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News Headlines

Fast fashion: European Union reveals fast fashion crackdown

Clothes, furniture and smartphones sold in Europe must be longer-lasting and easier to repair under new rules proposed by the European Union.

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Fears for bees as US set to extend use of toxic pesticides that paralyse insects

The US Environmental Protection Agency is poised to allow the use of four of the most devastating chemicals to bees, butterflies and other insects to continue in America for the next 15 years, despite moves by the European Union to ban the use of toxins that have been blamed for widespread insec ...

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Feature: Nature-based solutions to improve climate change and air quality

Stephen Cirell, an independent consultant on climate change, low carbon and renewable energy, advises how local authorities and policy makers can incorporate nature-based solutions into their climate, biodiversity and air quality plans.

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Feature: Nature-based solutions to improve climate change and air quality

Stephen Cirell, an independent consultant on climate change, low carbon and renewable energy, advises how local authorities and policy makers can incorporate nature-based solutions into their climate, biodiversity and air quality plans.

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Fifth of Indonesia’s palm oil sites lie in protected forests, says Greenpeace

Almost one-fifth of the land used for Indonesian oil palm plantations is located in the country’s forest estate, despite a law banning such activity, according to a study by Greenpeace.

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Finance’s gain must not be biodiversity’s loss

You would expect financial institutions to understand investing in assets that deliver outsize returns. But when it comes to biodiversity and the broader category of natural capital, most investors still behave as if these assets were unlimited, even as they are being depleted or destroyed.

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First NI environment strategy 'should be more ambitious

More than 30 organisations and individuals have called for greater ambition in Northern Ireland's first-ever environment strategy. It comes after a Stormont committee was told the target for increasing woodland cover was outdated.

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Five big questions for 2022

We live in such a volatile, unpredictable world, that trying to make predictions seems slightly ludicrous. Yet, in this UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, we need to be pleasantly surprised. So, instead of predictions, I think it is worth posing some big environmental questions which we need ...

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Focus on ridding forests off invasive alien species

The Forest department has planned a special project to eradicate prioritised invasive alien species from the forests of the State during the 2022-23 fiscal.

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Food security plan after Brexit: biggest shake-up to farming in 40 years

The UK’s food security is to be regularly assessed by parliament to ensure minimal disruption to supplies after the country leaves the EU and while new trade deals are sought.

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For Canada, meeting its current climate targets will be complicated and expensive

The historical pattern holds true with past agreements struck in Rio, Kyoto and Copenhagen. To meet the Paris target and the federal government's revised target unveiled this summer, considerable change is necessary.

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For peace, security, prosperity and development

The parties agreed to continue to support the implementation of the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) Work Plan IV (2021–2025), and welcome the strengthening of cooperation within the Mekong-Lancang Cooperation (MLC), the BIMP-EAGA-China Cooperation (BECC) and other relevant sub-regional fr ...

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For the EU's 'Green Deal' to succeed, economic theory must take into account qualitative growth

The goal of the EU's ambitious new "Green Deal" is to put Europe on a path toward zero emissions and sustainable growth decoupled from resource use.

News Headlines

Forest industries welcome new opportunities to help Australia meet its climate goals

The peak body representing the major plantation companies of Australia, the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), has welcomed just announced changes to the new plantation forestry method which will streamline opportunities for planting trees and retain current forest lands to help comb ...

News Headlines

Forget fine art: investors urged to put their money into rewilding

Forget gold, vintage wines and fine art: investors and landowners are being urged to put their money into Tamworth pigs, Dalmatian pelicans and ponds dug by beavers.

News Headlines

Four steps this Earth Day to avert environmental catastrophe

Today is Earth Day, which should provide us with an opportunity to pause and confront the awful predicament humanity faces. We eat microplastics, breathe pollution and watch other life-forms decline to extinction.

