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Nearly half of countries' shared fish stocks are on the move due to climate change, prompting dispute concerns

Climate change will force 45 per cent of the fish stocks that cross through two or more exclusive economic zones to shift significantly from their historical habitats and migration paths by 2100, a challenge that may lead to international conflict, according to a new UBC study.

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Neonicotinoid pesticide residues found in Irish honey

Neonicotinoids are the most widely used group of insecticides globally, used in plant protection products to control harmful insects.

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Neurotoxins in the environment are damaging human brain health, and fires and floods may make the problem worse

In the summer of 2021, a toxic, smoky haze stemming from Western wildfires wafted across large parts of the United States, while hurricanes wrought extensive flooding in the southern and eastern U.S. Air quality websites such as AirNow warned of hazardous conditions on the U.S. East Coast from W ...

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New Australia mass fish deaths in key river system

Thousands more fish have died in a key river system in drought-hit eastern Australia just weeks after up to a million were killed, authorities and locals said Monday, sparking fears an ecological disaster is unfolding.

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New danger for corals in warming oceans: Metal pollution

Metal copper from agricultural runoff and marine paint leaching from boat hulls poses an emerging threat to soft coral sea fans in the waters around Puerto Rico.

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New data shows strong air pollution policies lengthen life expectancy

Over the last year, COVID-19 lockdowns brought blue skies to the most polluted regions of the globe, while wildfires exacerbated by a drier and hotter climate sent smoke to the normally clean skies of cities thousands of miles away. The conflicting events offer two visions of the future. The dif ...

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New technology will identify sources of plastic in the ocean

Worldwide, eight million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, despite greater awareness of recycling and the use of disposable plastic.

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No mountain high enough: study finds plastic in ‘clean’ air

Microplastics from Africa and North America found airborne in French Pyrenees, 2,877 metres above sea level

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No second breach at Florida reservoir but pollution and flood threat remains

Reports of a second breach at a wastewater reservoir in central Florida are “unsubstantiated”, a state agency said, as workers nonetheless battled to prevent hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water causing a catastrophic flood.

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No-spray zones divide French farmers from anxious neighbors

When tractors laden with pesticides and other chemicals start spraying the vineyards that produce fruity Bordeaux wines, Marie-Lys Bibeyran's phone starts to ring.

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Noise impact on whales and dolphins to be measured off west Cork

The coast off Baltimore in west Cork will serve as the scientific hotspot for a major project monitoring how noise impacts whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

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Noise pollution reduces the reproductive success of the house sparrow

The study presents a new line of research, since so far there have been very few studies that have focused on loud and intermittent noises of a recreational nature, as is the case of traditional festivals, and the effects they cause on urban fauna.

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Noise pollution spooks whales the way predators would, study finds

Generally, the word pollution conjures images of billowing smokestacks, oily water and trash-filled highway medians. But for whales, dolphins and porpoises, a subtler and perhaps more sinister source of pollution also poisons their realm: human-made sound.

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Not so starry night: light pollution spoils the view for stargazers

Light pollution is hindering a starry view of the night sky for more than half of people across England, a census has found. Fifty-seven per cent of stargazers struggled to see more than 10 stars, while just 2% of participants said they experienced “truly dark skies” enabling them to count more ...

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Nurdles: the worst toxic waste you’ve probably never heard of

Billions of these tiny plastic pellets are floating in the ocean, causing as much damage as oil spills, yet they are still not classified as hazardous

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Ocean Pollution Is A Mix Of Plastic, Chemicals, Toxic Metals And Is A Clear Danger To Human Health

Ocean pollution is widespread, worsening, and poses a clear and present danger to human health and wellbeing. But the extent of this danger has not been widely comprehended – until now. Our recent study provides the first comprehensive assessment of the impacts of ocean pollution on human health.

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Ocean pollutants 'have negative effect on male fertility'

Long-lived banned industrial chemicals may be threatening the fertility of male porpoises living off the UK. Polychlorinated byphenyls (PCBs) were phased out decades ago, but can build up in whales, dolphins and porpoises.

