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25 years of conserving biodiversity in Himalayan region

This year marks a quarter century of the ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) – an agreement among 196 countries to conserve the earth’s biological diversity while ensuring it is used sustainably and that the benefits from using genetic resources are shared fairly.

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When Two Becomes One: Blending Public and Private Climate Finance

UNITED NATIONS, May 23 2018 (IPS) - With the landmark Paris Agreement now almost two years old, funding for climate-related activities continues to be a challenge. However, efforts have been underway to bring two seemingly very different sectors together to address climate change.

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Towards Climate Change Agreements – Analysing the Global Framework

This article aims to trace the journey of implementation of various protocols in chronology under a global framework to tackle climate change including their progress and shortcomings. The article also highlights the deep complexities related to implementing a protocol at a global scale. Finally ...

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FARC and the forest: Peace is destroying Colombia’s jungle — and opening it to science

When the government of Colombia and the left-wing guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) signed an agreement in 2016 to end five decades of conflict, the world celebrated. But that hard-won peace has come with a hidden cost.

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Carnival Corporation joins climate change fight

The Bellona Foundation and Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s largest cruise company with nine global cruise line brands, have signed an agreement of cooperation to work together to continue improving environmental and sustainability impact.

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Second Ministerial on Climate Action (MoCA) by the EU, China and Canada discusses Paris Agreement

Climate Action and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete, Canadian Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and China’s Special Representative on Climate Change Xie Zhenhua are convening for a major international two-day climate meeting in Brussels.

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Mongolia, Germany sign cooperation deals to preserve biodiversity, improve energy transmission grid

Minister of Finance of Mongolia Ch.Khurelbaatar and Ambassador of Germany to Mongolia Stefan Duppel signed two agreements on development of cooperation.

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Biodiversity is the 'infrastructure that supports all life'

Dr Cristiana Pașca Palmer, UN assistant secretary general and executive secretary of the convention on biological diversity, discusses Half Earth, a future biodiversity agreement and where to find the money to save life on Earth

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Scientists call for a Paris-style agreement to save life on Earth

Conservation scientists believe our current mass extinction crisis requires a far more ambitious agreement, in the style of the Paris Climate Accord. And they argue that the bill shouldn’t be handed just to nation states, but corporations too.

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Soil contains one of the keys to climate agreement

To drive back global warming to below 2°C, carbon storage in soils plays an important part, since soils can store a notable share of the human CO2 emissions.

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Plan to amend biopiracy rules would ‘smother research,’ biologists warn

European scientists are warning that a push to include “digital sequence information” in an international agreement against biopiracy could stifle research, hamper the fight against disease outbreaks, and even jeopardize food safety India's neem tree, which has fungicidal properties, has been ...

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Biologists raise alarm over changes to biopiracy rules

European scientists are warning that a push to include “digital sequence information” in an international agreement against biopiracy could stifle research, hamper the fight against disease outbreaks, and even jeopardize food safety.

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US withdrawal from Paris agreement may set back financing climate change: Former UN chief Ban Ki-moon

With the United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement in 2017, Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon warned that there may be difficulty in mobilizing the funds necessary to effect climate change issues.

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We Need to Capture Carbon to Fight Climate Change

The conclusion of the Paris Agreement in 2015, in which almost every nation committed to reduce their carbon emissions, was supposed to be a turning point in the fight against climate change.

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The quiet climate revolution taking place in Spain’s Balearic Islands

Climate change is doom and gloom. But the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera are demonstrating how much can be done. ROSALINDA MUCH investigates Here in the Balearics, perhaps what is most exciting of all is the very inclusive nature of what is happening. Not only those ...

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A meditation of society and climate change

If the Paris Agreement represents humanity’s best plan to fight climate change, then Amitav Ghosh’s book is a meditation on what this actually entails. Published in 2016, the same year the Paris Agreement went into force, “The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable” analyzes clima ...

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How Laws to Protect Biodiversity Backfired on Scientists Trying to Save It

Laws made to safeguard the world’s diverse flora and fauna from exploitation have backfired, according to a recent report signed by 172 people from 35 countries. The legal fences around biodiversity research are so strong that it even thwarts basic research and international collaborations. The ...

