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Focal Point

Republic of Korea

Mr. Hongkoo Kang

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
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WHO Covid-19 report shows clear link between biodiversity loss and zoonotic disease – Greenpeace reaction

In its official report on SARS-CoV-2’s origins the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed to the potential disease risks of contact between wildlife and people, showing the life-threatening risk of natural ecosystem destruction, which is breaking down the buffer zone scientists say protects us ...

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Safe and resilient forests: Commission works for wildfire prevention in Europe and globally

Today, following the International Day of Forests, the Commission has published new guidelines to facilitate a better understanding of land-based wildfire prevention and effective responses. They point towards prevention measures that can be taken through governance, planning and forest manageme ...

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The Amazon May Now Actually Be Making Climate Change Worse, Scientists Warn

It's no secret that the world's largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon, is under immense pressure, nearing an ecological tipping point and at risk of collapsing.

Focal Point


Mr. Ubaydullo Akramov

CBD Primary NFP, ABS NFP, Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Focal Point


Ms. Consuelo López López

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Focal Point

European Union

Ms. Anastasia Pagida

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Is soil health restricted to agricultural activities?

Soil is considered a viable living ecosystem in itself as it performs numerous functionalities that not only serve as a foundation of agricultural activities but also act as a key focal point for the growth and developmental activities of a nation.

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Declaring key ocean habitats off-limits to human activities protects biodiversity and guards against climate change

Ocean life is increasingly threatened: offshore drilling has polluted ocean waters while overfishing has stripped fish populations of their abundance, pushing stocks to the point of collapse.

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Climate Change Tracker: Why 2021 is a crucial year to stop global warming

2021 is already shaping up as an important year for climate change mitigation. As scientist and author Michael E. Mann wrote in Newsweek a few days ago, this year could well mark the tipping point for climate action. This is in no small degree a result of the US rejoining the 2015 Paris Agreemen ...

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