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Wild Brazil, the last natural refuges

Instituto Brasil Selvagem - Wild Brazil Institute Website: www.brasilselvagem.org.br

Date and Time
30 March 2006 13:15 - 15:0

Eighth Ordinary Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 8)

The event squedulle is: *7 minutes of video projection to show the Atlantic forest, the Native forest, the Pantanal, the Caves of South Pantanal, flora and fauna and the water quality. *Short explanation of the Project, research and academic levels of the information, and final objetives. *Utilization of a massive comunication way, like TV, to create a preservation conscience. *The importance of knowing our Humanity Natural Patrimony. The Project Wild Brazil leaves from the premise of It is impossible to preserve what it is not loved and loving what is not known. So, we are requesting a side event to show our incredible wild Brazil and it´s great potencial, wich is deeply in danger, to persons who can find the right way for the preservation of the next´s generations Biological Diversity. Note: Our pictures of Brazil´s Nature will be covering the top of the Convention Center´s entrance Hall and the big wall near it.