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News Headlines

Guest post: How to model society’s response to climate change

How ambitious climate policy will be in the future is key to understanding the scale of climate change impacts we can expect. Yet, the question of how society responds to climate change is not well represented in climate and energy models.

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Happy the Elephant Isn’t a Person, Top New York Court Rules

An animal advocacy group had argued that the elephant was being illegally detained at the Bronx Zoo, in a case involving deep ethical questions about the basic rights of highly intelligent animals.

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Hard or soft law: what’s the status of EU sustainable agriculture goals?

With the recent reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the European Commission wants to make the EU’s farming subsidy programme more performance-oriented. However, non-binding targets and national leeway might hinder the Commission’s quest to keep track of results.

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Harris to request $600M for ocean resilience in Pacific Islands

Vice President Harris on Tuesday will request $600 million in funding for economic development and ocean resilience, which is intended to build on efforts that enable U.S. fishing-fleet access to the Pacific and combat the scourge of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing.

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Hoghilag tuberose could be the first flower in Romania to get European protection

The tuberose growing in Hoghilag, in Romania's Sibiu county, could be the first flower in Romania and the third in Europe to get European protection. According to local Agerpres, the producers in this area will submit to the Ministry of Agriculture the evaluation documentation needed to obtain, ...

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Hope is not a biodiversity strategy

The public is being encouraged to have its say on a new Biodiversity Strategy - hoped to be more effective than the previous one - and an accompanying policy to provide the "teeth" needed to help threatened species.

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How Brazil's government is turning public land private, clearing the way for deforestation

Imagine that several state legislators decide that Yellowstone National Park is too big. Also imagine that, working with federal politicians, they change the law to downsize the park by a million acres, which they sell in a private auction.

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How Leaders Can Move Beyond Greenwashing Toward Real Change

At the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), former President Barack Obama asked those gathered and tuning in to consider the question: “How do we close the gap between what’s necessary for our survival and what seems politically possible right now?”

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How Municipalities are Tackling Food Waste and Climate Change

Food and climate change are increasingly becoming advocacy issues tied together, according to speakers at the WasteExpo session, “Municipal and State Food Waste Policy as a Lever for Tackling Climate Change.”

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How can Finland confront the climate crisis and preserve its biodiversity?

Krista Mikkonen, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change in Finland illustrates why a circular economy will provide the means to tackle the climate crisis and loss of biodiversity.

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How climate law can help to prevent the next pandemic

Two of the biggest crises humanity faces — pandemics and climate change — are intertwined. Climate change boosts many health risks, including the likelihood that new viruses will spill over to cause dangerous outbreaks.

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How the US commitment to lower emissions will affect the fight against climate change

US President Joe Biden has made tackling climate change a top priority. One of his first orders in 2021 was to appoint John Kerry as the first US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. The Biden-Harris Administration have, since then, pursued an environmental agenda, backed by a push for clear ...

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How to know if a country is serious about net zero: Look at its plans for extracting fossil fuels

Fresh emissions targets from Saudi Arabia and Australia—two of the world's largest fossil-fuel producers—are due to arrive just in time for global climate talks in Glasgow. These would commit the two countries to reducing domestic emissions to net zero by around mid-century—though both are expec ...

News Headlines

How two Goldman prize winners won landmark rulings in Dutch courts

The road to a landmark legal victory compelling the Dutch government to take climate action began a decade ago when the 2022 Goldman prize winner Marjan Minnesma received an official letter saying the government did not want to be a frontrunner in tackling the climate crisis.

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How using biodiversity indicators can improve conservation effectiveness

How is biodiversity doing? What are the important trends? Are conservation actions effective? The answers to these three questions are vital to the decision-making process regarding conservation efforts, and depend on the use of indicators and other evidence-based measurements of biodiversity.

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Human Decision-Making in Climate Reconstructions Can Lead to Substantially Different Results

The first double-blind experiment analyzing the role of human decision-making in climate reconstructions has found that it can lead to substantially different results.

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Human Rights Depend on a Thriving Natural World

Any work to achieve human-rights gains will be upended unless we address our climate and biodiversity crises.

