Last year our smokestacks and tailpipes puffed out more than 60 trillion pounds of the greenhouse gas, monkeying with the planet’s climate and acidifying the oceans.

News Headlines

Can artificial intelligence thwart forest losses in the Congo?

Compared with the planet's other large tracts of tropical forests, the forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have remained relatively intact — although that soon may be changing. Driven by factors such as shifting cultivation (slash-and-burn agriculture), fuelwood demand, logging, mi ...

News Headlines

Can carbon-capture technologies hold back climate change?

As the U.S. state of California tries to slash its climate-changing emissions by 40 percent by 2030 – and 80 percent by 2050 – it is looking at some unusual new technologies, beyond simply cutting its use of fossil fuels.

News Headlines

Can climate litigation save the world?

Global moves to tackle climate change through lawsuits are poised to break new ground this week, as groups and individuals seek to hold governments and companies accountable for the damage they are causing.

News Headlines

Can eating grass-fed meat help tackle climate change?

Vegetarians and vegans often point out that cows' methane-filled burps are bad for the planet. But some supporters of organic and free-range farming argue that, while this may be true for intensively-reared livestock, the emissions cows make can be offset by allowing them to graze - which encour ...

News Headlines

Can technology save us as we drown in plastic waste?

New technology may soon fill the gap by launching a wave of “upcycling” that takes plastics now considered hard to recycle economically and turns them into something much more valuable.

News Headlines

Can the Javan rhino be saved before disaster strikes?

As the old saying warns, it’s bad enough to put all your eggs in one basket. If you have to, though, at least try not to leave that basket sitting on the beach under an active volcano.

News Headlines

Can the World Find Solutions to the Nitrogen Pollution Crisis?

The world is using nitrogen fertilizer less and less efficiently. A greater proportion than ever before is washing into rivers and oceans. An environmental catastrophe looms, nitrogen scientists say, and the world urgently needs to develop strategies to prevent it.

News Headlines

Can this organization change the way conservation is financed?

Michelin, the tire manufacturer, is the world’s largest buyer of natural rubber. It was also the first tire maker to commit to responsible rubber sourcing. Together with the nature conservation organization World Wildlife Fund, the company has committed to achieving wildlife-friendly rubber in A ...

News Headlines

Can winemakers defeat the climate models that are predicting their demise?

Climate change will severely impact premium wine production zones globally. Yet climate and crop models often lack the resolution needed to reliably project grape suitability loss. Wine producers may still be able to adapt their practices so that the wine of tomorrow remains the wine of today.

News Headlines

Canada Budget 2018 Boosts Conservation Funding

The call of the wild is echoing through Tuesday's federal budget, which some environmental groups are calling a "game changer'' for nature conservation across Canada.

News Headlines

Canada Budget 2018 Makes National Parks Admission Permanently Free For Kids

t's official: Canada's national parks will be permanently free for kids, the federal government announced Tuesday. Finance Minister Bill Morneau noted in his speech tabling the Liberals' third budget that a free entrance program last year had proved so popular the government had chosen to extend it.

News Headlines

Canada deer trapped in hammock still on the loose

A Canadian deer who has warmed the hearts of locals is still on the loose. Nicknamed "Hammy" after he got stuck in a purple hammock, the buck has become a bit of a celebrity in his hometown of Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

News Headlines

Canada has protected a record stretch of ocean. These 800 beluga whales approve.

Canada has protected a record stretch of ocean. These 800 beluga whales approve. After almost a decade of planning, Canada has officially established its largest marine conservation area to date. The vast stretch of pristine ocean has been called the "Serengeti of the Arctic", and it's home to 2 ...

News Headlines

Canada to double protected areas

Having met its target of protecting five per cent of its marine and coastal areas by the end of 2017, Canada is well on its way to meeting its target of 10 per cent by 2020. How, and through what channels the government will do this, are still very much undetermined.

News Headlines

Canada to introduce mandatory reporting of whale interactions this year

The phrase "Save the Whales" will take on new importance for Canadian fishermen in 2018 as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans introduces mandatory reporting for interactions Canada's commercial fishing fleets have with marine mammals.

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