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News Headlines

Nigeria, UN Sign Five-Year Sustainable Development Agreement

Nigeria on Thursday signed a five-year Sustainable Development Partnership Framework with the United Nations, UN for the period 2018 to 2022.

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No Turning Back in the Global Fight Against Climate Change

Apr 22 2016 (The Daily Star, Bangladesh) - As people around the globe observe Earth Day today, world leaders are making history at the United Nations in New York. Over 100 countries will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change, representing their commitment to join it formally.

Action by

Nomination of experts for the meeting of the Group of Technical Experts on an internationally recognized certificate of origin/source/legal provenance

Reference: SCBD/SEL/VN/54750 (2006-031)
To: Indigenous and local communities and relevant international organizations and stakeholders

The purpose of this Notification is to invite indigenous and local communities, industry, research institutions/academia, botanical gardens, other ex situ collection holders, and representatives from relevant international organisations and agreements interested in the issue of access and benefi ...

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North-South divide in science may hinder action on climate change

Northern domination of science relevant to climate-change policy and practice globally and lack of research led by Southern researchers in Southern countries may hinder development and implementation of global agreements and nationally-appropriate actions.

Side Event


This is the first in a two-part side event that will profile technical and scientific cooperation (TSC) initiatives under the Convention that support Parties in achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Part one explores three broad umbrella initiatives. The second part of the side event will be ...

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On the way to a historic agreement on climate change

UN talks in Bonn this week are paving the way for COP21 in December. We asked Jennifer Morgan of the World Resources Institute how things are shaping up for a historic international agreement on climate change.

Side Event

One Convention Family - Thousands of Species - Our Planet [OFFSITE EVENT - Langer Eugen (UN Campus in Bonn), 29th Floor]

Year of the dolphin: Active conservation of marine mammals Last hope for gorillas: A new agreement to ensure their survival Presentation of new Publication on Alien Species Launch of CMS of CMS Family Guide One further topic: Avian Influenza

Side Event
COP 10

Oostvaardersland : Strengthening biodiversity and economy in the Netherland

The Queen’s Commissioner, mr. L. Verbeek, of the Dutch Province of Flevoland, will inform you in this side event on the development of Oostvaardersland. Oostvaardersland promotes biodiversity and improves the living and working environment. Part of the last reclamation project in the Netherland ...

News Headlines

Opinion: Hope for climate action, tempered by fear for the future

Although the unprecedented fast-track ratification of the Paris Agreement is a reflection of global society's concern over climate change, it seems effective implementation might hinge on a rather unhinged politician.

Side Event

Orphan Genetic Resources: Modalities for International Recognition of Benefit-sharing under Protocol Article 10 and the ABS CHM

Geoff Burton of the United Nations University will outline a proposal for a mechanism under Article 10 to enable benefit-sharing agreements for the utilization of genetic resources of unknown or transboundary origin to be internationally recognized as compliant with the Nagoya Protocol. Dr. Paul ...

News Headlines

Our planet in crisis: can we curb global warming and boost economic growth?

The auspicious conclusion of the Paris Agreement on climate change last year – signed by 195 countries committed to checking global warming below 2°C – educed sighs of relief and good vibes around the world. But just half a year later, the bonhomie has vanished completely: US President Donald Tr ...

News Headlines

Pacific Islanders Say Climate Finance “Essential” for Paris Agreement

Mar 24 2015 (IPS) - As Pacific Islanders contemplate the scale of devastation wrought by Cyclone Pam this month across four Pacific Island states, including Vanuatu, leaders in the region are calling with renewed urgency for global action on climate finance, which they say is vital for building ...

Side Event
COP 10

Pacific Ocean 2020 Challenge - a healthy ocean for future generations

The respectfully requested CBD COP 10 side event aims at informing about the new Pacific Ocean 2020 Challenge Initiative which was kick-started in July 2010. Seven Governments (California, Fiji, Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vietnam) participated in the founding meeting. Governo ...

News Headlines

Palau becomes first Pacific nation to join global pact to curb illicit fishing to protect biodiversity

1 December 2015 – Taking a massive step towards ocean conservation, the island nation of Palau is the latest in a growing number of countries- and the first Pacific island state- to ratify an international agreement to combat illegal fishing, which is estimated to deprive the global economy of u ...