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New Agreement with China: Opportunity to Save Mozambique’s Forests

LONDON, Aug 9 2018 (IPS) - Mozambique’s forests are disappearing at an alarming rate, with most of the destruction caused by excessive logging, corruption and weak laws.

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UN treaty would protect high seas from over exploitation

These waters, which cover 46% of the planet's surface, are under threat from deep-sea mining, over-fishing and the patenting of marine genetic resources.Over the next two years, government representatives aim to hammer out a binding agreement to protect them against over-exploitation.

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Bangkok climate talks open to prepare Paris Agreement implementation

Against the backdrop of severe and record heatwaves, bushfires, droughts and floods across the world, governments are convening a supplementary meeting in Bangkok to prepare the implementation guidelines of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. The guidelines are needed to make the Paris Agreement ...

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Pacific Islands ask U.S. to rejoin Paris Accord, deeming climate change 'the single greatest threat' to the region

Australia, New Zealand, and nations of the Pacific Islands are calling on the U.S. to return to the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change after Donald Trump officially withdrew the country from it last year. They've also signed an agreement deeming climate change "the single greatest threat ...

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Paris climate rules must go in the 'rights' direction

In Bangkok this week, diplomats from around the world are negotiating the text for the Paris Rulebook - the implementation guidelines for the 2015 agreement on tackling global warming. Many issues dominate their minds: from climate finance, to cutting emissions, to resolving geo-political differ ...

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Paris global warming targets could be exceeded sooner than expected because of melting permafrost, study finds

The world is on course to exceed global warming limits set out in the Paris climate agreement much earlier than previously thought, scientists have warned, following the first comprehensive study of the impact of melting permafrost.

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Banks for sustainable development

GIVEN that two thirds of worldwide finance is conducted by banks, that industry can be instrumental in achieving the vision laid out in the two groundbreaking global agreements — the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Accord — agreed upon by world leaders in 2015.

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Traditional groups sowing sustainable crops could save Venezuelan park

Starting in 2009, Afro-Venezuelan and Indigenous peoples and Phynatura, an NGO, signed a series of conservation agreements which are helping safeguard 570 squares miles of largely pristine forest in the Venezuelan Amazon south of the Orinoco River from illegal mining, timber harvesting and wildl ...

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How leaves talk to roots

New findings show that a micro RNA from the shoot keeps legume roots susceptible to symbiotic infection by downregulating a gene that would otherwise hinder root responses to symbiotic bacteria. These findings reveal what it takes to make nitrogen-fixing symbiosis efficient, and how to exploit i ...

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New Latin American and Caribbean Agreement on Environmental Matters to Open for Signature During Headquarters Treaty Event, 25-28 September

In a continuing effort to encourage wider participation in the multilateral treaty framework, the United Nations is hosting the annual Treaty Event at its Headquarters from 25 to 28 September. During the event, Member States are invited to sign multilateral treaties deposited with the United Na ...

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Can Buddhism Help Fight Climate Change?

At an idyllic retreat in California, the architect of the Paris Agreement argues that it can.Amid the golden hills near Point Reyes, California, in the sunlit main hall of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Christiana Figueres, the architect of the Paris climate agreement, is explaining how Budd ...

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Can we implement science-based targets for oceans and cities?

Over the past few years, the idea of science-based targets — simply put, goals that commit companies to address their fair share of climate pollution and align with the goals of the Paris Agreement — gradually has taken off.

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Can we implement science-based targets for oceans and cities?

Over the past few years, the idea of Science-Based Targets — simply put, goals that commit companies to address their fair share of climate pollution and align with the goals of the Paris Agreement — gradually has taken off.

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IUCN and Newmont Partner on Biodiversity Conservation to Advance Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices

IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE: NEM) (Newmont or the Company) have established a three-year collaborative agreement to identify ways the Company can meet its global targets to achieve no net loss in biodiversity, and net gains where pos ...

