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News Headlines

Sudan, last male northern white rhino, dies in Kenya

The world's last surviving male northern white rhino has died after months of ill health, his carers said. Sudan, 45, lived at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. He was put to sleep on Monday after age-related complications worsened significantly.

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Small mammal thought to be extinct rediscovered in Nepal's national park

The hispid hare (Caprolagus hispidus) is in the list of critically endangered small mammals. It was thought to be extinct from Chitwan National Park as it had not been spotted again after its first spotting in 1984.

News Headlines

13 European countries to protect great bustard

Delegates from 13 European countries on Thursday agreed on transboundary conservation measures for the great bustard - the heaviest flying bird in Europe.

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Activists eye bigger roles for local officials, businesses in Indonesia’s orangutan protection plan

The Indonesian government is drafting another 10-year guideline for orangutan conservation that aims to staunch the decline in the population of the critically endangered great ape.

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High hopes for the critically endangered regent honeyeater following Gippsland discovery

Conservationists say the discovery of critically endangered regent honeyeaters in south-east Victoria is a promising sign of the bird species' recovery.

News Headlines

Stopping the impact of fishing fleets on the most threatened marine birds

Accidental by-catch, which affects around 5,000 birds stuck in longlines every year, is the most severe effect on marine birds by the fishing activity in the Mediterranean. The exploitation of fishing resources threatens the future of many marine birds with regression populations, such as the Co ...

News Headlines

One-fifth of Europe's wood beetles at risk of extinction as ancient trees decline

Almost one-fifth of Europe’s wood beetles are at risk of extinction due to a widespread decline in ancient trees, according to a new report which suggests their demise could have devastating knock-on effects for other species.

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New clues to decline of bees and other pollinators

The brightly-coloured flies may be picking up bee viruses as they forage at the same flowers. And scientists think hoverflies could then be spreading the deadly infections long distances when they migrate.

News Headlines

This is why African Elephants will go extinct soon!

Recently, a group of scientists got genetic evidence of interbreeding among the ancestors of modern-elephants, mammoths, and mastodons occurring during the Pleistocene Epoch. They found out that the three modern-day species of elephants have distinct genetic profiles and their ancestors interbre ...

News Headlines

Tigers are rapidly disappearing all across SE Asia

An assessment of 112 protected sites across 11 countries found 35% of them, the majority of which are in southeast Asia, had major management issues which left their tiger populations at risk of rapid declines or vanishing entirely.

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