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News Headlines

Ants nurse wounded warriors back to health: study

African Matabele ants dress the wounds of comrades injured during hunting raids and nurse them back to health, according to an "astonishing" discovery reported Wednesday.

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Ants—master manipulators for biodiversity, or sweet treats

Symbiotic ants manipulate aphid reproduction rates to achieve a specific mix of green and red aphids, maintaining the inferior green aphids which produce the ants' favorite snack.

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Anyone wondering about the brown boxes appearing on trees in parts of Belfast?

Bat boxes have appeared on trees across Belfast in a City Council drive to teach people about bio-diversity. The brown boxes have gone up in recent months as part of the local authority’s Biodiversity Action Plan aimed at conserving certain species, raising awareness and getting people involved ...

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App combines computer vision and crowdsourcing to explore Earth’s biodiversity, one photo at a time

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection was developed in large part from the observations and collections of plants, animals and fossils that he made in the Galapagos islands and other stops during his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle. However, Darwin was an amateur naturalist unab ...

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Appetite of Amazonian cities impact wildlife up to 1,000 km away

New research suggests that the impact is so severe it can be felt over incredibly large distances.

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Appreciating our forest and protected areas

In parts of West Africa, forests are intimately linked with people, their ancestors and cultural heritage. Some consider forests as sacred spaces, providing meeting sites under “the big tree” to discuss important matters and make decisions.

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Aquaculture in Seychelles?

As Seychelles looks for ways to grow its economy further, officials have steered towards the idea of Marine aquaculture (Mariculture). Mariculture refers to the culturing of marine species in sea pens, on the seafloor, or suspended in the water column or in on-land, man made systems such as pond ...

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Aquatic plants survive in 'ghost ponds' under agricultural fields

Aquatic plants in 'ghost ponds' are able to survive more than 100 years buried beneath cropped agricultural fields, according to new UCL research.

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Arab League urges int'l efforts to tackle water, food security challenges

CAIRO, July 4 (Xinhua) -- Arab League (AL) Chief Ahmad Abul Gheit stressed Tuesday the importance of mobilizing international efforts to tackle challenges to water and food security in the Arab region, according to AL statement.

News Headlines

Arabian Eagle Owl discovered in UAE

Abu Dhabi: The Emirates Wildlife Society in association with World Wide Fund (EWS-WWF) recently discovered the Arabian Eagle Owl, a previously unsighted owl species in the UAE, the society said on Tuesday. The bird is currently inhabiting the Hajar Mountains in the Eastern Region.

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Arabian Oryx reintroduction programme is success

Abu Dhabi: An aerial survey of the Arabian Oryx Protected Area conducted by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) has recorded 835 individual oryx. This has validated the success of the Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Arabian Oryx Reintroduction Programme, which was launched in 2007 with the introduc ...

News Headlines

Arctic food: window to the past, key to the future

How about some reindeer eye soup? The traditional Dolgan peoples of northern Russia believed eating reindeer eyes preserved their visual acuity and ensured their eyesight remained sharp into old age.

News Headlines

Arctic lakes are releasing relatively young carbon, study discovers

When Arctic permafrost soil thaws, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, but most of the carbon currently escaping from lakes in northern Alaska is relatively young, according to a new study led by researchers at the University of California, Irvine.

News Headlines

Arctic waters get long-sought protection

An Inuit group and the federal government are creating a national marine conservation area in Lancaster Sound that will be – by far – Canada’s largest

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Are GMOs the key to global food security?

Food security is, and will continue to be, one of our greatest ongoing development challenges. We not only need to provide food and nutrition for a growing global population, but we must do so in the face of mounting environmental challenges. T

News Headlines

Are Studies That Evaluate Ecosystem Services Useful?

Ecologists find flaws in the approach to research that focuses on services ecosystems provide to humans. These flaws limit certain studies’ utility.

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Are we reaching our climate change tipping points?

LONDON - Imagine cutting down a tree. Initially, you chop and chop … but not much seems to change. Then suddenly, one stroke of the hatchet frees the trunk from its base and the once distant leaves come crashing down.

News Headlines

Are we really heading for an Anthropocene apocalypse?

News of a sixth mass extinction makes for frightening reading. But is it really too late - and can changing how we frame the issue inspire a more harmonious relationship with our planet? This week, a new study warned that biodiversity is being lost on a scale comparable to the cataclysm that wip ...

