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The challenge to produce more food & energy with less pollution: Towards a Global Nitrogen Assessment.

International Nitrogen Initiative

Date and Time
18 October 2012 18:15 - 19:45

Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 11)

Reactive nitrogen is needed to feed the world, but pollutes the world’s air, land and water, threatening biodiversity and contributing to climate change. With projected increases in human population and standard of living, this makes for a major global challenge to produce more food and energy, while reducing nitrogen pollution. This side event will highlight the nature of the challenges being faced, drawing on the recent findings of the European Nitrogen Assessment, the global overview "Our Nutrient World" and ongoing work being conducted by the Indian Nitrogen Group and by the South Asian Centre of the International Nitrogen Initiative. The event will highlight the current state of play in developing a future Global Nitrogen Assessment, and its international authorization in partnership with CBD, UNEP, GEF, OECD, industry, NGOs and others. The event offers the opportunity to reflect on the key issues, where a proposed panel discussion and dialogue with participants will be important to further tune the planned assessment scope. The side event is an open opportunity for additional groups to contribute to developing the agenda of the GNA Stakeholder Panel and the ongoing authorization process. Key elements 1. Opening presentation: The global nitrogen challenge and need for a Global Nitrogen Assessment – an OECD perspective (Mr. Simon Upton, Director, Evnvironment Directorate, OECD, or Mr. Anthony Cox, Head of Economy and Environment Integration Division, OECD). (Both planning to attend CBD-COP and available) 2. Panel Interventions (short statements) and discussion ---Moderator and Host--- Dr. N. Raghuram (Director of the South Asian Centre of the International Nitrogen Initiative.) ---Panellists--- Sir Bob Watson (Chief Scientific Advisor, Defra, UK) OR Prof Jo Alcamo (UNEP) (their attendance at COP is not yet confirmed, but are willing if available). Prof. Yash Abrol (president of the Society for Conservation of Nature) Dr. Tapan Adhya (Coordinator, Indian Nitrogen Group) Dr. A.K. Singh (DDG, Indian Council of Agricultural Research) (or Dr. B. Venkateswarlu (Director-CRIDA and National Initiative for Climate Resilient Agriculture) (To be confirmed) Dr. David Coates (CBD Environmental Affairs Officer, Inland Waters) Mr. Duncan Williamson (WWF) (or other WWF officer) Mr Simon Upton / Mr Anthony Cox (OECD) Mr Luc Maene (Director General of the International Fertilizer Manufacturers Association) (attendance not confirmed, or other IFA representative). 3. General discussion with the audience / participants 4. Optional closing of the side event by showing of a short 4 minute video on the nitrogen issue ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuwN6qxM7BU ) (or other closing feature) (Note that the final line up of panellists and speakers will be confirmed pending acceptance of the side event and further advice from the CBD Secretariat. The lead contact at CBD for this event is Mr David Coates).