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Protecting Brazilian Nature: Improving the Protected Areas System, Knowledge and Conservation Tools

Fundação Grupo Boticário de Proteção à Natureza

Date and Time
15 October 2014 13:15 - 14:45

Twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity

The Biodiversity Conservation Actions Support Program, which was launched by the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection in 1991, has invested over US$ 14 million in Brazil on 1,377 projects by 480 institutions. These projects have benefited 445 protected areas and have studied 235 endangered species, with 71 new fauna and flora species being described. This strategy has contributed directly with the Brazilian Government in relation to its agreement with the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) for the “expansion and implementation of the protected areas system,” to “prevent the extinction of species” (Aichi Targets 11 and 12) and collaborating for “decreased loss of native habitats” (Target 5). Such contribution was enhanced with a focus on the creation and implementation of Protected Areas and Private Natural Heritage Preserves, in actions towards endangered species and marine environments. The initiative of emphasizing the relevance of the theme and building partnerships with research foundations from the states of São Paulo (FAPESP) and Paraná (Fundação Araucária), aiming at increasing investments toward nature conservation, has generated interest from sponsoring agencies from other states in Brazil. Since 1997, the Boticário Group Foundation has been organizing the Brazilian Congress on Protected Areas (CBUC). It is one of the main forums on protected areas in Latin America, it takes place every two to three years, and involves renowned conservation experts and representatives from both the government and private initiative, aiding in guiding public policies and knowledge dissemination. The positive impact of the event can be observed in the number of participants, which has reached 8,000 participants throughout its seven editions. CBUC is one of the pillars for the dissemination of technical information by the Boticário Group Foundation along with the scientific journal Natureza & Conservação, which is published in partnership with ABECO (now published by Elsevier) and the partnership with Universidade Federal do Paraná Publishers (UFPR) in publication of technical books. CBUC provide updated information on the management of protected areas and discusses themes that are relevant for nature conservation, influencing and strengthening the creation of protected areas (such as the Serra da Bodoquena National Park and the Furna Feia National Park), protecting existing areas (as in the defense of the closing to the Colono Road, in the Iguaçu National Park) and guiding public policies (with motions being presented that reinforced the need for investments in infrastructure in federal protected areas). At last, we will present a successful model of institutional arrangement for the development of a Payment for Environmental Services project in Brazil (Oasis initiative), whose results contribute to the direct achievement of Aichi Target 14. It is a conservation strategy that can be applied in a complementary fashion to other conservation actions, such as the creation and protection of Protected Areas (PAs), including Private Natural Heritage Preserves (PNHPs). The Oasis formula encourages the creation of PNHPs and the connection between PAs. The focus will be concentrated on Oasis Brumadinho, using the new methodology, emphasizing the action of the State Attorney’s Office. Parallel to it, the work being developed along COPASA (a sanitation company) to guarantee the sustainability of the project will be presented.