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Call for nominations for a workshop to develop a road map for supporting the implementation and monitoring of and capacity development for ecosystem restoration under the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, 22-24 November 2023 - Rome, Italy

Reference: SCBD/SSSF/JL/SK/JA/LJ/91211 (2023-090)
To: CBD and SBSTTA national focal points, indigenous peoples and local communities, and relevant global and regional organizations and initiatives

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NEW DATE: International Forum facilitated by the Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative: Workshop on ecosystem restoration-related planning and capacity-building needs for the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

Reference: SCBD/SSSF/JL/SK/JA/LJ/91100 (2023-074)
To: CBD national focal points and SBSTTA focal points, indigenous peoples and local communities, and relevant global and regional organizations and initiatives

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International Forum facilitated by the Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative (FERI): Workshop on ecosystem restoration-related planning and capacity-building needs for the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, 13 July 2023, virtual (10:00 a.m. EDT)

Reference: SCBD/SSSF/JL/SK/JA/LJ/91100 (2023-064)
To: CBD national focal points and SBSTTA focal points, indigenous peoples and local communities, and relevant global and regional organizations and initiatives, cc: Cartagena Protocol focal points, ABS focal points

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Recovering biodiversity in Brazil's pioneering Atlantic Forest through conservation and ecological restoration

When managing degraded tropical landscapes to achieve global biodiversity and ecosystem services targets, it is necessary to not only restore new forests but conserve natural remnants of old forests as well finds a new study published in the Journal of Applied Ecology.

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Ecological restoration priorities must be informed by marginalized people

The United Nations has declared the 2020s as the decade of ecosystem restoration, a call for countries around the world to dedicate resources towards healing the earth. While the goal of ecosystem restoration is to reverse the degradation of the world's landscapes and waterways, the movement run ...

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In restoring polluted rivers, Indonesia looks at restocking endemic fish

Indonesia — A muddy flood polluting a river on the Indonesian island of Java earlier this year depleted its fish stock, raising calls for restoration and restocking efforts in the body of water that empties out into the Indian Ocean.

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Nature restoration no substitute for cutting fossil fuels

Restoring degraded environments, such as by planting trees, is often touted as a solution to the climate crisis. But our new research shows this, while important, is no substitute for preventing fossil fuel emissions to limit global warming.

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Weir today, gone tomorrow: work starts to free Cumbrian river

Nearly 150 years after it was built for a paper mill, work has begun to demolish a 3-metre-high weir in Cumbria as part of nationwide efforts to improve biodiversity by allowing fish and invertebrates to move more freely along the UK’s rivers.

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Ecosystem Restoration Massive Open Online Course, 19 September - 20 November 2022

Reference: SCBD/SSSF/JL/SK/JA/LJ/90358 (2022-038)
To: CBD National Focal Points, SBSTTA National Focal Points

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Can wonder plant spekboom really bring smiles back to sad South African towns?

Botanists are working on an ambitious project to restore 1 million hectares (2.5 million acres) of degraded land in South Africa that were previously covered by thickets of the indigenous succulent spekboom (Portulacaria afra).

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Sustainable soil movement grows at COP15 on land desertification and drought

Soil health is crucial for tackling climate change, environmental challenges, building resilience, improving food security and meeting U.N. Sustainable Development Goals on water, human and economic health, yet each year becomes further degraded.

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Restoring abandoned farms could help mitigate climate change: study

Researchers are calling upon policymakers to invest in the ecological restoration of abandoned farmlands — arguing that doing so could help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

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The creative way to pay for wildlife recovery

Back in the 1980s, the Dutch were having problems with their famous “dikes and dams” approach to delta management. The landscape was boring; waterways were lifeless; people faced ever-more-regular and costly summer floods.

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Land Restoration a Must to Mitigate Global Desertification and Drought

Two reports out this spring from the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) carry stark warnings not just for the future of business on Earth, but for life itself. According to Global Land Outlook 2, released in April, $44 trillion (half the global GDP) is at risk from the e ...

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Joint statement: RePowerEurope – Biodiversity restoration must be integral to Europe’s energy transition

The deployment of renewable energy and the restoration of nature must be done in unison for a climate neutral and nature-positive Europe.

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Restoring damaged land key to climate, biodiversity goals

Unsustainable farming is on track to increase the amount of severely degraded land by an area the size of South America by mid-century, a UN report warned Wednesday, as experts said restoration was a matter of "survival".

