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FAO Council (174th Session)

4 - 8 December 2023, Rome, Italy


FAO Council (173rd Session)

10 July 2023, Rome, Italy


FAO Council (172nd Session)

24 - 28 April 2023, Rome, Italy


International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

7 September 2022, New York, United States of America

News Headlines

Air pollution boosts cloud cover but reduces rain, study finds

Researchers have found that aerosol particles in the atmosphere have a bigger impact on cloud cover than previously thought, despite a smaller effect on cloud brightness than expected.

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Plastic in the Depths: how pollution took over our oceans

By now, it is well known that the oceans swirl with plastic. More than 8m tonnes pour into the seas every year, spewed out via rivers, dumped along coastlines or abandoned by fishing vessels.

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Effect of environmental contaminants on the health of pet cats

Companion animals are in close contact with human surroundings, and there is growing concern about the effects of harmful substances on the health of pet cats.

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A third of Wellington’s kākā parrot chicks found to have lead in their blood

Lead has been detected in nesting native kākā chicks in Wellington, but unusually, the birds look to have developed a tolerance to the toxin, a study has found.

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Old cars forced off road as Europe’s clean air zones nearly double

The number of clean air zones across Europe has risen 40% since 2019, forcing older and more polluting vehicles off the road, according to new research based on EU data.

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Offshore fish farms: a new wave of food production … or the ‘wild west’ of ocean pollution?

The enclosures stretch the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool, but from above they appear as floating dots scattered across the ocean. Inside, fish mill about as the submerged pens sway to the currents of the open sea.

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What’s worse for the planet than millions of vans delivering shopping? Millions of vans delivering air

Technically, it has been around since bananas came with skin and coconuts with shells. More recently, it has become less good, though.

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Recycling is the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff

Plastic Free July has rolled around again and we'll all be hearing about reducing plastic use in our daily lives. Much of the messaging is targeted toward young people through school and youth-focused messaging.

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Plastitar: mix of tar and microplastics is new form of pollution, say scientists

The discovery came as a team of researchers were combing the shores of the Spanish island of Tenerife in the Canaries. Time and again, set against the sparkling waters that lapped the Playa Grande, they spotted clumps of hardened tar, dotted with tiny, colourful fragments of plastic.

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Air pollution may increase freezing rain in northern hemisphere

Freezing rain is a typical weather disaster in winter and early spring over many regions of the world, even tropical areas. It develops as supercooled water (below 0 °C) in the air and freezes immediately after depositing on cold surfaces. In southern China, freezing rain mainly happens in the m ...

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Examining the microplastics in the Indian Ocean

They may be tiny, but they pose a global problem for humans and the environment: microplastic particles. These are plastic particles with a diameter between one micron and five millimeters.

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Noise pollution spooks whales the way predators would, study finds

Generally, the word pollution conjures images of billowing smokestacks, oily water and trash-filled highway medians. But for whales, dolphins and porpoises, a subtler and perhaps more sinister source of pollution also poisons their realm: human-made sound.

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The dead shellfish littering our beaches tell you a lot about safety and secrecy in Britain

With every passing week, it looks more like a cover-up. The repeated mass strandings of crabs and lobsters on the coast of north-east England, and the ever less plausible explanations provided by the government, are the outward signs of an undersea disaster and a grim new politics.

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A systems perspective is key to tackling the health effects of pollution

The Lancet Planetary Health released the report, “Pollution and health: A progress update,” on 17 May 2022. The report finds that pollution is responsible for approximately nine million deaths per year, corresponding to one in six deaths worldwide, making it the world’s largest environmental ris ...

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Tobacco industry has ‘devastating’ environmental impact, WHO says

The tobacco industry is a far greater threat than many realise as it is one of the world’s biggest polluters, from leaving mountains of waste to driving global warming, the WHO charged Tuesday.

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Low emission zones: Most-polluting cars to be barred from city centres

Restrictions prohibiting the most-polluting vehicles from the centres of four Scottish cities have moved a step closer following the introduction of low emission zones.

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