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Human rights laws may be most effective way to protect the Amazon, study shows

Using laws governing human rights may be the best way of harnessing international legislation and tribunals to protect the Amazon, a new study shows.

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IUCN and MoCC launch Pakistan’s First-ever Climate Change Gender Action Plan

IUCN comes forward with new commitments and initiatives in its Climate Change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) to strengthen the resilience of women and girls in the face of climate-related impacts, while aiming to accelerate progress and support gender-responsive climate action plan.

News Headlines

Illegal mining footprint swells nearly 500% inside Brazil Indigenous territories

Illegal miners expanded their footprint in Indigenous territories in Brazil by nearly 500% between 2010 and 2020, according to a recent report from the research collective MapBiomas. It also shows that illegal miners boosted their presence in conservation units by 301% during the same period.

News Headlines

Improving biodiversity monitoring in Europe

The European data landscape is highly fragmented in the area of biodiversity. A variety of different methods for data collection and analysis often makes it impossible to compare across countries the information that has been obtained.

News Headlines

In Costa Rica, unlicensed fishers and regulators unite over a common enemy

Every morning, just after dawn, small-scale fishers Ettel Lattouche and Rafael Hernández head to the beach with their fishing gear to eke out a living. Together, the couple venture deep into the ocean off Punta Uva, a small town on Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast, and hope to return with s ...

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In Gabon, a community’s plea against logging paves the way for a new reserve

Gabon’s environment minister has announced an immediate end to the logging of the Massaha ancestral forest in the country’s northeast, setting his administration a two-month deadline to finalize technical questions for permanent protection of the site.

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In a battle between this endangered flower and a lithium mine, who should win?

In a remote corner of Nevada a four hour drive north of Las Vegas, there’s a small yellow flower that exists nowhere else in the world: Its entire global habitat takes up a chunk of federally-owned land a little smaller than two football fields.

News Headlines

In plan for African wildlife corridors, there’s more than one elephant in the room

An international conservation group is pushing forward with ambitious plans for extended elephant corridors in Africa that would allow the animals room to move more freely — not just across adjacent borders but across the length and breadth of nearly half the continent.

News Headlines

In the DRC’s forests, a tug-of-war between oil and aid

It was a banner moment at COP26, one of the climate summit’s headline achievements. On stage, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson sat with President Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo as the two put their pens to paper.

News Headlines

India Committed To Combat Biggest Global Challenge In Climate Change, Says Environment Minister Bhupender YADAV

Climate change is the biggest global challenge and India is committed to combat it, Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav said on Monday.

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India can help other countries achieve their climate change goals: UN representative

India not only has the potential to become a net-zero carbon emission country by 2070 but can also support others in achieving their climate change goals, said Rachel Kyte, a member of the UN Secretary General's high-level advisory group on climate action.

News Headlines

India, France agree on Roadmap on Blue Economy and Ocean Governance

India and France have agreed on a Roadmap on Blue Economy and Ocean Governance with the aim to contribute to scientific knowledge and ocean conservation and ensure that the ocean remains a global common, based on the rule of law.

News Headlines

Indian wolf among world’s most endangered and distinct wolves

The Indian wolf could be far more endangered than previously recognized, according to a study from the University of California, Davis, and the scientists who sequenced the Indian wolf's genome for the first time.

News Headlines

Indigenous communities uncertain over proposed change to Kenyan forest law

In November 2021, the Kenyan parliament proposed a bill that would effectively eliminate the Kenya Forest Service’s (KFS) role as an intermediary between petitioners and parliament in requests to alter forest boundaries.

News Headlines

Indigenous community takes Guatemalan land rights fight to international court

Guatemala – An Indigenous community engaged in a decades-long struggle for land rights in Guatemala is bringing its battle to an international court this week in a case that could have far-reaching implications for Indigenous rights and mining activity.

News Headlines

Indigenous groups join Marseille conservation conference, armed with voting rights

Newly armed with voting rights, indigenous peoples have come to the world's leading conservation congress meeting in the southern French city of Marseille both hopeful and wary. Their representatives say they have clear demands, and will not go quietly into the night.