News Headlines

Arks of the Apocalypse

It was a freakishly warm evening last October when a maintenance worker first discovered the water — torrents of it, rushing into the entrance tunnel of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a storage facility dug some 400 feet into the side of a mountain on a Norwegian island near the North Pole.

News Headlines

Armored 'Pinecone' Fish's Insides Revealed in Spooky Scan

From the outside, the pinecone fish is a colorful yet fearsome beast. On the inside, it's downright spooky. A new scan of a fish of the genus Cleidopus, posted on Twitter, looks like the re-creation of a monster from a sci-fi horror flick. In actuality, the scan reveals the tough, spiked armor o ...

News Headlines

Artificial coastal defences could be used to enhance marine biodiversity, study shows

Future coastal defences, harbours and ports could enhance biodiversity within the marine environment through the use of cement substitutes. But the materials used need to be selected carefully in order that native and non-native species are not adversely affected, a study by the University of Pl ...

News Headlines

Artificial reef at Sydney Opera House to shelter local marine life

Sydney Harbour features more man-made seawall than natural shoreline, put in place to protect surrounding infrastructure. But it wasn't always that way. Looking to replace some of the natural habitat lost to development in the area, scientists are set to install an artificial reef outside the ic ...

News Headlines

Artists and Activists Demand End to Illegal Logging in Romania

Several large European firms will stop buying timber from Austrian company accused of turning a blind eye to illegal logging.Hundreds of trees in a Romanian forest are now yellow, purple, or red in a protest against rampant illegal logging.

News Headlines

As Climate Change Intensifies, Here Are The Most—And Least—Resilient Counties In America

Kodiak Island Borough is a remote community of around 14,000 people that spreads down the coast of the Alaska Peninsula and across 16 islands. It sits downwind from a cluster of active volcanoes, and its six villages are accessible only by boat or plane. It is home to 3,500 oversized bears.

News Headlines

As a biodiversity hot spot, SA gets ready to glow

Across SA, thousands of plant and animal specimens are languishing in poorly catalogued museum collections. Although an important part of scientific research, the collections have suffered from systemic underfunding and neglect.

News Headlines

As climate is warming up, more bird nests are destroyed in Finnish farmland

Finnish farmers are adapting to the warming climate by anticipating the time when they sow their fields in the spring. At the same time, birds have also advanced the time of breeding as the spring temperatures are becoming milder in response to climate change.

News Headlines

As climate warms, mice morph

New research by McGill University biologists shows that milder winters have led to physical alterations in two species of mice in southern Quebec in the past 50 years – providing a textbook example of the consequences of climate change for small mammals.

News Headlines

As communities rebuild after hurricanes, study shows wetlands can significantly reduce property damage

A 12-year "hurricane drought" during which no major hurricanes formed in the Atlantic ended dramatically in 2017. The devastating impacts of Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria across the United States and the Caribbean provide tragic reminders of the catastrophic risks we face on our coasts.

News Headlines

As deforestation rises, charcoal burners worry

It is common to see a convoy of bicycles with bags of charcoal neatly stack on carriers, descending steep slopes on the banks of the Kafue River in the mining town of Kitwe.

News Headlines

As droughts surge and traditions wane, nature comes under pressure in Kenya

It’s ten o’clock on a Saturday morning and Vincent Rono is at the Cheptuyet River, in Kenya’s southern Rift Valley. The river has long been a customary gathering place for members of the Kipsigis community, who once brought their cattle here to lick salt while the farmers discussed livestock.

News Headlines

As ice retreats, frozen mosses emerge to tell climate change tale

Some mosses in the eastern Canadian Arctic, long entombed in ice, are now emerging into the sunlight. And the radiocarbon ages of those plants suggest that summertime temperatures in the region are the warmest they’ve been in tens of thousands of years.

News Headlines

As oceans alkalized, life developed bones and shells

A critical feature of many multicellular lifeforms on Earth are hard, biological structures, such as animal bones and snail shells that are made from minerals. Tiny fossils recently discovered in Canada have pushed back the oldest known evidence of "bio-mineralization" to 810 million years ago.

