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Selection of funded participants for the meeting on Article 10 (sustainable use of biological diversity) with a focus on Article 10(c) (customary use of biological diversity)

SCBD/SEL/OJ/JS/VF/75820 (2011-082)

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CBD Focal Points, International organizations, indigenous and local community organizations and relevant stakeholders

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In paragraph 10 of Decision X/43, regarding the revised programme of work for Article 8(j) and related provisions of the Convention, the Conference of the Parties requested the Secretariat to convene, subject to the availability of funds, an international meeting on Article 10 with a focus on Article 10(c), with the participation of Parties, Governments and international organizations, and representatives of indigenous and local communities, to provide advice on the content and implementation of the new major component of work for consideration at the seventh meeting of the Working Group on Article 8(j) and Related Provisions to assist the Working Group in taking this component forward.

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