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Indigenous peoples in Guatemala demand sovereignty over oil and mining resources

A Mayan community in Guatemala is taking the government to court in a case that could recognise the right of indigenous peoples to control oil, gas and mining resources on their land.

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Indonesia issues long-delayed rules to protect migrant fishing workers

Indonesia has issued a much-anticipated decree to boost the protection of Indonesian deckhands working aboard foreign commercial and fishing vessels.

News Headlines

Indonesia on track with peatland restoration, but bogged down with mangroves

Indonesia has recorded mixed progress in its dual programs of restoring tropical peatlands and mangroves, acknowledging that achieving the latter goal will be far more challenging than for the higher-profile peatlands.

News Headlines

Indonesian islanders sue cement producer for climate damages

Residents of an Indonesian island threatened by rising sea levels have begun legal action against the cement producer Holcim. The claim for compensation, filed in Switzerland by three men and one woman, is understood to be the first major climate damages lawsuit against a cement company.

News Headlines

Interview: Kunming Declaration ushers in new era for biodiversity conservation, says FAO official

The Kunming Declaration ushers in a new era for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, Maria Helena Semedo, Deputy Director-General of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has told Xinhua.

News Headlines

Invoke Forest Rights Act for Environmental Conservation in Kashmir

THE Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition Of Forest Rights) Act, 2006, also called the Forest Rights Act or FRA is being criticised by several environmental and wildlife activists across India. They believe giving land rights to tribal and forest-dwelling population ...

News Headlines

Is China stepping up its nature conservation?

Overshadowed by climate issues, China’s biodiversity governance rarely rises to global attention. Yet, during the recently convened first session of COP15, the UN Biodiversity Conference held in Kunming, President Xi Jinping promised to lead the world in “building a shared future for all life on ...

News Headlines

Is climate inaction a human rights violation?

The UN Human Rights Office clearly states that climate change threatens the enjoyment of life, food, and health. It would probably be difficult to respond to this by taking a shift in global weather patterns to court.

News Headlines

Island states meet to discuss suing Global North over climate change

Leaders of small island nations met on Tuesday to discuss suing countries in the Global North for the damage caused by emissions.

News Headlines

Isle of Man government outlines five-year climate change plan Published1 hour ago

Phasing out fossil fuel-powered vehicles and harnessing the resources of the ocean are among the Isle of Man government's new plans to tackle climate change. A five-year action plan has been shared in July's sitting of Tynwald.

News Headlines

Italian Constitution Edited to Protect Environment From Ongoing Climate Crisis

It's a big day for Italian environmentalists — the country has updated its constitution to account for climate change, and to protect Italy from the effects of global warming.

News Headlines

Italy's Conte Proposes Introducing Provision On Environmental Protection In Constitution

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte proposed on Friday introducing a provision on environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity in the republic's constitution.

News Headlines

It’s time for business and government to get together on climate change

What do you get when a banker, an oil executive, a miner and a big-agriculture player walk into a virtual conference together? A big ask for federal government activism — and that’s no joke.

News Headlines

Ivory ban loophole means elephant body parts can still be traded in UK

Elephant skins, feet, ears and tails will continue to be traded in the UK even after next month’s ivory ban comes into force, it has been revealed.

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Jamaica working towards greener post-COVID recovery —Charles

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Minister of Housing, Urban Renewal, Environment and Climate Change, Pearnel Charles, says Jamaica, like the rest of the world, is actively engaged in the development of plans and strategies geared towards a greener and more resilient recovery post COVID-19.

News Headlines

Joe Biden’s Star Trek on climate change

On April 29, the US will celebrate the first 100 days of 46th President Joseph Biden. After four years of chaotic Trump governance, the world is relieved how quickly Biden was able to deliver calm and competent professionalism in tackling the pandemic, economy and in setting the tone on foreign ...

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Johnson must push G7 to pay billions more in climate aid, say experts

Boris Johnson must push rich countries meeting in Cornwall in June to come up with tens of billions of dollars more in aid for poor countries to deal with climate breakdown, or face the failure of vital UN climate talks to be hosted by the UK in Glasgow in November, according to leading climate ...

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