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Forest and Wood for a future with life of quality 'Get-together' at the International Forest and Timber Industry [OFFSITE EVENT - Rheinisches Landesmuseum from 19:00-23:00]

Deutscher Forstwirtschaftsrat German Forestry Council

Date and Time
23 May 2008 19:0 - 23:0

Ninth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 9)

Forests and wood are connected with the history of humanity in a specific manner. Even though, their significance varied throughout different parts of the world and throughout human history, there is no doubt that wood as raw and construction material, as wood based product and as a fuel is known to mankind like no other material. Prof. Dr. Gerd Wegener, full professor at Holzforschung of the TU Munich will show what ecological, social and cultural dimensions the sustainable production and usage of wood will have in the future. Thereby, nature and technique will undergo a unique symbiosis: By means of modern technology, high performance building materials and wood based products, natural fibers for the paper and textile industry as well as sustainable energy sources, for example, will develop from materialized solar energy from the forest. In addition to a professional discussion, the evening provides an opportunity for a 'get-together' for the leading representatives of the national and international forest and timber industries and conference delegates. The exhibition rooms at the Rheinische Landesmuseum and an accompanying program of music will set the tone for an extraordinary evening.