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Major Canadian institutions pledge support for the Convention for Life on Earth.

In celebration of the International Day for Biological Diversity, representatives of major Canadian universities and research institutions signed an agreement with the Montreal-based Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity to join forces in order to mobilize the scientific and technical community of the host country in support to the enhanced implementation phase of the threefold objective of this unique legal instrument for the protection of life on Earth. <a href=/images/photos/gallery/bioday2006/bioday-2006-01.jpg><b>( Photo may be downloaded from here)</b></a><br><br><table width=120> <tr><b>Other languages:</b></tr> <tr><td>French </td><td><a href="/doc/press/2006/pr-2006-05-25-university-fr.pdf"><img src='/images/ico-fmt-pdf.gif' border='0' width='20' height='22'></a><a href="/doc/press/2006/pr-2006-05-25-university-fr.doc"><img src='/images/ico-fmt-doc.gif' border='0' width='20' height='22'></a></td></tr> </table>

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