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Protected area in Congo is a welcome step in protection of Biodiversity, achievement of 2010 Biodiversity Target and implementation of CBD Programme of work on protected areas.

Paris – 19 September 2006. The announcement by the Republic of Congo of the creation of two new protected areas spanning nearly one million hectares is a demonstration of Congo’s commitment to conserve its spectacular biodiversity and pristine ecosystems, said Ahmed Djoghlaf, the head of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), today at an international development cooperation meeting in Paris.<br><br><table width=120> <tr><b>Other languages:</b></tr> <tr><td>French </td><td><a href="/doc/press/2006/pr-2006-09-19-pa-fr.pdf"><img src='/images/ico-fmt-pdf.gif' border='0' width='20' height='22'></a><a href="/doc/press/2006/pr-2006-09-19-pa-fr.doc"><img src='/images/ico-fmt-doc.gif' border='0' width='20' height='22'></a></td></tr> </table>

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