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Turning the tide on land degradation

Human activity has led to widespread land degradation and put our very survival as a species at risk. But by reversing course, we can tackle climate change and biodiversity loss — and make a better life for billions.

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The future of American conservation lies in restoration, not just protection

This month, the Biden administration launched the America the Beautiful Challenge, a $1-billion program that gathers funds from various sources to support conservation and restoration projects.

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‘Nature has priority’: Rewilding map showcases nature-led restoration

In the past decade, the European bison (Bison bonasus) has made a comeback in Central and Eastern Europe. Hunters had killed the last known bison in the region nearly a century ago. But thanks to reintroduction programs in Belarus, Poland, Russia and Romania, nearly four times as many bison are ...

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Rewilding Argentina: lessons for the 2030 biodiversity targets

When Mariuá, a 1.5-year-old female jaguar, set foot in our breeding centre in Argentina in December 2018, we did not know that she would make history.

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Bringing back large mammals boosts restoration of entire ecosystems: Study

A new study that looks at global opportunities for the restoration, reintroduction and rewilding of large mammals across the world’s terrestrial ecoregions found that just 15% of the world’s land area supports intact large mammal assemblages.

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Emirati official joins advisory board of UN's ecosystem restoration project

A leading Emirati environmentalist has joined the advisory board of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration project. Dr Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, secretary general of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, said she was honoured to be selected.

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Digging into the finer details of retired cranberry bog restorations

Cranberry farming was once a prominent industry in southeastern Massachusetts, but now that the cranberry industry is shifting to other areas of the United States and Canada, many New England cranberry bogs are retiring, and efforts are underway to restore some of them as wetlands—a nature-based ...

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Plantwatch: project under way to restore Britain’s rainforests

There are rainforests in Britain. These are woodlands drenched in rain, humid and mild, with gnarled old trees covered in shaggy green blankets of mosses, lichens and ferns.

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Wildland: inside the Scottish valley where nature has been set free

Glen Feshie is one of the magnificent valleys on the north-west side of the Cairngorm massif where the forest has been released from the tyranny of grouse and deer. During the deer-stalking centuries of the 1800s and 1900s, there were 50 deer per square kilometre.

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Are Coral Reef Restoration Projects Working?

With at least half of the world's corals diminished in the last three decades, efforts are underway to restore these crucial ecosystems. Steps are currently underway to rescue coral reefs, but many suggest that these programs do not go far enough to mitigate the damage caused to coral reefs.

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Why is it Important to Restore Seagrass Beds?

There are many reasons why restoring seagrass beds is important, but essentially, saving seagrass means saving the seas. Seagrasses are valuable habitats and an important climate buffer that could help mitigate some of the effects of climate change.

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Cultural, ecological and economic benefits of tribal bison restoration

A study published today in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution found that widespread restoration of bison to Tribal lands throughout the Northern Great Plains can help restore the prairie ecosystem while improving the long-running issue of food insecurity and food sovereignty for Native Nations, ...

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One-Man Reforestation Project To Restore Pre-Settlement Woodland

For thousands of years before Iceland was settled, the majority of the country’s lowland areas and parts of the highlands were covered in birch forests. While patches of the original woodlands still exist and have grown larger following protection against grazing sheep along with warmer climate, ...

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Tree-planting goals miss the forest for the lack of diverse, good-quality seeds

Ambitious plans by India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines to restore tens of millions of hectares of degraded land by 2030 could be derailed by a lack of good-quality and genetically diverse native seeds, according to a new study.

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A 10-point plan for the restoration revolution

Why the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration has to be more than a catchphrase. It must be the catalyst for transformational change of our economy, of our food and energy systems, and of ourselves.

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Ecosystem restoration

Pakistan’s green initiatives like ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’, ‘Ten Billion Tree Tsunami’, ‘Protected Areas Initiative’ and ‘Recharge Pakistan’ have received global recognition. Despite all these ambitious efforts and global recognition, there remains a huge gap in these conservation initiatives, ...

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Restoring the Natural World

Europe has set ambitious policy goals to allow nature to recover and flourish, increasing the benefits to society of a healthy natural world. From protected areas and green and blue infrastructure to restoration, rewilding and using nature-based solutions to climate change, much needs to be done ...

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Conifer thinning to make way for native species, Carabinieri Biodiversity Project begins

Re-naturalization of reforestation using alligator conifers for a guided nature reserve”Monte Vilino“It will be launched in the next few days, thanks to the cooperation of the municipal administration in Massa Dalb and exceptional funding from Ministry of Environmental Transformation to me Carab ...

