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Realizing the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary (This is a case study on the collaboration between the Asahiyama Zoo, the Borneo Conservation Trust (BCT), BCT Japan and businesses , revealing how the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary was built and how future conservation work will be shared among the participating parties. )

Saraya Co.,Ltd.

Date and Time
13 October 2014 18:15 - 19:45

Twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity

In October 2013, The Borneo Elephant Sanctuary held its inaugural opening in Sabah Malaysia on the island of Borneo. It was built through the efforts and collaboration among several companies, the Asahiyama Zoo in Japan, BCT, and BCT Japan. Each party has played different roles and the project to realize the opening of the sanctuary. This symposium event aims to inform the audience how this project has been realized by building bridges between different parties, especially the business sector and NPOs. It also aims to share our future vision and the various tasks that are needed to be done in order to protect and maintain the mega biodiversity in Sabah, Borneo. The Borneo Conservation Trust was founded in 2006 in Sabah Malaysia. It was established through collaboration between the business sector and the Sabah Wildlife Department to expand wildlife conservation along the Kinabatangan River. At that time, palm plantations had expanded through much of the rainforest, endangering the habitat. This has a great affect on the local wildlife including orangutans and Borneo elephants. Later, the Borneo Conservation Trust Japan was established in 2008 as a NPO and has been collaborating with the BCT on wildlife conservation in Borneo. BCTJ has also worked closely with zoological societies, leading Japanese zoos, and the business sector in Japan. This collaboration has lead to the planning and construction of the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary. Among the companies in this project, SARAYA has played an active role in making this project a reality. SARAYA is a palm oil related business and takes the biodiversity problems in Sabah seriously. In addition, SARAYA has been a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ) since 2005. With these interests, SARAYA help establish the BCT in 2006. The company also participated in COP9 (Bonn), COP10 in Aichi-Nagoya, and COP11 in Hyderabad as one of the speakers in side events and also to share ideas to mobilize the project in order to save the biodiversity in Sabah. SARAYA is also a member of ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’. This event is designed to invite speakers from three different parties. First, the BCT Japan and Asahiyama Zoo will explain how they came up with the “Ongaeshi Project” (to the Give Back Project in English) and how they were able to involve various companies and citizens. SARAYA will share its vision on conservation from its position as a palm related industry and member of the RSPO. , and finally share how it promoted the projects to it’s customers in Japan. The third speaker will be from the BCT and will report the real situation on biodiversity in Sabah, Malaysia and how they view the future situation since Borneo Elephant Sanctuary has been built. In addition, Ms.Carolin Boßmeyer, Managing Director, of the Biodiversity in Good Company will also be invited to provide commentary on the project during the panel discussion which will be held after the main presentation. Each speaker will present for 15 minutes and 45 minutes will be allotted for a panel discussion, which will be held after the presentations. The panel discussion is mainly focused on the future risks to the biodiversity in Sabah and how to improve the situation. People related to palm oil industries, or those with an interest in Borneo wildlife will be welcome to attend this event, to share their ideas, and to actively participate in discussions.