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European forests cannot further curb global warming, French study warns

The Paris Agreement of 2015 mentions the importance of forests as carbon sinks because they are capable of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Researchers have studied various forest management strategies in Europe, such as maximising CO2 storage or reflecting more light which is then directed bac ...

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Ghana and Ecuador to cooperate on forestry development

The Governments of Ghana and Ecuador signed an agreement to cooperate on environmental protection, with a focus on forestry development. The signing took place in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, during a South-South Knowledge Exchange which was facilitated by the United Nations Development Progra ...

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Ottawa, Dehcho First Nations sign deal for 1st Indigenous protected wildlife area

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has signed an agreement with Dehcho First Nations Grand Chief Gladys Norwegian to officially protect the ​Edehzhie area, creating the first Indigenous-protected national wildlife area in Canada.

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Seychelles National Botanical Gardens to benefit from agreement with garden in Germany

An agreement with a botanical garden in Germany will lead to exchanges with scientists, experts and technical personnel. The agreement was signed by the chief executive of Seychelles National Botanical Gardens Foundation, Raymond Brioche, and the Lord Mayor of Dortmund, Ullrich Sierau, in September.

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EU renews territory funding for climate and biodiversity plans

The European Union has renewed its commitment to Pacific climate and biodiversity programmes in its overseas territories, signing an agreement for $US41 million in funding over four years.

Press Release

196 Governments agree to scale up investments in nature and people towards 2020 and beyond: UN Biodiversity Conference closes in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

29 November 2018 – The 2018 UN Biodiversity Conference of the Parties (COP14) closed tonight with broad international agreement on reversing the global destruction of nature and biodiversity loss threatening all forms of life on Earth.

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Steps to Beijing in 2020

Sheikh with broad international agreement on the need to reverse the global destruction of nature and biodiversity that is threatening all forms of life on Earth.

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‘Gene drive’ research to fight diseases can proceed cautiously, U.N. group decides

Scientists hoping to fight diseases with genetically engineered organisms that spread their genes in the wild will be able to proceed cautiously under an agreement reached this week. That was the compromise outcome of a protracted debate, conducted in Egypt at a major U.N. conference on biodiver ...

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196 countries agree to scale up investments in nature, people towards 2020 and beyond

SHARM EL-Sheikh, Egypt, Dec. 6 -- The 2018 UN Biodiversity Conference in Egypt concluded with a broad international agreement on reversing the global destruction of nature and biodiversity loss threatening all forms of life on Earth. To combat this crisis, governments representing 196 countries ...

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Brazil should stay in Paris climate agreement - future environment minister

Brazil will use common sense in dealing with the Paris agreement, and the country has so far been responsible in preserving its vegetation, Salles says

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Anticipating hastened global action in integrating conservation in dev't sectors

Following the agreement of 196 countries during the UN Biodiversity Conference to ensure the achievement of global biodiversity targets through actions at the global, regional, national, and sub-national levels, ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) Executive Director Dr. Theresa Mundita S. Lim ex ...

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Global agreement on ‘conserved areas’ marks new era of conservation (commentary)

On November 29, 2018, the 196 Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) adopted a decision that represents a high-water mark for the governance of protected areas and marks a new era of “protected and conserved areas.”

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China's 'complicated' role in fight against climate change

When the leaders of the world's two biggest economies — and its two biggest polluters — finally saw eye to eye on climate change, they paved the way for a historic global agreement to fight it.

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These Tiny Island Nations Are Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

The ongoing negotiations on how to implement the Paris Agreement aren’t going well.

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The whole world finally nods to enforce Paris Climate Change Agreement rules

Nearly 200 nations have agreed to enforce rules on implementing the landmark 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement.

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Stage set for the fight against climate change

The common rules to govern the efforts by nations to fight global warming, adopted at a key United Nations conference on climate change in Poland over the weekend, only set the stage for implementing the 2015 Paris agreement to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide.

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Empower women to help save Africa from climate change

Africa must unlock the power of its women and girls if it is to adapt to climate change, cope with disasters and build its green energy sector according to African delegates as the world prepares to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change in Katowice, Poland, last week.

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