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Massive Restoration of Coastal Regions Needed to Sustain Vital Ecosystem Services

It is one of the four projects, among 180 candidates, financially backed by the so-called Green Deal call of the EU Horizon 2020 program supporting ecosystem restoration and their services.

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"Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration" announced as theme of World Wildlife Day 2022

According to figures by the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, over 8,400 species of wild fauna and flora are critically endangered, while close to 30,000 more are understood to be endangered or vulnerable. Based on these estimates, it is suggested t ...

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[Commentary] Balancing trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and livelihoods

Biodiversity, the variety of life across genes, species and populations, plays an integral role in ensuring food security, ecosystem function, and human well-being. Amid alarming reports of skyrocketing species extinction rates due to biodiversity loss, global agencies are calling for urgent action.

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Climate crisis: English moor transformed into ‘giant sponge’ to absorb CO2

A peatland restoration project near Manchester will help soak up carbon, boost biodiversity and prevent flooding. Its launch comes amid dire warnings about the climate crisis

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Meet the ‘Mangrove restorers’, residents of Dzilam de Bravo who help reforestation

Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatán, (July 26, 2021).- Don Manuel González Salas still remembers that more than 19 years ago there was great mangrove vegetation on the coast of his native Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatán; but these images have faded little by little, with the passage of time.

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Restoring African Drylands From Within – Without Myths

Read the wrap-up of day 2 of the event here, focused on community-driven restoration, equity for women and youth, and drylands restoration finance.Dryland ecosystems cover some 43 percent of Africa. They’re home to more than half a billion people dependent on the land for their food and liveliho ...

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The power of assisted natural regeneration

When you think about restoring a deforested patch of land, you likely picture someone digging holes in the ground and planting seeds or saplings. Planting trees is important (if it’s done the right way), but in many cases, it’s better and cheaper to let trees grow on their own and forests restor ...

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Yucatan has 20 thousand hectares of degraded mangrove swamp

Yucatán has around 20 thousand hectares of degraded mangrove, which represents 20 percent of the total of the state, revealed Dr. Jorge Herrera Silveira, a researcher at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav), Mérida, of the National Polytechnic Institute ( IPN).

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Don’t Forget the People

With the start of the United Nations’ Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, which runs through 2030, a tremendous amount of money and effort will be put into re-growing forests, making over-exploited farmland productive, and reviving damaged marine environments.

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Restoring Nature ‘The Test Of Our Generation’: UN General Assembly President

Stepping up global efforts to combat land degradation is the only way to safeguard food and water security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ward against future threats to health and the environment, the UN General Assembly President told ambassadors meeting in New York on Monday.

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Vincent Sweeney | Latin America and Caribbean must commit to restoring ecosystems

Attempts to reverse the ongoing degradation of ecosystems in the Caribbean, largely due to human activity, have been consistently coming up short. In establishing a 10-year action plan, ministers for the environment in the region have committed themselves to goals aligned with the UN Decade on E ...

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Mulonga Water: ‘Ecosystem restoration’ sure way of water quality

Trees engulf man with a priceless breathing prowess while water saves the dying man from dehydration. Through numerous ecosystem services, natural environments play a fundamental role in protecting water. It’s the water utility firm that gets the blame when reservoir water levels get lower and g ...

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As a decade of ecosystem restoration kicks off, don't forget the people

With the start of the United Nations' Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, which runs through 2030, a tremendous amount of money and effort will be put into re-growing forests, making over-exploited farmland productive, and reviving damaged marine environments.

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Ambitious $104 million program targets land degradation in Africa and Central Asian countries

Launch of the FAO-led, Global Environment Facility-funded initiative paves the way for UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The global launch of a $104 million initiative signals an ambitious effort by a range of partners to safeguard drylands in the context of climate change, fragile ecosystems, ...

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Knowledge-based proactive governance must for ecosystems restoration

Participants of a regional webinar on Sunday urged reforms in governance and integrated regional approaches towards identifying the challenges and threats confronting the ecosystems of the region from mountains to the coastal areas and deserts.

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Ecosystem restoration: Lagos unveils a 4 yr redevelopment plan of suburbs

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Bababjide Sanwo-Olu, has disclosed plans to embark on a four year redevelopment plan with massive tree planting, along Lagos-Epe and Badagry Expressway, aimed at ensuring resilient and sustainable environment in the state.

