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Third Meeting of Signatories to the Raptors MOU

3 - 6 July 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


World Wildlife Day

3 March 2023, Geneva, Switzerland

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Genetic diversity is key in the conservation of lion populations

Biodiversity exists at three different levels: diversity between ecosystems, between species, and within species. The genetic diversity that exists within a species is what enables the species to evolve and adapt. Many studies have shown that genetic diversity provides resilience against extinction.

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Pandemic might get people to drop wild meat from the menu

The global pandemic that has killed more than 4.5 million people might have an upside for wildlife. It could persuade some people to stop buying wild meat.

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Forest-dwellers, global community must address tropical wildlife hunting risks

Increasing demand for food and traditional medicines, multiplying local wars and conflicts, an expanding legal and illegal market trade have exacerbated the wildlife crisis in recent years, damaging ecosystems and driving many species to the verge of extinction.

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Global Wildlife Trade Fueled by Income Inequality and other Social Injustice

According to a recent survey, over 420 million wild animals have been traded in 226 countries over the last two decades. According to the researchers, income inequality pushes trade, and high-income countries should pay lower-income countries to protect biodiversity.

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Preventing future pandemics by ending the wildlife trade

It is a global problem and it is particularly bad in Asia, especially China. The demand from that region for wildlife has meant that illegal trade is now bringing in animals from Africa and South America to Southeast Asia. Instead of decreasing, the illegal wildlife trade to Southeast Asia and C ...

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Commercial wildlife farms present grave threat to biodiversity

In recent decades, along with the robust development of the economy, the demand for wildlife in Vietnam, especially in big cities, has increased. Aided by overlapping and inconsistent legal regulations on the management of animal origin, wildlife hunting and trafficking activities have intensifi ...

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