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International Youth Day

12 August 2024, New York, United States of America


International Youth Day

12 August 2023, New York, United States of America


International Youth Day

12 August 2022, New York, United States of America

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Meet 3 Remarkable Young Activists Making Waves to Protect Our Oceans

We can learn a lot about how we’re treating the planet from the state of its oceans. Footage of mass coral bleaching caused by rising sea temperatures and images of an astonishing amount of plastic junk and debris collecting in vast masses out at sea serve as all-too-visible signs of environment ...

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Youth leaders call for vigilance on natural resources

Youth leaders have called on fellow Tanzanians to be vigilant of investments that target natural resources in the country.

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Young environmentalists ‘plant the future’ in Colombia’s Amazon

Felipe “Pipe” Henao is a young environmentalist from the small town of Calamar in southeastern Colombia. At the meeting point of the Amazon and Orinoco basins, it’s an area of abundant biodiversity and an important biological corridor to the Andes mountains.

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Coral crusaders: Costa Rica’s young divers learn to protect their seas

Iput fresh almond leaves in your underwater masks as anti-fogging – a way to avoid using chemicals. You can remove them once in the water, just before diving,” says Salim Vasquez, 14, pushing her dreadlocks away from her mask.

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Teen's fears over biodiversity crisis ahead of COP26

The countdown is on to the beginning of one of the most important summits of our lifetime. COP26, the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, takes place in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November.

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Gen Zero: Meet the next generation of climate campaigners - Izzy Warren

As we edge closer to the COP-26 climate conference next week, the environmental crisis can seem like a daunting beast to tackle head-on. Our Gen Zero climate activists break down their efforts to address different aspects of this pressing global issue: campaigning for cleaner air, involving BAME ...

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No Denying It episode 2: Edward Norton Introduces Nzambi Matee

In the second episode of the UN climate action podcast, No Denying It, actor Edward Norton introduces Nzambi Matee, a young Kenyan entrepreneur, who is rethinking how waste is managed and reused, with the aim of building a better society.

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Rwanda: Youth Urged to Join Fight Climate Change Crisis

Rwandan youth have been called upon to engage in more ecosystem restoration, in order to take the lead in the country's transformation journey.

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Caribbean youth needed to shift climate change discussion

There has been a call from youth across Caribbean for more young people to play an active role in addressing climate change. At the inaugural Caribbean Youth for Climate Action virtual conference on Saturday, climate change concerns under the theme Taking Action, Making A Difference were discussed.

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Empower, invest in young people

Yesterday, Uganda joined the rest of the world to celebrate International Youth Day. This year the day was observed under the theme, Transforming food systems: Youth innovation for human and planetary health.

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Pope expresses hope in young people on UN International Youth Day

Pope Francis has great faith in young people, whose youthful spirit, he says, can bring about a more just and equitable world, especially for the poor and needy. The Holy Father expressed his feelings in a tweet on Thursday, on the occasion of the United Nations International Youth Day.

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Nigeria: Reimagining the Nation's Future By Unlocking the Potential of Our Youth

The potential of our youth population must be considered a high priority in terms of actualizing our country's shared vision for economic growth and social prosperity. In August, we celebrate International Youth Day, a day set aside to recognize the potential of our Nation's youth as partners in ...


International Youth Day

12 August 2021, New York, United States of America

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I Grew Up in Extreme Poverty and It Silenced Me. Defending Our Planet Gave Me Back My Voice.

I believe that we are custodians of nature, and that it is our duty to protect it. Through my blog, which I started in February 2018, I do my best to promote awareness on sustainable living and wildlife conservation in Kenya. By participating in the various climate action-oriented innovations an ...

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Young Nepali activists protect pangolins

Four years ago, teenager Anish Magar saw a pangolin being killed close to his home in Yangshila, in the forested Chure Hills of eastern Nepal. He rushed to the office of KTK-BELT and Namuna Permaculture Learning Grounds (NPLG), demanding that they take action.

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