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Tackling Ireland’s alien invaders

The Japanese knotweed, rhododendron and giant hogweed are fast becoming household names as these pests continue to invade Irish landscapes. These ill-famed plants are just some of many invasive species causing destruction to Ireland’s ecosystems.

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Patagonia may lose its only native bumblebee due to alien bee invasion

Patagonia's giant bumblebee is now considered endangered due to invasions of alien bee species, according to a new study.Marcelo Aizen, from the Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina, and colleagues from four other countries draw attention to the severe conservation, economic and political ...

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African countries urged to harmonize laws on invasive species

African governments should harmonize their laws to safeguard countries from the invasive species, an expert said on Tuesday. Martha Byanyima, expert on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) at the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), said many countries have experienced devastating ...

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Management Of Invasive Plants Could Prevent Spread Of Deadly Malaria, Scientists Suggest

CABI scientists have joined an international team of experts who suggest that the large-scale management of a range of some invasive plants could hold the key to reducing the spread of deadly malaria.

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The number of invasive species will only rise — up to 16% of species have invasion potential

Invasive alien species are one of the largest threats to biodiversity. They can become predators, competitors, parasites, hybridizers, and spread diseases, wiping out native species. Examples of notorious invaders are the brown tree snakes that ate away almost all of the birds on the island of G ...

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Alien honeybees could cause plant extinction

New research indicates that introduced 'alien' honeybees are competing for resources with native bees and threatening the survival of plants that rely on interactions with specific pollinators.

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Sugar glider couple escape conviction

The maximum penalty for importing a live animal without a licence is $500 or six months in jail, while importing an alien species carries a top penalty of a whopping $500,000 fine or four years in jail, which the magistrate said reflected the serious regard legislators have for the threat from i ...

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Emerging aliens threaten New Zealand’s environment

Professor Hulme was part of a large international collaboration of scientists that analysed 46,000 recorded sightings of invasive animal and plant species around the world. Their research showed that one in every four new pest incursions were from species that had never before been recorded as b ...

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Foreign’ species invasions rising globally: study

Up to 16 percent of all species on Earth could qualify as potential ‘foreign’ species. The number of newly emerging alien species continues to rise, posing a significant challenge to biosecurity interventions worldwide, according to a study. Alien species are those that do not belong to a region ...

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