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Plastic bans proliferate in 2019 as planet drowns in trash

When the EU finally committed to banning an array of single-use plastics in March, it became part of a growing plastic-free movement that is seeing similar bans imposed from Vanuatu to Canada and Tanzania.

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Among world's worst polluters, ASEAN vows to tackle ocean waste

With Southeast Asia awash with rubbish, from plastic-choked whales to trash-clogged canals, leaders are planning to push through a deal to fight maritime debris at a regional meeting this weekend.

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Taking the fight to the frontline: Island states unite to end pollution

Washington DC, 13 June 2019 – Twenty-seven Small Island Developing States have come together in a bid to manage and eliminate toxic chemicals and waste in some of the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems under a new initiative announced today in Washington DC.

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G20 to tackle ocean plastic waste as petrochemical producers expand in Asia

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan wants to make reducing the glut of plastic waste in the oceans a priority at the Group of 20 summit it is hosting this month as governments around the world crack down on such pollution.

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DDT still affecting lake ecosystems 50 years after it was banned

June 12 (UPI) -- The highly potent pesticide DDT was banned more than a half-century ago, but the toxic chemical persists in lake ecosystems and continues to impact freshwater food chains, according to a new study.

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Microplastic pollution adds to oceans’ problems

[SÃO PAULO] The harmful effects of microplastics on the marine environment are widely documented.

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Straws: UK government to bring in new controls on plastic

In a bid to limit ocean pollution, the UK government will introduce new controls on single use plastic items next year.

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414 million pieces of plastic found on remote island group in Indian Ocean

Debris on Cocos (Keeling) Islands was mostly bottles, cutlery, bags and straws, but also included 977,000 shoes, study says

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Pathways to tackling the plastic waste problem

BERLIN - Is the human species becoming a cancer on the planet? This question arises from the grim findings of a new United Nations study that human actions are irremediably altering natural ecosystems and driving increasing numbers of plant and animal species to extinction.

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Mariana Trench: Deepest-ever sub dive finds plastic bag By Rebecca Morelle

An American explorer has found plastic waste on the seafloor while breaking the record for the deepest ever dive.

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Japan plans microplastics reduction in marine environments by 2020

Voluntary actions so far have seen success

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The plastic in our bodies

Nobody, it seemed, had thought to look before.

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'Biodegradable' plastic bags survive three years in soil and sea

Plastic bags that claim to be biodegradable were still intact and able to carry shopping three years after being exposed to the natural environment, a study has found.

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Not so starry night: light pollution spoils the view for stargazers

Light pollution is hindering a starry view of the night sky for more than half of people across England, a census has found. Fifty-seven per cent of stargazers struggled to see more than 10 stars, while just 2% of participants said they experienced “truly dark skies” enabling them to count more ...

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Plastic waste / Millions of tonnes of plastic ‘missing’ in the oceans

Humanity has been dumping millions of tonnes of plastic into the ocean every year – and one team of researchers may have figured out where it all went.

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Tracking the sources of plastic pollution in ocean

Plastic pollution in the world's oceans is now widely recognised as a major global challenge — but we still know very little about how these plastics are actually reaching the sea. A new global initiative, led by the University of Birmingham shows how focussing on rivers and river mouths can yie ...

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Pesticides and antibiotics polluting streams across Europe

Pesticides and antibiotics are polluting streams across Europe, a study has found. Scientists say the contamination is dangerous for wildlife and may increase the development of drug-resistant microbes.

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West Coast waste will end up in deep sea canyon, scientist warns

Some of the rubbish spilling out into the Tasman Sea from an old rubbish dump on the West Coast will not be able to be collected, scientists say.

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Plastic drinks bottles are now the biggest plastic threat for our waterways

Drinks bottles are the most prevalent form of plastic pollution in European waterways, it has been revealed.According to the Plastic Rivers report from Earthwatch Europe and Plastic Oceans UK, plastic bottles make up 14 per cent of all identifiable plastic litter items found in European freshwat ...

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Can we really clean up the plastic waste fouling our oceans?

The oceans have become the easy option for dumping of plastic and other waste. It has been estimated that we are adding perhaps 10 million tonnes every year.

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Will the ocean benefit from the battle of the microbeads bans?

I close my eyes and instead of falling asleep I see this: "Talc, Mica, Magnesium Stearate, Polyethylene…" – one of the thousands of product ingredient lists I had meticulously combed through. This particular one came from a make-up product and stood out to me because it raised so many excellent ...

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Marine plastic pollution costs the world up to $2.5tn a year, researchers find

Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans costs society billions of dollars every year in damaged and lost resources, research has found.

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Egypt Red Sea province to ban single-use plastic

Egypt's Red Sea Governorate is to introduce a ban on single-use plastics that are destroying marine life, the province's top official said Wednesday.

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What does air pollution do to our bodies?

The countdown has begun to the launch of one of the world's boldest attempts to tackle air pollution. From next Monday, thousands of drivers face paying a new charge to enter central London.

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Manipur’s recent plastic ban appears in election discussions

Forty-year-old Thoi has been selling different varieties of rice inside the historic Ima Keithel all-women market in Imphal, the capital city of India’s north-east state of Manipur, for the past 12 years.

