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Indonesia must do more to protect whale sharks, conservationists say

In 2013, Indonesia declared the whale shark a protected species, hoping to put a dent in the thriving trade in its body and parts which was pushing the world’s largest fish toward extinction.

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Logged forests are havens for endangered species in Southeast Asia

LONDON, Aug. 22 (UPI) -- A logged forest isn't a lost forest, new research reveals. In recent surveys, scientists from Imperial College London found a surprising number of endangered species living in logged forests in Borneo.

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US endangered-species recovery surges to record high

Nineteen species delisted from Endangered Species Act in past seven years.

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Mystery of Bizarre Bird Deformities May Be Solved

ANCHORAGE, ALASKAScientists working with sophisticated DNA sequencing technology think they may have solved a 20-year-old mystery of what has caused thousands of Alaska’s wild birds to be afflicted with deformed, twisted beaks.

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Rare Afghani Deer Endures Two Major Wars, Is Ultimate Survivor

Researchers feared the endangered ungulate had gone extinct. The Bactrian deer proved them wrong. t had been more than 40 years since researchers last caught sight of the Bactrian deer in Afghanistan.

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Take the WWF quiz: Which endangered species are you? - See

The Philippines is a biodiversity hotspot, home to thousands of species, many of which are unfortunately endangered. To spread more information about these threatened creatures before it's too late, WWF Philippines has created a short and fun quiz for you to take. Are you a high-flying, intense ...

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The ivory trade isn’t just a disaster for elephants. It threatens our future too

Today is World Elephant Day, when people with a passion for pachyderms come together to celebrate the wonder of elephants and raise funds to protect them. It seems paradoxical that the largest land animal, which has come to symbolise strength and sagacity, should be so vulnerable – but across Af ...

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California island foxes removed from endangered species list

Not long ago, foxes native to the Channel Islands off the California coast teetered on the edge of extinction.They have rebounded to the point where U.S. wildlife officials on Thursday removed three subspecies of island fox from the roster of federally endangered species, hailing their comeback ...

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Humans and climate change are threatening to wipe out 8,000 animal species

Farming, hunting and climate change are among the most significant threats faced by more than 8,000 animal species worldwide.

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Biodiversity: The ravages of guns, nets and bulldozers

There is a growing tendency for media reports about threats to biodiversity to focus on climate change.Here we report an analysis of threat information gathered for more than 8,000 species. These data revealed a contrasting picture.

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In Costa Rica, Photographing Jaguars to Help Save Them

About 650 feet from the buildings of a remote eco-lodge in southern Costa Rica, an automatic camera last year shot a picture of a passing jaguar, a spectacular big cat that is one of the country’s most endangered animals, and the focus of strenuous conservation efforts.

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Many endangered species face long waits for protection

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was enacted by Congress in 1973 to protect species threatened with extinction. To receive protection, a species must first be listed as endangered or threatened in a process that is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A two-year timeline for the m ...

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World Lion Day: What Would You Do to Protect Lions?

Given the number of conservation issues surrounding the animal kingdom’s noblest of big cats, the first question I asked myself was, “which lion topic should I focus on?”

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Texas mussel proposed as endangered, with implications for waterways

In what is a likely harbinger for special habitat protections that would affect waterways in Central Texas, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will announce Wednesday that it is considering an endangered species tag for a Texas freshwater mussel.

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Kids' lemonade stand idea helps raise funds for endangered species

Two budding philanthropists are using a summertime staple to support endangered species. Dylan Woods, 9, and Jacey Molinelli, 8, set up a lemonade stand at the Calgary Zoo to raise money for endangered species.

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For many endangered species, it's survival of the cutest, Ottawa scientists find

Most of the cash for conserving endangered animals goes to big “charismatic” species and there’s little left for smaller spineless ones, a global survey by Ottawa scientists shows.

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Peru: threatened delicacy from the Amazon

The paiche is the largest carnivorous freshwater fish in the amazon region. And a delicacy. That threatens its population, which affects indigenous fishermen as well.

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Big beasts are facing an 'extinction crisis': Most of the planet's large animals could die out by 2100

In less than a hundred years the majority of the planet's biggest beasts could become nothing more than a distant memory. By 2100, animals like leopards, great white sharks and elephants will be extinct unless conservation efforts step up, a new report says.

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Mexico bans gillnets to protect rare vaquita porpoise

To protect the world’s rarest and most threatened marine mammal, Mexico will permanently ban the use of gillnets throughout the range of vaquita porpoise from September, and phase out night fishing by the end of this year.

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South Africa's great white sharks 'facing extinction'

South Africa's great white shark population is heading for possible extinction after a rapid decline in numbers, say researchers.

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Whale sharks inch closer to extinction

The world’s largest fish, the whale shark, is in deep trouble.

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Bornean Orangutan Now Critically Endangered

The Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) is now critically endangered, with populations in sharp decline due to habitat destruction and illegal hunting, the IUCN declared last week.

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Bornean orangutan critically endangered, conservation group says

JAKARTA, Indonesia - A global conservation group says Borneo's orangutans are now a critically endangered species due to hunting and destruction of forest habitat.

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Asia’s Unknown, Ignored And Disappearing Animals

Try to name Asia’s most endangered animals, and iconic species such as tigers, orangutans and rhinos likely leap to mind. But pangolins, langurs or saola? Not so much. Most of us haven’t heard of these “other” species, and can’t even picture them.

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