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Side Event

Oostvaardersland : Strengthening biodiversity and economy in the Netherland

Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Date and Time
19 October 2010 16:30 - 18:0

Tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 10)

The Queen’s Commissioner, mr. L. Verbeek, of the Dutch Province of Flevoland, will inform you in this side event on the development of Oostvaardersland. Oostvaardersland promotes biodiversity and improves the living and working environment. Part of the last reclamation project in the Netherlands is being transformed into a new natural habitat. This development is based on the conviction that we can thus make an important contribution to biodiversity, as well as to the economic, spatial and nature development of the Netherlands and Europe. Oostvaardersland will be a nature reserve and recreational area of international standing. With this project the Netherlands will be satisfying the European agreement to further develop biodiversity and preserve the natural environment of delta areas. The region around Oostvaardersland has the potential to become a popular new tourist attraction in the Netherlands. From 2014, we expect to welcome 2 million visitors here every year. The 15,000 hectares nature reserve with wilderness and forests offers visitors a unique experience and entrepreneurs new economic opportunities in the leisure sector.