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Failure to end use of toxic herbicide glyphosate 'nothing short of scandalous'

A qualified majority of EU countries agreed the reauthorisation of Europe’s most used weedkiller, glyphosate, this week. After months of wrangling and a failure by EU nations to agree its fate, the Appeal Committee, consisting of experts from EU countries together with the European Commission, a ...

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Commission open to ‘biodiversity clause’ to end glyphosate deadlock

The European Commission stands ready to insert a clause referring to biodiversity in the glyphosate renewal proposal if it is requested by member states, a Commission Spokesperson told EURACTIV.com on Monday (18 September).

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Glyphosate 'will destroy the whole ecosystem'

The widely used weed killer glyphosate does not cause cancer, according to a controversial EU assessment. It's still highly toxic for biodiversity and should be banned, says Karl Bär of the Munich Environment Institute.

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EU Fails to Get Sufficient Majority in Vote to Extend Glyphosate Use

Reauthorizing weed killer ingredient faces opposition amid conflicting data on whether it causes cancer

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European Parliament opposes import of three herbicide-resistant GM crops

The three GM soybeans are engineered to tolerate spraying with glyphosate or a combination of glyphosate and other herbicides.

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