News Headlines

Paris Agreement 'decisive turning point' on climate change, says new UN senior adviser

29 January 2016 – Less than two months after 196 parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) adopted the Paris Agreement, the global community is already seeing signs of it being a decisive turning point, according to a senior UN official dealing with climate is ...

News Headlines

Paris Agreement could be sealed at lightning speed

More than 30 countries ratified the Paris climate agreement at a United Nations event in New York. Although this crosses the 55-country threshold, larger emitters still have to join for the treaty to enter into force.

News Headlines

Paris Agreement goals impossible without decisive action to protect forests rights

When indigenous rights are recognised and enforced, communities successfully manage their forests - and make crucial contributions to climate change mitigation.

News Headlines

Paris Delivers Historic Climate Treaty, but Leaves Gender Untouched

PARIS, Dec 13 2015 (IPS) - After 2 weeks of intense negotiations, on Saturday evening, the 21st UN climate conference (COP21) in Paris finally delivered a historic agreement that, for the first time, promises to keep the global warming under 2 degrees Celsius. The treaty, consisting 31 pages and ...

News Headlines

Paris Delivers the Promised Climate Deal to Resounding Cheer and Applause

PARÍS, Dec 13 2015 (IPS) - The impossible was made possible. Governments from 195 countries around the world emerged here with the first universal agreement to cut greenhouse gases emissions and reduce the negative impacts of climate change.

News Headlines

Paris Signing Marks Critical Next Step to Sustainable Future

Nairobi/Bonn/New York, 20 April 2016 - The record number of countries set to sign the Paris Agreement in New York on 22 April signals the next step towards the Agreement coming into force and a critical juncture in a global effort to ensure lasting hopes for secure and peaceful, human development.

News Headlines

Paris climate agreement has ‘failed’ poor countries, report says

The international climate deal agreed in Paris has “failed to include meaningful mechanisms” to guarantee financial support for poorer countries adapting to global warming, according to a report by Oxfam.

News Headlines

Paris climate aim 'still achievable'

The 2015 Paris agreement's ambitious goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C remains within reach, a study suggests. The study is one of several to address the "carbon budget", which - among other things - determines how much CO2 the planet can emit and still reach a given limit for global warming.

News Headlines

Paris climate change agreement enters into force

The Paris agreement on climate change enters into force on Friday, marking the first time that governments have agreed legally binding limits to global temperature rises.

News Headlines

Paris climate change deal too weak to help poor, critics warn

COP21 agreement excludes poor and fails to put humanity’s interests above short-term goals, say environmentalists and financial experts

News Headlines

Paris climate change deal: new draft cuts through key sticking points

French foreign minister says Paris talks are ‘extremely close’ to agreement but negotiations will overrun into Saturday

News Headlines

Paris climate deal a 'turning point' in global warming fight, Obama says

Commitments from other countries push accord forward and is set to be activated on 4 November after the EU, Canada and India ratify the agreement

News Headlines

Paris climate deal could 'displace millions of forest dwellers'

The Paris climate agreement could make millions of forest dwellers homeless, according to a new analysis.

News Headlines

Paris climate deal must be legally binding, EU tells John Kerry

US warned that any agreement in Paris will be enshrined in law after secretary of state said it would ‘definitively’ not be a treaty

News Headlines

Paris climate deal: EU backs landmark agreement

The European Parliament has backed the ratification of the Paris climate deal, paving the way for the world's first global agreement.

News Headlines

Paris climate talks could fail, warns Francois Hollande

The president of France, Francois Hollande, has warned that the global climate change talks scheduled for Paris this December will fail unless nations make a much greater effort to reach agreement – and that the result could be millions of new refugees fleeing climate disaster.

News Headlines

Paris climate talks: Obama calls Xi Jinping in final push for a deal

US reaches out to China to smooth divisions and negotiations are taken behind closed doors as countries try to secure an agreement by Saturday

News Headlines

Paris talks: US pledges to double aid to climate-hit countries

The US has promised to double to $861m aid to countries on the frontline of climate change in the final push to reach an agreement to avoid dangerous global warming at crucial UN talks in Paris.

