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News Headlines

Why migratory birds have been late to UK skies this spring

One swallow does not, proverbially, make a summer – and this year, birders all over the UK were struggling to see any at all, at least until the last week of April.

News Headlines

World Migratory Birds Day: How are India’s winged guests doing

Everybody loves the sight of flocks of exotic birds making the most of the winter sun. But how many pause to think of how their lot really fare? The eve of World Migratory Bird Day offers an opportunity to take stock.

News Headlines

Dim the lights for birds at night

World Migratory Bird Day, which is celebrated on both the second Saturday in May (14th) and October (8th), celebrates the migration of birds across countries and continents. This year, the campaign will be focusing on the issue of light pollution and the negative effects it is having on migrator ...

News Headlines

The perilous life of migratory birds

Climate change is making their journeys longer and harder, window panes and power lines are deadly obstacles, and hunters lie in wait with nets. But there is plenty we can do to help, not harm, our feathered friends.

News Headlines

Lights out, Chicago! Millions of birds expected to migrate over city in next two days

Conserving energy and stargazing are two of many reasons people opt to turn their lights out at night, but over the next couple of days, experts are urging residents to also flip their switches between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. to help save the lives of millions of migrating birds.

News Headlines

Discover Some Of Canada’s Best Spots And Events For Birding

Birding isn’t just for avid ornithologists – the hobby appeals equally to families with young children, photographers, sustainability advocates and people seeking an excuse for a stroll.

News Headlines

Besides mosquitoes, what lives in a peatland?

Peatlands are biodiversity hot spots in some regions of the planet. Patagonian peatlands hold more than 200 species of insects and a wide variety of amphibians.

News Headlines

Hengshui Lake in Hebei welcomes over 70 species of migratory birds

Hengshui Lake in Hebei has welcomed more than 70 species of migratory birds currently, about 100,000 in total, according to the Hengshui Lake National Nature Reserve.

News Headlines

How Migrating Snow Geese Helped Stretch My Perspective

From the Middle Creek Wildlife Management area parking lot, I hear a rumble. The noise grows as I walk a half mile to the lake, where I spot a crowd of a couple hundred people.

News Headlines

Why birds migrate vast distances – and how you can help during their breeding season

Now that spring is in the air, the UK is starting to see its summer visitors arriving. Ospreys are already back in their nests, chiffchaffs are singing their song to re-establish their territories, and puffins have arrived at their breeding sites around the British Isles.

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