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NBSAP Development in South Eastern Europe: A Sub-regional Approach to Conserve Biodiversity: The SEE Revisions of NBSAPs and Development of National Reports to the CBD

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Macedonia Daniela Rendevska, GEF and CBD Focal Point

Date and Time
10 October 2014 13:15 - 14:45

Twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity

NBSAP Development in South Eastern Europe: A Sub-regional Approach to Conserve Biodiversity: Four countries in the SEE region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia Republic of Montenegro and Republic of Serbia) are updating their National Biodiversity Strategies and National Reports to the CBD, almost simultaneously, and have identified numerous opportunities and synergies, complementariness and experience sharing and increased role of the civil society sector. As the project has started at same time, countries have put substantial effort for meeting twice a year for a “Regional NBSAP Meeting”, taking place in Vienna, Skopje, and Belgrade, where focal points and project managers discussed progress made and next steps. The cooperation and synergies overreaches to other ongoing GEF and UNEP supported projects in the region, such as the preparation of the National Action Plan to combat Land Degradation according to the UNCCD (in four of Balkan countries), and a newly approved project “Achieving Biodiversity Conservation through Creation and Effective Management of Protected Areas, sustainable Land Use and Capacity Development.” in Republic of Macedonia. The side event aims at presenting the process of updating NBSAPs and National Reports to CBD in the four SEE countries by their national representatives, with the support of the NGO sector, UNEP and UNDP, as an example of naturally grown regional response to conservation of biodiversity, which can be replicated in other countries and regions. Additionally, this side event will also serve for the mentioned countries to present their activities as well as richness in biodiversity through different media such as photography, data and video footage. The side event is promoted by Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of Macedonia, with support and participation of Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Serbia, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, UNEP and UNDP.