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Essential Science: Time to ban glitter? A microplastic risk

A recent study from the journal Geochemical Perspectives finds that microplastics have been detected at the deepest point of the ocean, Challenger Deep, in the western Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench. See: “Microplastics contaminate the deepest part of the world’s ocean.”

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EU bans widely used pesticide over safety concerns

One of the world’s most common pesticides will soon be banned by the European Union after safety officials reported human health and environmental concerns.

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Dead whale 'had 40kg of plastic in its stomach'

A dead whale has been found washed up in the Philippines with a stomach filled with 40kg of plastic. Workers at D'Bone Collector Museum in Davao City recovered the body of the Cuvier's beaked whale before making the discovery.

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Le plastique menace la biodiversité aux Galápagos

Juste armés de gants, gardes du parc des Galápagos et bénévoles combattent un monstre créé par les humains: des tonnes de plastique que les courants marins poussent jusque dans les estomacs des animaux uniques de cet archipel de l'océan Pacifique.

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Dead whale washed up in Philippines had 40kg of plastic bags in its stomach

Marine biologists horrified to find 16 rice sacks and multiple shopping bags inside Cuvier’s beaked whale

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The Looming Plastic Pollution Crisis

Recent studies in the Arctic revealed that each litre of sea ice contains around 12,000 particles of microplastic, which scientists believe are being ingested by native animals and marine life.

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How pollution and greenhouse gases affect the climate in the Sahel

Over the last decade many countries in the Sahel region—the semi-arid southern edge of the Sahara that stretches from Senegal to Ethiopia—have been embroiled in conflict. Populations in these countries are growing. This means that resources are increasingly scarce, and a highly variable climate ...

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#Plasticfree: how to handle the scary plastic threat on our own backs

Doing the laundry for a family of four every week has always been tedious, but now it is burdened by knowing that almost every item we wash is releasing hundreds of thousands of tiny synthetic fibers into our waterways and the ocean beyond.

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Pathogens hitchhiking on plastics ‘could carry cholera from India to US’

Dangerous sewage pathogens have been found “hitch-hiking” on plastic litter washed up on some of Scotland’s finest bathing beaches, raising concerns from scientists the phenomenon could have far-reaching implications for human health worldwide.

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It’s time to let go of nitrogen fertiliser

In the first decade of the 20th century, two German chemists Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch, developed a way to produce synthetic nitrogen cheaply and on a large scale.

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A new paradigm for plastics

We have long known that the accumulation of plastic in the world’s landfills and oceans represents a growing environmental risk. More recently, we have come to understand that plastic poses an urgent – even deadly – threat to public health, too. And yet, global efforts to address the plastic cri ...

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Microplastic pollution revealed ‘absolutely everywhere’ by new research

Microplastic pollution spans the world, according to new studies showing contamination in the UK’s lake and rivers, in groundwater in the US and along the Yangtze river in China and the coast of Spain.

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Beaches are banning sunscreens to save coral reefs

Many families will soon escape the winter to seek warmer, sunnier climes. Swimsuits and sunglasses will invariably find their way into suitcases, but one common item might be giving people a little more pause than it once did: sunscreen.

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Balloons the number one marine debris risk of mortality for seabirds

The data showed that a seabird ingesting a single piece of plastic had a 20 per cent chance of mortality, rising to 50 per cent for nine items and 100 per cent for 93 items.

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World's deepest waters becoming 'ultimate sink' for plastic waste

The world’s deepest ocean trenches are becoming “the ultimate sink” for plastic waste, according to a study that reveals contamination of animals even in these dark, remote regions of the planet.

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Study suggests humans are now producing more chemical waste than can be tested

A team of researchers with members affiliated with several institutions in the U.K. has found evidence that suggests humans are dumping more chemical waste into the environment than can be tested for its impact. In their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the group describes ...

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Indonesians clean up the beach one sandal at a time

Hundreds of people sifted through a vast wasteland of rubbish strewn across a beach in Indonesia on Thursday, underscoring the Southeast Asian archipelago's mammoth marine waste problem

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Cleaning up Everest – the world's highest rubbish dump

Mount Everest has turned into a dumping ground as the growing numbers of climbers leave their trash behind on the mountain.

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This unique map shows which rivers are most polluted with plastic

Every year, approximately eight million metric tons of plastic enters the world’s oceans – the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic every single minute.

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Can Our Individual Plastic Footprint Stop The Ocean Of Waste From Submerging Us?

Plastic production will increase by 20,000% in 40 years if we keep things how they are. Plastic is everywhere. Over the years it became one of the most used material, and it got to a point where the cars and planes we travel on are made at 50% by plastic, or where it is more common for clothes t ...

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It's not just microbeads - these are the beauty ingredients that are still polluting our oceans

Remember January 8th 2018? No? Well, it was a great day, namely because the UK government banned the production of microbeads in rinse-off cosmetics, including shower gels, soaps and face wash.

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Boat made of old flip-flops flies flag for cleaner African seas

It was 6pm when an unusual rainbow-coloured boat, made of recycled plastic waste and discarded flip-flops gathered from beaches and roadsides, dropped anchor off the beach at Mtwapa, near Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa.

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