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As sea levels rise, 'ghost forests' expand

In the marsh lands of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, you may stumble across a spooky sight: hundreds of dead Atlantic white cedars poking out of the water. Some people call these places “ghost forests”.

News Headlines

As threats grow, expanding cities push for stronger, safer societies

Urban resilience, no longer just a buzzword, is fast becoming part of the fabric of cities around the world, which need to ramp up strategies to ensure the wellbeing of their booming populations in the face of growing threats, experts say.

News Headlines

Asean conservation officers undergo taxonomy training

If awareness and knowledge are the backbone of informed and efficient action, then taxonomy is the pillar of successful biodiversity conservation.

News Headlines

Asean raises need for ‘agrobiodiversity’

RAISING awareness on the importance of agricultural biodiversity or agrobiodiversity for sustainable development and food security was the basic concern at the recently held Regional Workshop on Agrobiodiversity at Maejo University (MJU) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

News Headlines

Asia Faces Disaster From Soaring Temperatures If Climate Change Unchecked - Scientists

BANGKOK: Climate change will bring soaring temperatures, more intense storms, erratic rainfall, plummeting crop yields and a collapse of coral reefs to Asia-Pacific unless countries fully implement their commitments under the Paris climate pact, scientists said on Friday, calling the challenges ...

News Headlines

Asia: From 'Tiger Economies' to 'Tiger Food Systems'

With just 13 years to achieve the planet’s most ambitious development goals in history, there is no engine better suited to drive this global transformation than the Asia-Pacific.A region with a heavy influence on global policy, it is home to leading centers for innovation, finance, and health, ...

News Headlines

Asian countries hold workshop on biodiversity info sources

A regional workshop for Asia was held recently in Thailand to provide guidance on the establishment of Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) on information sources on biodiversity.

News Headlines

Asian elephants have different personality traits just like humans

Researchers of the University of Turku, Finland, have studied a timber elephant population in Myanmar and discovered that Asian elephant personality manifests through three factors. The personality factors identified by the researchers are attentiveness, sociability and aggressiveness.

News Headlines

Assessing a New Clue to How Much Carbon Plants Take Up

Climate change projections include an Achilles heel: We don’t know enough about feedbacks from the terrestrial biosphere. Plants and other organisms take in carbon dioxide (CO2), which they use to manufacture their own food, using photosynthesis.

News Headlines

Assessing nature's contributions to people

A major challenge today and into the future is to maintain or enhance beneficial contributions of nature to a good quality of life for all people. This is among the key motivations of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), a joint global eff ...

News Headlines

Attenborough calls for action on plastic waste to save 'future of humanity'

Sir David Attenborough has called for action on plastic waste clogging up the world's oceans after a baby albatross was killed by a toothpick in his latest documentary series.

News Headlines

Aussie researchers develop new method to fight species' extinction

Studying how small groups of wildlife share limited resources with each other could be key in saving the species from extinction, Australian researchers said on Tuesday.

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Australia offers cash for Great Barrier Reef rescue ideas

Australia is calling on the world's top scientific minds to help save the Great Barrier Reef, offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund research into protecting the world's largest living structure.

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Australia's frog count: App calls on citizen scientists

Croaks and chirps. Even whistles and barks. These are some of the sounds that Australian frogs make, and local biologists are hoping members of the public will help record them on a new app called FrogID. It is part of a conservation effort to better track 240 frog species around Australia.

News Headlines

Australian bird more at risk of extinction than giant panda

An Australian bird, the regent honeyeater, is at more risk of extinction than the giant panda or the Sumatran rhino according to a top environment researcher.

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Australian prison provides rehab for inmates and wildlife

Australian prisoners are caring for animals that have been abandoned, attacked by predators, hit by cars or even seized in a drug bust as part of a rehabilitation programme.

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Australian trees 'sweat' to survive extreme heatwaves, researchers reveal

Australian researchers growing trees in climate change conditions have found the leaves “sweat” to survive extreme heatwaves. The year-long experiment showed that trees continue to release water through their leaves as an evaporative cooling system during periods of extreme heat, despite the car ...

News Headlines

Australia’s record-breaking winter warmth linked to climate change

On the first day of spring, it’s time to take stock of the winter that was. It may have felt cold, but Australia’s winter had the highest average daytime temperatures on record. It was also the driest in 15 years.

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