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Ocean pollution threatens the health of more than three billion people

In the first comprehensive report of its kind, experts describe how the impacts of ocean pollution are directly harmful to human health, and plastic is only part of the problem. The researchers found that toxic ocean pollution endangers the health and well-being of more than three billion people.

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Offshore fish farms: a new wave of food production … or the ‘wild west’ of ocean pollution?

The enclosures stretch the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool, but from above they appear as floating dots scattered across the ocean. Inside, fish mill about as the submerged pens sway to the currents of the open sea.

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Oil spill at sea: who will pay for Peru’s worst environmental disaster?

More than a month after Peru’s worst ever environmental disaster on its coastline there are few signs of reckoning for Repsol, the Spanish energy company that manages the refinery where more than 10,000 barrels of crude oil spewed into the Pacific Ocean after a routine tanker discharge went awry.

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Oil spill threatens vast areas of mangroves and coral reefs in Brazil

Hundreds of kilometres of mangroves and coral reefs, as well as humpback whale breeding grounds, are under threat from an oil spill that has polluted more than 2,400km of Brazil’s north-eastern coast in the last two months.

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Old cars forced off road as Europe’s clean air zones nearly double

The number of clean air zones across Europe has risen 40% since 2019, forcing older and more polluting vehicles off the road, according to new research based on EU data.

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Olympic ice rinks put spotlight on potent greenhouse gases

The ice rinks that play host to figure skating and speedskating competitions at the Beijing Olympics will also be putting a major environmental problem on the world stage—the potent greenhouse gases often lurking in refrigerators, air conditioners and other cooling systems.

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Online shopping: Great for bargains, terrible for the environment

Mountains of packaging discarded after China’s Singles’ Day shopping event are hurting the government’s attempts to reduce waste.If you worry about all the waste generated by the annual rush of holiday shopping and gift giving, it’s nothing compared to the mountains of discarded packaging that c ...

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Only nine percent of plastic recycled worldwide: OECD

Less than 10 percent of the plastic used across the world is recycled, the OECD said Tuesday, calling for "coordinated and global solutions" ahead of expected talks on an international plastics treaty.

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Outdoor air pollution cuts three years from human lifespan – study

Humans are missing out on almost three years of life expectancy on average because of outdoor air pollution, researchers have found.

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Over 47 tons of plastic found at US marine reserve – and an entangled seal

In a span of just over three weeks, more than 47 tons of plastic waste were removed from America’s largest protected marine reserve, sometimes directly off animals, a stark reminder of the scourge of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

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Ozone pollution in Germany falls thanks to lower nitrogen oxide emissions

Summer is the ozone season: The harmful gas forms at ground level on hot, sunny days. In recent years, however, the rise in ozone levels over the summer months has not been as pronounced in Germany as it was previously. According to a new study, this is primarily due to a reduction in nitrogen o ...

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PFAS pollution led to contamination of US drinking water wells, study finds

Pollution by toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” in America’s aquifer system has led to widespread contamination of private and public drinking water wells, data from a new study by the US Geological Survey finds.

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Pathogens hitchhiking on plastics ‘could carry cholera from India to US’

Dangerous sewage pathogens have been found “hitch-hiking” on plastic litter washed up on some of Scotland’s finest bathing beaches, raising concerns from scientists the phenomenon could have far-reaching implications for human health worldwide.

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Pathways to tackling the plastic waste problem

BERLIN - Is the human species becoming a cancer on the planet? This question arises from the grim findings of a new United Nations study that human actions are irremediably altering natural ecosystems and driving increasing numbers of plant and animal species to extinction.

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Peru beaches suffer oil spill blamed on waves from Tonga volcanic eruption

The Pampilla Refinery, part of the Spanish company Repsol, said there had been a "limited spill" of oil off the coast of Callao and Ventanilla districts near Lima Saturday due to the violent waves produced by the eruption on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

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Pesticide imidacloprid threatens future for key pollinator

An insecticide used to control pest infestations on squash and pumpkins significantly hinders the reproduction of ground-nesting bees—valuable pollinators for many food crops, a new University of Guelph study has revealed.