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Restoration call for area ‘the size of China’ to protect falling biodiversity and food insecurity

New York: An area of land roughly the size of China needs restoring if the planet’s biodiversity and the communities who rely on it are to be protected, UN agencies said on Thursday.

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[Commentary] India holds great promise in this Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

The World Environment Day on June 5 marks the formal launch of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), a decade where efforts to massively scale up the restoration of degraded and destroyed ecosystems will be made.

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UN Urges Intense Restoration Of Nature To Address Climate And Biodiversity Crises

Facing the triple threat of climate change, loss of nature and pollution, the world must deliver on its commitment to restore at least one billion degraded hectares of land in the next decade – an area about the size of China.

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A social network for global ecosystem restoration

ETH spin-off Restor aims to increase the success rate of ecosystem restoration and conservation projects by connecting people with better data and ecological transparency.

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Zimbabwe: World Environment Day - Let's Help Restore Our Ecosystems

Zimbabwe joins the rest of the world to mark World Environment Day tomorrow with various activities to raise awareness on environmental problems we are facing as a country such as air and water pollution, deforestation, veld fires, destruction of wildlife and plant diversity and numerous other p ...

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World Environment Day: Reversing domino effect of destruction of nature

Through innovation, we light up countries, build industries and travel overseas with unprecedented speed. With agricultural developments, a record number of people are being fed, and in some parts of the world, life expectancy has more than doubled.

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Ecosystem restoration is vital for climate, biodiversity

Facing the triple threat of climate change, loss of nature and pollution, the world must deliver on its commitment to restore at least one billion degraded hectares of land in the next decade – an area about the size of China. Countries also need to add similar commitments for oceans, according ...

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World Environment Day 2021: Know Importance Of ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ Theme & Significance Of This Day

The celebration of World Environment Day 2021 will also mark the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. New Delhi: Nature may not have appeared this beautiful ever, thanks to the lockdown measures imposed in various parts of the world in the last one year. In India people cherished th ...

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Time Odisha laid focus on ecosystem restoration

Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations together with the support of partners, it is dedicated to prevent, halt, and reverse the loss and degradation of ecosystems worldwide, and combate global warming, climate ...

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Hosting World Environment Day Reflects Global Recognition Of Pakistan's Leading Role In Eco-system Restoration

Pakistan has been emerged as a global leader by providing nature based solutions to all key environmental challenges of ecosystem degradation and climate changes by taking record initiatives of planting 1.528 billion plants and expanding protected areas coverage during the last eight and half ye ...

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In African drylands, farmers are coaxing former forests back into life

In the Dodoma region of Tanzania, an old farmer named Mr. Augustino had lived long enough to see the hills near his home go from being covered with trees to almost entirely barren. It had once rained more regularly, with water flowing in the rivers all year round. But over time, the rainfall les ...

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Press Release: Leonardo DiCaprio Announces $43M to Rewild the Galapagos Islands

Leonardo DiCaprio, Galapagos National Park Directorate, Island Conservation and Re:wild announce $43 million to support initiative to restore and rewild the Galapagos Islands, building on decades of local conservation efforts.

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Luggala peatlands to undergo restoration to support carbon capture and biodiversity

A peatland restoration project across extensive upland bog and heathland is to be undertaken at the famous Luggala estate in the Wicklow mountains.

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Countdown to extinction, or destination restoration?

From transitioning energy systems to renewables to reimagining food systems to expanding the frontier of carbon capture technologies, the recipe to mitigate the effects of land degradation – which negatively impact the wellbeing of 40 percent of humanity – is constantly growing. But the crux of ...

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Lessons from the rush to refore

When an international team of scientists announced in 2019 the potential of restoring forests to slow climate change, the world grabbed shovels. Tree-planting initiatives sprang up from Ethiopia to Nepal, spurred by corporations eager to sponsor them.

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Ethiopia Preparing for Third Round Massive Afforestation Campaign

Two years ago Ethiopia has announced a vision of planting some 10 million indigenous trees in three years. This year the country has been preparing to hit the target set of planting some six billion trees.

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How to approach the great mission of forest landscape restoration – with evidence

Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), defined as a process that aims to regain ecological functionality and enhance human wellbeing in deforested or degraded landscapes, has been promoted as a way to tackle many of the key challenges we face, including land degradation, climate change, biodiversit ...

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What Burkina Faso can teach us about forest restoration

Centuries-old farming techniques used to restore degraded land in Burkina Faso could help guide wider landscape restoration efforts across Africa for both environmental and social benefits.

