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Where did these holes in the ocean floor come from? 'Nobody knows,' says scientist

Social media users consider aliens or sea monsters — but NOAA researcher suspects an animal culprit. Mysterious, neatly aligned holes have been discovered deep in the ocean — and scientists are stumped about their origin.

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The sharks of the St. Lawrence, managers of the ocean pantry

The basking shark feeds on the surface with its mouth wide open to filter plankton, explains the St. Lawrence Shark Observatory (archives).

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Applying the concept of liquid biopsy to monitor the microbial biodiversity of marine coastal ecosystems

Liquid biopsy (LB) is a concept that is rapidly gaining ground in the biomedical field. Its concept is largely based on the detection of circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) fragments that are mostly released as small fragments following cell death in various tissues. A small percentage of these f ...

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St. Lawrence shoreline erosion: We must work with, not against, nature

The St. Lawrence riverbanks are eroding. This has an impact on infrastructure, economy and inhabitants’ well-being. It exposes communities to flooding and can destroy local ecosystems.

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How the Ocean Sustains Complex Life

Search “ocean zones” online, and you will see hundreds of illustrations that depict the same vertical profile of the sea. The thin, top layer is the “sunlight” or epipelagic zone, which receives enough light for photosynthesis by phytoplankton, algae and some bacteria.

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Marine ranching helps restore biodiversity in south China island

When Wang Aimin, then a professor of oceanic science at Hainan University, started helping with marine ranching by dropping artificial reefs into seawater in 2011, he was ridiculed by local divers.

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Young Māori divers hunt invasive crown-of-thorns starfish to save coral reefs

Every Saturday, a group of Cook Island Māori youth slide into scuba gear, grab sticks from the ironwood trees (Casuarina equisetifolia) growing along Rarotonga’s beachfront, and head to the reef surrounding the island. Their mission; to dive for invasive taramea (crown-of-thorns starfish, Acanth ...

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15 Issues That Could Greatly Impact Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

Researchers have listed fifteen areas of concern, emphasizing the need to tackle these issues. Examples include the mining of lithium from the deep sea, exploitation of species found in deeper waters, and the unforeseen effects of wildfires across different ecosystems.

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Seal of approval? Rescue services warn approaching Australian marine wildlife can be fraught

If you ever stumble upon a seal pup far from home, best leave it alone and call for help. Humans (and their dogs) can pose a danger to seals, and the marine mammals can give humans tuberculosis.

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Colorful new corals bedeck the busy waters off Hong Kong, study shows

In the eastern waters off Hong Kong, a group of scientists searching for coral-eating nudibranchs stumbled upon a colorful surprise: three new species of sun corals. These orange, purple and green corals belong to the genus Tubastraea, bringing the known members of this coral group from seven sp ...

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