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'We will not give up!’

MEMBERS of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Iguana Specialist Group (ISG), which met in the island last week, are resolute that they will not abandon hope that Goat Islands will be the final habitat for the Jamaican iguana.

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Jamaican Iguana Conservation Program Marks 20 Years of Success, Faces Worries about Next 20 Years

More than a million tourists visited Jamaica last year. The vast majority of them traveled to the famous hotels and beaches of Kingston, the country’s capital city. Few, if any, ventured about 25 kilometers to the west to the rocky limestone shores of Hellshire Hills.

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Kids' stories and new stoves protect the golden snub-nosed monkey in China

Puppet shows, posters and children’s activities that draw from local traditions are helping to save an endangered monkey in China.

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Into the jungles of Papua New Guinea: a personal journey

Much of my time as an ecology lecturer has been spent teaching students about the wonders of this planet’s biodiversity, but also regrettably, how much of this biodiversity is under severe threat. Hundreds, if not thousands, of species become extinct each year.

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World's most cryptic feline photographed in logging concession

The bay cat is arguably the world's least-known member of the cat family (Felidae). Although first described by scientists in 1874, no photo existed of a living specimen until 1998 and a wild cat in its rainforest habitat wasn't photographed until five years later.

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Scientists: to save the Malayan tiger, save its prey

A major premise of biology, as any high-schooler can tell you, is the study of the connections between organisms.

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Scientist wants to clone Italy's rarest bear

With only 40 Marsican brown bears left in Italy, the species is on the brink of extinction. One scientist has a controversial plan to prevent its extinction - to clone it. And, he doesn't want to stop there.

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Human impact on sea turtles shows up in studies of genetic diversity

ADELAIDE, Australia, Oct. 29 (UPI) -- DNA studies of endangered sea turtles point to loss of genetic diversity caused by recent human exploitation, Australian scientists say.

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790 rhinos poached in South Africa this year

790 rhinos have been poached in South Africa this year, nearly a fifth higher than last year's record toll, reports the Department of Environmental Affairs.

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Mongolia’s Wild Asses Cornered From All Sides

SOUTHERN GOBI REGION, Mongolia , Oct 24 2013 (IPS) - Decades of international and local collaboration have brought the Tahki or Asian Wild Horse back from the brink of extinction and reintroduced herds to Mongolia’s Gobi desert and grasslands. However, the country’s other wild equine – the Mongo ...

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WWF risking Sumatran rhinos by releasing camera trap images, says scientist

On October 2nd, WWF released camera trap videos of Sumatran rhinos surviving in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.

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Dark secrets of a black beauty

The tragic killing of another black leopard highlights the need for greater conservation

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African gorillas are under threat from oil survey

Controversial aerial surveys aimed at finding oil under Africa's oldest national park have been started by a British company amid fears that drilling in the area could seriously threaten the world's last sanctuary for mountain gorillas.


10th World Wilderness Congress (WILD10)

4 - 10 October 2013, Salamanca, Spain

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X Rhino horn poaching hits new record in South Africa

The number of rhinos killed by poachers has hit a new annual record in South Africa, raising worries of a downward population spiral in a country that is home to almost all of Africa's rhinos.

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Genetic modification proposed to save endangered species

Genetic modification of animals so that they can deal with changing climate and habitats may be the only way to save some of the most endangered species from becoming extinct, according to biologists who want to start a debate on how to stem species loss.

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Jamaican iguana fights off extinction again

The rare Jamaican iguana is fighting for survival as the illegal charcoal burning industry in Jamaica destroys its last remaining habitat. The lizard almost went extinct in the 1940s - can it survive this new threat?

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Evidence of dugongs, endangered marine species, found off Okinawa

OKINAWA, Japan, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- Japanese officials said they've found evidence dugongs, an endangered marine species has been feeding at a reclamation site in Okinawa.

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Ground zero for endangered species: new program to assist animals on the brink across Southeast Asia

Organizations within the international conservation community are joining forces to minimize impending extinctions in Southeast Asia, where habitat loss, trade and hunting have contributed to a dramatic decline in wildlife.

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Smarter Construction of Railways and Fences Needed to Reduce Threats to Endangered Antelopes in Central Asia

Bonn, 26 August 2013- The recovery of the critically-endangered saiga antelope – among the world’s oldest mammal species – faces serious challenges from new railways, roads and fences currently being constructed across Central Asia.

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Australian endangered species: Gulbaru Gecko

You may not have heard of the Gulbaru Gecko but you’d love it if you met it. Ancient and spectacular, this endangered gecko has one of the smallest distributions of any Australian animal.

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Loggers Get the OK to Kill Endangered Spotted Owls

The Endangered Species Act exists to protect biodiversity. It can only work when species listed as endangered are actually afforded the protections guaranteed to them in the Act. Unfortunately these days, even earning classification as an endangered species doesn’t always mean safety from harm.

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Captive Breeding Program May Ensure Survival for African Frogs

Thousands of frog species worldwide are losing habitat due to deforestation and an amphibian disease caused by a type of fungus called “chytrid fungus.” The fungus grows on the frogs’ skin and causes sloughing skin and extreme lethargy. The changes to the frogs’ skin can be deadly, because frogs ...

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Threatened species: we do have time to turn it around if there is political will

7 September is looming as a day of reckoning for dozens of MPs fighting for their political lives. But while political defeat can be unpleasant, it does not compare with the tragic finality of the extinction of a whole species.

