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An Attempt of Higher Education to Integrate the Rio Conventions – Seeking Environmental Leaders for Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Desertification

Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (NUGELP)

Date and Time
25 October 2010 16:30 - 18:0

Tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 10)

This event intends to introduce unique and ambitious higher education program, Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (NUGELP). NUGELP focuses simultaneously three crucial areas such as biodiversity, climate change, and water and waste management. This combination is rare as one of the postgraduate programs. This event tries to find lessons and challenges when seeking fostering leaders who are able to tackle with all the three areas. The event does not solely intend to specify lessons and challenges of the program. Presenters provide suggestive views on the three areas. The first presentation re-considers the relationship between three objectives of CBD, with a little emphasis on ABS. This presentation is followed by insight into linkage between water management and desertification. The thirdly and lastly, lessons and challenges for this unique program are, of course, explained.