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France Senate amends constitutional bill on climate change and biodiversity

The French Senate on Monday voted to amend a government-sponsored bill proposed by President Emmanuel Macron to fight climate change and preserve biodiversity.

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France threatened with legal action over use of pesticides

The French government is being threatened with court action by two NGOs who accuse it of failing to meet its obligations to protect nature.

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France to ban some domestic flights where train available

French MPs have voted to suspend domestic airline flights that can be made by direct train in less than two and a half hours, as part of a series of climate and environmental measures.

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France vows cash for urban vegetation as heatwave hits

The French government announced 500 million euros on Tuesday to encourage urban vegetation projects to tackle high temperatures in towns and cities as a heatwave began to strike in the south and southwest.

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Freshwater: Securing our future

Water, soil, air and species biodiversity are what create ecosystems. The earth’s ecosystems sustain all human activity, including economic activity.

News Headlines

Future Farming Must Protect Human Health

Agricultural leaders calling for environmental rules to be ditched in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic are not only putting environmental health at risk, but public health too, says Forest & Bird.

News Headlines

G20 environment meeting opens with ambitious joint document

G20 environment and energy ministers Thursday held their first day of meetings in the Italian city of Naples, after which they issued a joint document on the protection of nature, especially ecosystems. This document implies the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as circular econ ...

News Headlines

G20 environment ministers meet in Italy amid floods, fires

With forest fires raging in the U.S. and Russia and floods devastating parts of Western Europe, environment and energy ministers from the Group of 20 industrialized countries gathered Thursday for two days of talks ahead of November’s crucial climate change conference.

News Headlines

G20 on Environment supports creation of an International network of environmental experts in UNESCO sites

The Environment Ministers of G20 member states, meeting in Naples, supported the Italian initiative establishing a UNESCO Network of international environmental experts across all UNESCO designated sites around the world – biosphere reserves, Global Geoparks and natural heritage sites. This netw ...

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G7 Summit Leaders Told: Stop Crowd-Funding Catastrophe

The leaders of the world's richest nations have been told to immediately end support for fossil fuels and other planet-killing practices as the G7 summit meets today.

News Headlines

G7 leaders agree environmental commitments

At the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Cornwall, countries have come together and agreed a shared G7 Nature Compact. This is a key agreement which brings G7 countries together to address the most pressing international and interlinked challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change. Leaders have also a ...

News Headlines

G7 nations commit to bold climate and biodiversity goals for 2030

Ministers of all member countries sign up to 30x30 initiative, even as their current leader – the UK – is exposed as the G7 green laggard

News Headlines

G7 nations committing billions more to fossil fuel than green energy

The nations that make up the G7 have pumped billions of dollars more into fossil fuels than they have into clean energy since the Covid-19 pandemic, despite their promises of a green recovery.

News Headlines

G7 to agree tough measures on burning coal to tackle climate change

World leaders meeting in Cornwall are to adopt strict measures on coal-fired power stations as part of the battle against climate change. The G7 group will promise to move away from coal plants, unless they have technology to capture carbon emissions.

News Headlines

GMO law should revolutionise agriculture

President Yoweri Museveni has again returned to Parliament the Genetic Engineering Regulatory Bill, 2018 for reconsideration. He had earlier bounced the National Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill, 2012 following concerns over its title and sanctions for scientists who comingle genetically modifie ...

News Headlines

German judges visit Peru glacial lake in unprecedented climate crisis lawsuit

In a global first for climate breakdown litigation, judges from Germany have visited Peru to determine the level of damage caused by Europe’s largest emitter in a case that could set a precedent for legal claims over human-caused global heating.

News Headlines

Germany Commits N$4.17 Billion For Development Cooperation With Namibia

Germany has committed N$4.17 billion in grants and loans for bilateral technical and financial cooperation during this years government negotiations with Namibia, held on 20 and 21 October in Windhoek.