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Tech stars tackle landscape restoration in the Aral Sea in innovative competition

For the week of 5–9 April, entrepreneurs from around the world gathered on Zoom to go head-to-head with proposals on how to fix one of the world’s largest environmental disasters. At stake: the fast-disappearing Aral Sea, the livelihoods and public health of millions of people, and a USD 5,000 p ...

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Nestlé joins billion-dollar industry initiative tackling Southeast Asia deforestation

The Nestlé group has joined a major industry initiative in Southeast Asia targeting the protection and restoration of over 500,000 hectares of tropical forests playing a central role in palm oil production, reports Neill Barston

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Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint Through Abandoned Farmland Restoration

Since the 1950s, large-farm abandonment has been occurring in many economically developed nations as well as some economically developing countries. Currently, there are an estimated 950 million to 1.1 billion acres of deserted farmland worldwide, according to Drawdown.

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Five facts you didn’t know about bamboo forests

June marks the start of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration: an initiative led by the UN Environment Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization, which aims to drive attention towards the urgent need to value and protect our ecosystems.

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Lessons learned in Burkina Faso can contribute to a new decade of forest restoration

Forest landscape restoration is attaining new global momentum this year under the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), an initiative launched by the United Nations. Burkina Faso, in West Africa, is one country that already has a head start in forest landscape restoration, and offers valu ...

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A Comeback for Beavers?

The word “conservation” is often associated with policy measures or improving a landscape. But a newer solution takes a step back—what if to restore a place, we instead leave it be?

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Ecosystem restoration is a pressing issue in fragmented rainforest

In light of the United Nations (UN) declaration that 2021-2030 is the U.N. Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, a group of scientists is voicing concerns about restoration in heavily fragmented landscapes under a hotter and drier future scenario.

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Eastern Oregon forest restoration efforts hampered by diameter limits on tree cutting

A quarter-century-old harvesting restriction intended to last one year has served as an obstacle to returning eastern Oregon national forests to the healthier, more fire-resilient conditions they embodied in the late 1800s, research by the Oregon State University College of Forestry shows.

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Podcast: Restoration for peat’s sake

When over a million hectares of carbon-rich peatlands burned in Indonesia in 2019, a public health crisis followed – the haze that results causes serious respiratory issues for humans and wildlife, and contributes to climate change – and had not seen at that level since 2015, when the nation’s p ...

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The heart of a bio-circular economy: Date palm

We are now in a new age for sustainability. This year marks a shift in how we view sustainability and our individual actions to becoming more sustainable have been welcomed with open arms. It’s the year that the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) has finally begun, with high profile ...

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3 actions Congress can take now to build more resilient coasts

Earlier this year, NOAA released findings indicating that the rate of sea level rise has doubled over the last century and, even if global emissions reduction targets are met, sea level could increase 12 inches by 2100.

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Date palm: The secret ingredient for a bio-circular economy?

2021 marks the beginning of a new era for sustainability. It’s the year that the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) has begun. It’s the year where climate change returned to the agenda for America, with Joe Biden sworn in as President. And, with a degree of hopefulness, it’s the year ...

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International Day of Forests 2021: Reafforestation is the Key to Recovery & Well-being

As we all know that forest covers one third of the Earth's land mass, performing crucial functions around the world. Around 1.6 billion people - including more than 2,000 indigenous cultures - depend on forests. The organisms living in forests are interdependent on each other. Plants make their ...

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Rewilding sees jaguars return to Argentina’s wetlands

The largest predator in South America, the jaguar, has returned to the Iberá wetlands in Argentina 70 years after the species was driven to local extinction through hunting and habitat loss. Currently, only about 200 jaguars remain in Argentina.

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Feature: Restore Africa’s degraded land – Climate Adaptation Summit

“Land restoration has a positive impact on the economy, on business, on biodiversity and is a carbon sink, so you have multiple opportunities that can be achieved through land restoration,” Ibrahaim Thiaw told the Climate Adaptation Summit this week.

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The Real Cost of Planting Trees

In Senegal’s Siné-Saloum and Casamance deltas, green seedlings poke through the water’s surface, standing on end like string beans reaching to the sky. There, in spindly clusters and lines, is the next generation of mangroves: six native species selected, seed collected from mature groves, then ...

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Rewilded Farmland Can Save Money − and the Earth

An international consortium of scientists has worked out − once again − how to conserve life on the planet and absorb dramatic quantities of the atmospheric carbon that is driving potentially calamitous climate change: go for rewilded farmland, fields of crops and livestock returned to prairie a ...

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