WG ABS 6 - Information for Participants

Geneva is serviced by the Geneva Cointrin International Airport, which is about 5 kilometres from central Geneva. There are direct connections to the City centre by taxi, train and trolleybus, as follows:

7.1. Taxi
Taxis are readily available at Geneva Airport. They may also be pre-booked, if required, by calling + 41 22 33 14 133. The trip to central Geneva takes approximately 15 minutes. Fares range from CHF 30-35 (approx. € 18-21 or US$ 25-29).

7.2. Train
There are 3 to 4 trains every hour from Geneva Airport to central Geneva. The trip takes about 7 minutes. The airport railway station is within walking distance from the Arrivals/Departures levels of the airport terminal (5-10 minutes), with directions well indicated. Fares for a single ticket are CHF 5 (approx. € 3 or US$ 4) for second class and CHF 8.40 (approx. € 5 or US$ 7) for first class. For more information on the Swiss railway, please go to: http://www.sbb.ch/en/index.htm

7.3. Bus
There are a number of bus lines that service the Geneva Airport. Frequency and fares are as follows:
  1. To Geneva Central Station and Place Bel Air: Bus number 10 departs every 10 minutes;
  2. To Geneva (the United Nations building): Bus number 18 leaves every 30 minutes.

Bus stops are located on both Arrivals and Departures levels of Geneva Airport. A ticket allowing unlimited travel for one hour costs CHF 3 (approx. € 1.80 or US$ 2.50) and a seven-day whole-network travel card costs CHF 30 (approx. € 18 or US$ 25). Tickets can be purchased from machines at the bus stops.

15. Other

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme