The eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 8) was held from 20-31 March 2006 at the Convention and Exhibition Center (Expo Trade) in Curitiba, Brazil.

The main outcome of the meeting included giving a new impetus to the Convention, and an agreement on a "roadmap" to achieve the 2010 Biodiversity Target to significantly reduce the rate of loss of biological diversity by 2010, as a contribution to poverty alleviation and the Millennium Development Goals.

Other outcomes of the meeting included:
  • further development on the negotiation of an international regime on access and benefit-sharing, one of the three pillars of the Convention;
  • the adoption of a set of measures and objectives for the protection and sustainable use of the vulnerable biodiversity of islands;
  • review of progress and agreement on future priorities for the preservation, maintenance and promotion of traditional knowledge relevant to biological diversity;
  • agreement on the second phase of a work programme on dry and sub-humid lands taking into account the international year on deserts and desertification;
  • further advancement of the scientific work of the Convention on taxonomy within the framework of a global partnership;
  • adoption of new initiatives to raise awareness globally on the seriousness and grave consequences of the biodiversity crisis.

The final report of the meeting is available here.

Meeting Documents

This section provides a link to all of the pre-sessional official documents (available in the six UN official languages), the information documents (available in English only) and the notifications from the Executive Secretary to Parties, other Governments and relevant organizations that pertained to the meeting. Follow this link...

Daily Updates/Highlights

This section provides links to the daily coverage of the meeting by the Earth Negotiation Bulletin (ENB).

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