WG8J 5 Information Notes for Participants

Display tables will be made available at the meeting venue for the display of promotional material and publications. Display tables are on a first come, first served basis.

Participants wishing to enquire about space availability regarding storage of promotional material at the meeting venue (ICAO Conference building) should address their requests to the CBD Secretariat (secretariat@cbd.int), with a copy, for information purposes to Mr. Mike Baiao, ICAO Conference Assistant, (Mbaiao@icao.int). For any query on customs clearance, please contact your courier service.

All shipments of promotional materials must be:

Addressed to:

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
999 University Street (corner Viger)
Montreal, Quebec
H3C 5H7

Arranged to arrive in Montreal no earlier than one week prior to the start of the meeting;

Arranged on a door-to-door basis, as ICAO does not deal with customs clearance and handling of the shipments nor pay any shipment costs;

Marked to the attention of Mr. Aballache Yesli;

Identified with the title of the meeting (i.e. WG- 8(j)-5);

Communicated to the CBD Secretariat, with a copy to Mr. Mike Baiao (Mbaiao@icao.int), indicating the expected date of arrival in Montreal, the airway bill number and the number of boxes sent.

N.B. Boxes must be numbered in “1 of X format”. When possible, a copy of the publication should be affixed to each box.

13. Other

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme