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News Headlines

How cash can promote tropical forest conservation

Paying rural villagers to cut down fewer trees boosts conservation not only while the payments are being made but even after they're discontinued, according to a new CU Boulder study involving 1,200 tropical forest users in five developing countries.

News Headlines

Preserving Mexico City's Ecologically Vital Urban Forest

Strolling through the forest under a canopy of pine trees along a path lined with shaggy native grass, Agustín Martínez Villarreal pauses to point out signs that the endangered volcano rabbit passed this way recently. The little creatures were a common sight during his boyhood here, says Martíne ...

News Headlines

This Hummingbird Chirps Like an Insect. Can It Hear Its Own Sound?

Claudio Mello was conducting research in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest about 20 years ago when he heard a curious sound. It was high-pitched and reedy, like a pin scratching metal. A cricket? A tree frog? No, a hummingbird.

News Headlines

Country diary: the magic of moss

With winter almost over it’s tempting to hunker down during these last cold days and focus on the prospect of primroses and bluebells, but there is beauty to be found now in lowlier forms of plant life. Many woodland and grassland mosses begin new growth while it is still too cold for trees to l ...

News Headlines

Walking among the world’s tallest trees

“When I look around this forest,” said ranger Jim Wheeler, “it has a tendency to give me perspective in life, to help me realise I’m just a very small part of a much bigger world.”

News Headlines

Scientists are racing to save Europe's beloved ash tree

A fungus spreading rapidly east to west across Europe is wiping out valuable forests. Scientists are racing to plant and multiply resistant strains before the species disappears.

News Headlines

Future scientists will study the world’s loneliest tree as a marker of a new geological era

On remote Campbell Island, in the subantarctic waters off New Zealand, stands a tree that keeps the record of global human activity.

News Headlines

Geological change confirmed as a factor behind the extensive diversity in tropical rainforests

The tropical rainforests of Central and South America are home to the largest diversity of plants on this planet. Nowhere else are there quite so many different plant species in one place. However, the entire region is increasingly threatened by human activity, which is why researchers are stepp ...

News Headlines

Seasonal patterns in the Amazon explained

Environmental scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have led an international collaboration to improve satellite observations of tropical forests.

News Headlines

We should protect our forests

Forests are the lungs of the earth. The air we breath, the stability of our climate and the rich variety of life all depend on forests. Forests are home to nearly two-thirds of all plant and animal species found on land and millions of people depend on them for survival.

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