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How Climate Change Might Impact Disease Outbreak in Antarctic Fish

Scientists investigate a particular kind of fish that has evolved to survive in the severe arctic climate. However, on a field trip in 2018, they discovered an unusual phenomenon: several of the fish had terrible skin tumors.

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Why don't insects freeze solid in the Arctic?

Life in the Arctic is harsh. Arctic temperatures are punishing, making life difficult for many animals to survive. Yet lots of insects, including mosquitoes, manage to thrive in the frozen region. So why don't they freeze themselves?

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Eavesdropping on whales in the high Arctic

Whales are huge, but they live in an even larger environment—the world's oceans. Researchers use a range of tools to study their whereabouts, including satellite tracking, aerial surveys, sightings and deploying individual hydrophones to listen for their calls.

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Here's how one group of polar bears is adapting to climate change

Rising temperatures are melting the Arctic sea-ice on which polar bears hunt, limiting their access to food. A recent study has found a remote population of polar bears that have adapted to hunt on chunks of glacier ice.

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Climate Change Could Completely Consume the Siberian Tundra by 2050, Studies Show

As we know, the Arctic tundra won't be around much longer. Climate change is causing the sea levels to rise, and the ice to melt, which is also, in turn, wiping out the plant and animal species that live there. And unfortunately things aren't much different in Siberia.

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The Arctic's tricky quest for sustainable tourism

Home to polar bears, the midnight sun and the northern lights, a Norwegian archipelago perched high in the Arctic is trying to find a way to profit from its pristine wilderness without ruining it.

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The Forest Forecast

These are strange times for the Indigenous Nenets reindeer herders of northern Siberia. In their lands on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, bare tundra is thawing, bushes are sprouting, and willows that a generation ago struggled to reach knee height now grow 3 meters tall, hiding the reindeer. Su ...

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Hunting toxic chemicals in the Arctic

At first, it was a simple question: what exactly did oil pollution do to gray seals off the coast of Norway?

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Alaska worries for its salmon run as climate change warms Arctic waters

With marine heat waves helping to wipe out some of Alaska’s storied salmon runs in recent years, officials have resorted to sending emergency food shipments to affected communities while scientists warn that the industry’s days of traditional harvests may be numbered.

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Satellite-derived salinity improves Arctic marine circulation prediction

Researchers at the Barcelona Expert Center (BEC) of the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC) have proved that satellite-derived salinity improves marine circulation prediction in the Arctic, which, as in the rest of the planet, is directly influenced by this and other parameters such as tempe ...

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