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News Headlines

The westward spread of zebra and quagga mussels shows how tiny invaders can cause big problems

The zebra mussel has been a poster child for invasive species ever since it unleashed economic and ecological havoc on the Great Lakes in the late 1980s. Yet despite intensive efforts to control it and its relative, the quagga mussel, these fingernail-sized mollusks are spreading through U.S. ri ...

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Latest threat to Forests in North America: Invasive Asian jumping worms

For most gardeners, an earthworm is great for the soil, however, there is an invasive earthworm in North America that is quite literally, destructive.

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Animals we’ve lost: the 15 carp species that disappeared from a single lake

Just two species of the freshwater fish still exist in the ancient waters of Lake Lanao in the Philippines after predatory fish were accidentally introduced

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Alien species are moving across oceans faster, accelerated by climate change

Oceans and coastlines have been subjected to human use for centuries. But the effects of human activity on the oceans are now more extensive, with the resulting changes happening more rapidly than ever before.

News Headlines

Acid-spraying ant poses major threat to biodiversity in Queensland

An invasive species of acid-spraying ant is spreading throughout Australia, causing concern it could wipe out small native species and make homes impossible to sell.

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Invasive species: Are they really threatening the Mediterranean Sea and local fisheries?

Invasive species are becoming a global concern. In the last 20 years, the number of non-native species in European waters has increased to almost 1,300. The issue is most acute in the Mediterranean Sea, which is home to 69 per cent of them and although only 10 per cent are categorised as invasive.

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Lizards or snakes? The stark game of survival playing out in Ibiza

The growing trend for imported olive trees has brought hoards of invasive snakes to the Spanish island, threatening the future of its wall lizard

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The blood-hungry parasite that threatens big fish and business in the Great Lakes

They have the body of an eel, the mouth of a sarlacc, and the diet of a vampire. Sea lampreys are fish native to the Atlantic Ocean and the rivers that flow into it. But more than a century ago, they found their way into the Great Lakes, where they multiplied and became one of the most destructi ...

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Growing plant trade may spread invasive species – but help ecosystems adapt to climate change

Plant seeds must travel far to maintain healthy ecosystems. Carried on the wind or in the fur and dung of animals, travelling seeds help cleared forest patches regrow and infuse clutches of rare species with diverse genes, making them more resistant to extinction.

News Headlines

South American weevils released in UK waterways to tackle invasive weed

South American weevils have been released into Britain’s waterways by the government in order to tackle the invasive species floating pennywort.

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