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Pesticides and antibiotics polluting streams across Europe

Pesticides and antibiotics are polluting streams across Europe, a study has found. Scientists say the contamination is dangerous for wildlife and may increase the development of drug-resistant microbes.

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Pesticides cause ‘permanent and irreversible’ damage to baby bee brains

Baby bumblebees develop abnormally when exposed to food contaminated with a certain type of pesticide, scientists have found.

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Pet flea treatments poisoning rivers across England, scientists find

Highly toxic insecticides used on cats and dogs to kill fleas are poisoning rivers across England, a study has revealed. The discovery is “extremely concerning” for water insects, and the fish and birds that depend on them, the scientists said, who expect significant environmental damage is bein ...

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Plants And Animals Have Started Living on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Different ideas have been floated for how to deal with this environmental disaster. Now, scientists are starting to realise that a raft of coastal species, typically strangers to the open ocean, are beginning to colonize this new, plastic habitat.

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Plantwatch: the trees that feed on metal

A magnificent tall tree called Pycnandra acuminata grows on the island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific, and it does something strange – when its bark is cut it bleeds a bright blue-green latex that contains up to 25% nickel, a metal highly poisonous to most plants in more than tiny amounts.

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Plastic Pollution Holds Potential to Increase Temperatures of Beaches by Nearly 3°C: Study

Over the past few decades, the world has been witnessing an exponential rise in plastic pollution, which acts as a major disrupter to the integrity of ecosystems around the globe.

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Plastic Pollution Is a Global Problem – Here’s How to Design an Effective Treaty To Curb It

Plastic pollution is accumulating worldwide, on land and in the oceans. According to one widely cited estimate, by 2025, 100 million to 250 million metric tons of plastic waste could enter the ocean each year.

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Plastic Pollution Threatens ‘Safe Haven’ Island For Threatened Sea Turtles

Fundação Príncipe is a remote oceanic island in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Africa. In 2012, the entire island was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which means that it is one of the hundreds of sites in the world that promote solutions to reconcile the conservation of biodiversi ...

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Plastic Pollution and Ocean Acidification Together Threaten Marine Life

An international research team has identified that following three weeks of being immersed in the ocean, the bacterial diversity on plastic bottles was two times as high as on samples gathered from the surrounding seawater.

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Plastic Pollution and Trade: WTO, Basel Convention, and a Global Treaty on Plastic Pollution

Participants discussed how plastic trade is affecting communities and the environment, as well as the role of trade policy in tackling the crisis.

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Plastic Pollution: What Happens To The Plastic After It Enters The Ocean?

Of the hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic waste we produce each year, it’s estimated that around ten million tonnes enter the ocean. Roughly half of the plastics produced are less dense than water, and so they float. But scientists estimate that there are only about 0.3 million tonnes of ...

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Plastic bags and sanitary pads in Indian elephant dung worry wildlife enthusiasts

In a viral video from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, wildlife conservationists are seen examining wild elephant dung to study the gentle giant’s diet and health.

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Plastic bags recycled into fabric to fight pollution

Scientists have made fabrics from polythene in a move they say could reduce plastic pollution and make the fashion industry more sustainable. Polythene is a ubiquitous plastic, found in everything from plastic bags to food packaging.

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Plastic bans proliferate in 2019 as planet drowns in trash

When the EU finally committed to banning an array of single-use plastics in March, it became part of a growing plastic-free movement that is seeing similar bans imposed from Vanuatu to Canada and Tanzania.

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Plastic drinks bottles are now the biggest plastic threat for our waterways

Drinks bottles are the most prevalent form of plastic pollution in European waterways, it has been revealed.According to the Plastic Rivers report from Earthwatch Europe and Plastic Oceans UK, plastic bottles make up 14 per cent of all identifiable plastic litter items found in European freshwat ...

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