Side Event
COP 10

Partnerships for Capacity-building in PoWPA Implementation: Latin American Chair on Protected Areas & Biological Corridors “Kenton Miller” initiative, CATIE

On July 1, 1973, the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) is created through an agreement between IICA and the Costa Rican government. The Center would focus on research and higher education. CATIE’s headquarters were established at IICA’s field office, in Turrialba ...

Side Event

Policies for sustainable forest management in Europe

Sustainable management of Europe’s forests requires a stable and efficient platform for coherent policy development and implementation. Therefore, European ministers responsible for forests has made the historical decision to launch negotiations for a Legally Binding Agreement on Forests. They a ...

News Headlines

Political storm clouds outlook for Brazil's climate change plan

BRASÍLIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As at least 130 countries prepare to sign the Paris climate agreement in New York later this month, environmental experts have warned that enthusiasm for climate change action may be waning in Brazil.

News Headlines

Poor countries urge fast action on Paris deal to stop catastrophic warming

As the climate agreement is ratified, developing nations warn that money pledged is still nowhere near enough to adapt to expected sea level rises

News Headlines

Pope Francis Calls for Strong Climate Agreement during Visit to UN Environment Programme Headquarters

Nairobi, 26 November 2015 - His Holiness Pope Francis today called on world leaders to seal a strong agreement at the Paris climate change meeting next month, adding that transforming current development models was a "political and economic obligation", as he visited the global headquarters of t ...

News Headlines

Pope calls on world leaders to act swiftly on climate change pact

Pope Francis urged national leaders on Monday to implement global environmental agreements without delay, a message that looked to be squarely aimed at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

News Headlines

Post COP21: Costa Rica’s Innovation Must Become the Global Norm

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 14 2016 (IPS) - The Paris agreement means countries and corporations will be compelled to act much more quickly on making agricultural commodity production more sustainable.

Side Event
WG8J 6

Presentation of a comprehensive Research Agreement dealing with Scientific Evaluation of Traditional Medicine for diabetes; Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research Team in Aboriginal Antidiabetic Medicines (CIHR-TAAM) is a multidisciplinary group of university researchers indigenous community members and the health board of the Canadian James Bay Cree Territory devoted to evaluating the effectiveness of Indigenous ...

Side Event

Presentation of a comprehensive Research Agreement dealing with Scientific Evaluation of Traditional Medicine for diabetes; Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research Team in Aboriginal Antidiabetic Medicines (CIHR-TAAM) is a multidisciplinary group of university researchers indigenous community members and the health board of the Canadian James Bay Cree Territory devoted to evaluating the effectiveness of Indigenous ...

Side Event

Protected Areas Program of Work

<br>In anticipation of the adoption of a strong Programme of Work on Protected Areas, seven governments are stepping forward to take a leadership role, and have entered into formal agreements with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to start implementing key actions that are likely to be inclu ...

Side Event
COP 12

Protecting Brazilian Nature: Improving the Protected Areas System, Knowledge and Conservation Tools

The Biodiversity Conservation Actions Support Program, which was launched by the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection in 1991, has invested over US$ 14 million in Brazil on 1,377 projects by 480 institutions. These projects have benefited 445 protected areas and have studied 235 enda ...

News Headlines

Protecting Indonesia's forests is a key issue for Paris climate talks

Deforestation of Indonesia’s vast jungles releases enough greenhouse gas to push the country into the top five global emitters. Strengthening its forest protection moratorium should be part of a climate agreement at Paris this year

Side Event
COP 11

Protection Pioneers of the Baltic Sea – joining regional forces in marine biodiversity protection

The best inventions are often first discovered in smaller scale, pilot projects, and test rounds – locally, or regionally, instead of globally. If these are, at the same time, closely connected to Governments, science communities and the commercial sector of several countries, the chances for su ...

News Headlines

Protection of marine areas to be based on science, Hunter Tootoo says

Arctic-born fisheries minister says Canada will make good on international agreement on coastal waters

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