News Headlines

Germany ‘must triple pace of emissions cuts’ to meet 2030 target

Germany missed its climate target for 2021 and is likely to miss them again this year and next, according to vice chancellor Robert Habeck, who said the country “must triple the pace of emission cuts” to reach its 2030 goals.

News Headlines

Getting paid to let the forest stand – it´s true, it´s here

Swedish forest owners struggle with their profitability. Low timber prices, the lowest in Europe, are not only annoying the forest owners, but it has also made them think of alternatives to selling the timber through the traditional channels.

News Headlines

Ghana developing first Biodiversity Policy to protect nature

Ghana is developing its first Biodiversity Policy aimed at reducing threats to its over 6,000 flora and fauna to promote the sustainable utilization of biodiversity and benefits sharing to meet the people’s needs.

News Headlines

Global biodiversity conference kicks off in Marseille

A major conference on biodiversity opens in the French city of Marseille on Friday. Over 1,000 governmental and civil society organisations will discuss how to protect some of the one million species threatened by human actions.

News Headlines

Global crises undermine efforts to get climate talks back to normal

Climate negotiators crave a return to “normality” when global warming dominated the agenda — but war, hunger and disease overshadowed the beginning of talks in Bonn, Germany Monday.

News Headlines

Global dismay as supreme court ruling leaves Biden’s climate policy in tatters

Joe Biden’s election triggered a global surge in optimism that the climate crisis would, finally, be decisively confronted. But the US supreme court’s decision last week to curtail America’s ability to cut planet-heating emissions has proved the latest blow to a faltering effort by Biden on clim ...

News Headlines

Global shipping firm will no longer transport any plastic waste aboard its ships.

During the One Ocean Summit, Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group announced the decision had been made in an effort to demonstrate its commitment to “protecting the environment and conserving biodiversity”.

News Headlines

Globally acclaimed community forest groups in Nepal say new rules threaten their autonomy

Nepalis whose livelihoods rely on access to the country’s community forests have suspended planned protests against a new law they say will threaten their autonomy and force their groups to work under various bureaucratic mechanisms.

News Headlines

Goa assembly elections: Voters give green signal to eco booths, hope for more next time

At the government primary school, Karaswada, palm fronds woven into the shape of a large heart welcomed voters on Monday — polling day, which also happened to be Valentine’s Day.

News Headlines

Government policies will not get UK to net zero, warns damning report

The government is failing to enact the policies needed to reach the UK’s net zero targets, its statutory advisers have said, in a damning progress report to parliament.

News Headlines

Government says its climate change curbs inadequate

The government has admitted that its efforts to insulate the UK from climate change impacts have been inadequate. It says coping with even a relatively low level of climate change could cost Britain many billions of pounds a year.

News Headlines

Government sends gene-edited food bill to Parliament

The government introduces a bill to Parliament on Wednesday paving the way for genetically edited plants and animals to be grown and raised for food in England.

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Government sets out commitments to biodiversity and sustainability in G7 Nature Compact

G7 leaders have agreed commitments to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030, and tackle deforestation, marine litter and illegal wildlife trade.

News Headlines

Government tables 'groundbreaking' Environment Bill

Long-awaited legislation to deliver new environmental regulator and legally binding green targets

News Headlines

Governments must provide fundamental rights to certain animals: scientist

Legal proceedings conducted on behalf of apes and animals who are starved for the purpose of an ecological project. What position do animals actually have in the rule of law? And what changes need to be made? Ph.D. candidate Janneke Vink defends her dissertation on 10 October.

News Headlines

Gov’t urged to gather comprehensive primary data on Ghana’s ecosystems

Professor Alfred Apau Oteng-Yeboah, a renowned botanist and Chairperson of the National Biodiversity Committee (NBC) of Ghana, is asking the Government to gather comprehensive primary data on Ghana’s ecosystems, plant and animal species.

News Headlines

Green recovery alliance launched in European Parliament

An informal alliance has been launched in the European Parliament on the back of calls from 12 EU environment ministers who have signed an appeal for a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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