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Endangered Giant Ibis found in Cambodia

Phnom Penh – Jubilant conservationists expressed hope on Tuesday for the survival of the critically-endangered Giant Ibis after a nest of the bird species was discovered in a previously unknown habitat in northeastern Cambodia.

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Australian endangered species: Leatherback Turtle

Leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) are the largest, oldest and most widely distributed of the world’s marine turtles.

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Rare Monkey Population up 50 Percent in China and Tibet

Two decades ago just 50 black snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus bieti) lived in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China.

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Why cute viral videos are bad for endangered animals

It's difficult to directly link viral videos to increased pet trade, but the illegal business appears to be getting worse and videos and photos on the web confirm it.

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Officials encouraged by growing numbers of endangered primate in China

BEIJING, Aug. 13 (UPI) -- The number of China's snub-nosed monkeys, among the world's most endangered primates, increased from 2,000 to more than 3,000 since the 1990s, officials said.

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Canadian-born snow leopard leaves legacy for endangered Asian species

The phrase sounds odd, but she was a great Canadian snow leopard — a ghostly feline of Himalayan heritage born amid some hoopla at the Calgary Zoo in 1993 before spending a few years prowling her enclosure at the Valley Zoo in Edmonton.

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'Slow loris tickling' video points to online peril for endangered species

New research suggests that viral videos can have a devastating effect on the populations of endangered species and that a mechanism is urgently needed to report images of them online.

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Last disease-free Tasmanian devils imperiled by mine

The federal environment minister, Mark Butler, has given the go-ahead to a controversial mine that the courts halted amid concerns it could drastically affect the last stronghold of the Tasmanian devil.

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Steps to Protect South Africa’s Wattled Cranes

KWAZULU-NATAL MIDLANDS, South Africa, Aug 5 2013 (IPS) - On a winter’s afternoon in late July, potato farmer John Campbell and the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Tanya Smith surveyed the Umgeni Vlei Nature Reserve from a hilltop on Ivanhoe Farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

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Of Palm Oil and Extinction

You know the old question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a noise? I’m not quite sure why that question came to mind when news came out of the extinction of Dipterocarpus coriaceus, or keruing paya, in West Malaysia.

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Nepal's tigers on the rebound

Nearly two hundred tigers roam the lowland forests of Nepal, according to a new survey.

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Population of newly discovered lemur in Madagascar down to last 50 individuals

Researchers have discovered a new — and critically endangered — species of lemur on the island of Madagascar. The primate is formally described in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

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Monarch butterfly campaign takes wing

Every spring, Nicole Hamilton waits for the arrival of the monarch butterflies, those delicate, orange-and-black-winged creatures best known for their stunning annual migration, a journey of thousands of miles from Mexico to the United States. And every year, she sees fewer of them

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Kerala forest department to burn ivory worth Rs 50 crore

Thiruvananthapuram: The forest department is planning to burn its mammoth stockpile of ivory tusks, estimated at over three tonnes and valued at nearly Rs 50 crore in the black market.

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Borneo's orangutans are coming down from the trees

Orangutans might be the king of the swingers, but primatologists in Borneo have found that the great apes spend a surprising amount of time walking on the ground. The research, published in the American Journal of Primatology found that it is common for orangutans to come down from the trees to ...

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Zoo tigers 'won't save species from extinction'

On International Tiger Day zoo breeding programs for tigers are in the spotlight again. One conservation charity argues they’re doomed to fail and that saving the animals’ natural habitat is the only way forward.

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Mae Wong dam poses grim threat to endangered tigers

As we celebrate Global Tiger Day today, the endlessly fascinating Panthera tigris is nearing extinction as a result of poaching, shrinking habitats and the depletion of prey.

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Eye on biodiversity

Habitat destruction, trade in animal parts and climate change are all to blame for the decline in species worldwide. DW examines what is being done to protect threatened species.

Meeting Document


Indicators for assessing progress towards the 2010 target: Change in status of threatened species

Side Event
COP 11

Collaborative Partnership on Wildlife Conservation

A presentation by the CIC and a discussion with attendees on the potential themes to be included in a future Collaborative Partnership on Wildlife Conservation. For further details on the topic see additional information.

Side Event
COP 11

Seven Wonders of Conservation presented by the Alliance for Zero Extinction

The purpose of this event will be to raise awareness of some of the globe’s most threatened species through the Seven Wonders of Conservation campaign. Presentations will include national governments sharing their succesful experiences combating species extinctions through the protection of the ...

Side Event
COP 11

Turning the corner on tiger conservation

The event will showcase progress the 13 range state governments and other important stakeholders have made on following up to the commitments made at the International Tiger forum in St. Petersburg (the Tiger Summit) in 2010. The event will highlight the positive examples from the field, and r ...

Side Event
COP 11

Securing Wildlife Corridors as an avenue to halt the loss of biodiverstiy

Securing wildlife priority corridors and habitat linkages to enable natural migration and genetic exchange is an important conservation element for successful implementation of the CBD Strategy 2020. At the side event success factors and challenges of examples from India and Southern Africa wil ...

Side Event
COP 11

Wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and Welfare as an essential wildlife conservation tool

The value of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing individual wild animals back into their ecosystem is often undervalued in the conservation debate. At the side event some outstanding examples contributing to the conservation of biodiversity will be presented and participants are invited to di ...

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