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News Headlines

New equipment for Canadian Coast Guard will help clean up oil spills

The $1.5-billion Oceans Protection Plan is the largest investment ever made to protect Canada’s coasts and waterways, while growing the economy.

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European stores pull products linked to Brazil deforestation

Several European supermarket chains are dropping Brazilian beef products linked to destruction of the Amazon rainforest and tropical wetland, the US activist group Mighty Earth said Thursday.

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France is preparing to host 74th meeting of the Standing Committee of CITES in Lyon, with the support of the Metropole, and ensuring safe sanitary conditions for the participants

The upcoming 74th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee will take place in the Metropolis of Lyon (France) and bring together members and observers to review strategic, policy and species-specific matters affecting the implementation of the Convention in preparation for the 19th meeting of the ...

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Scottish forestry’s ambitious targets to balance environmental, economic and social outcomes

Well before world leaders headed to Glasgow for November’s COP26, the Scottish Government, along with the rest of the UK, had already committed to some very ambitious tree-planting targets.

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Draft Ministerial Statement Highlights Environmentally Sustainable Trade

A large group of members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a draft ministerial statement on trade and sustainability on 15 December. The text is the result of the Trade and Environmental Sustainability Structured Discussions (TESSD), where 53 WTO members said they planned “to collabor ...

News Headlines

Climate tech investment is soaring this year — but might not be going to the right areas, PwC says

The average size of a climate tech deal almost quadrupled to $96 million in the first half of 2021, up from $27 million one year prior, PwC said.

News Headlines

Should we pay countries to protect their biodiversity?

The countries with the richest biodiversity don’t always take the necessary measures to protect them. Whether it’s because they lack the motivation or the resources to do so, or because they prioritize short-term economic benefits over environmental protection, countries often neglect their resp ...

News Headlines

CAF to use $7 billion capitalization for recovery, renewables in Latin America

CAF, the Development Bank of Latin America, will use $7 billion in planned equity capitalization to back economic recovery and renewable energy development in the region, its president said on Thursday.

News Headlines

Nature As Capital

We have increased our produced capital and human capital, by amassing knowledge and skills. At the same time, however, we have depleted, sometimes irreversibly, our natural capital, the very foundation of all economic and human activities.

News Headlines

Second Committee Approves Resolutions on Climate, SIDS, Biodiversity

The UN General Assembly’s committee on economic and financial issues (Second Committee) completed its work for the 76th session. The Committee, which had the first all-woman Bureau in the Committee’s history, reached agreement on guidance on biodiversity, convening conferences on SIDS and LLDCs ...

News Headlines

Digitizing the Natural History Museum London's entire collection could contribute over £2 billion to the global economy

The societal benefits of digitizing natural history collections extends to global advancements in food security, biodiversity conservation, medicine discovery, minerals exploration, and beyond. Brand new, rigorous economic report predicts investing in digitizing natural history museum collection ...

News Headlines

Biodiversity flies under the radar, but is as pressing as climate change

More than half of GDP in SA is moderately to highly dependent on biodiversity and ecosystem services

News Headlines

Data point: World Soil Day

Soil erosion costs the global economy US$8bn a year, and reduces agri-food production by 33.7m tonnes, leading to increases of up to 3.5% in world food prices

News Headlines

Nobel-winning stock market theory used to help save coral reefs

Researchers at Australia’s University of Queensland used modern portfolio theory (MPT), a mathematical framework developed by the economist Harry Markowitz in the 1950s to help risk-averse investors maximise returns, to identify the 50 reefs or coral sanctuaries around the world that are most li ...

News Headlines

Call for evidence: aligning the UK’s economic goals with environmental sustainability

The Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee is calling for views on taking greater account of natural capital and environmental sustainability in assessing UK economic prosperity.

News Headlines

Toward a well-being economy

Traditionally, our policy and decision-makers use three basic measures of economic progress: gross domestic product (GDP), inflation rate, and unemployment rate. But how useful are these economic measures, especially during this period when we are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic?

News Headlines

Biodiversity market expected by year's end

A market platform matching producers providing biodiversity services with corporations seeking to invest in credible on-farm environmental stewardship is expected to be running by the end of the year.

News Headlines

ASR Nederland N : A.s.r. to reward farmers for sustainable business operations

a.s.r. is going to reward farmers who are committed to sustainable business operations. Farmers who use agricultural land owned by a.s.r. can receive a discount of 5 to 10% on the rent if they manage their land sustainably. In order to make the agricultural sector more sustainable, a.s.r. has fo ...

News Headlines

Five issues to resolve before we can trade natural capital

An extraordinary opportunity is emerging in the form of natural capital markets, but five main challenges have to be overcome before responsible trading schemes can be launched, according to one sustainability expert.

News Headlines

Investors must assess biodiversity risk: ACSI

The Australian Council of Superannuation Investors is urging its members to assess the financial risk posed by biodiversity loss and push companies to do more to protect the environment from deforestation, ecosystem extinction and pollution of the oceans and freshwater resources. New research b ...

News Headlines

Economic growth is incompatible with biodiversity conservation

The increase in resource consumption and polluting emissions as a result of economic growth is not compatible with biodiversity conservation. However, most international policies on biodiversity and sustainability advocate economic growth.

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