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About the Working Group on Article 8(j)

The Conference of the Parties has established a working group specifically to address the implementation of Article 8 (j) and related provisions of the Convention. This working group is open to all Parties and, indigenous and local communities representatives play a full and active role in its work. Traditional knowledge is considered a "cross-cutting" issue that affects many aspects of biological diversity, so it will continue to be addressed by the Conference of the Parties and by other working groups as well. In particular, in decision VII/19 ,D the Conference of the Parties requested the Ad Hoc Working group on Access and Benefit-sharing with the collaboration of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Article 8 (j) and Related provisions to elaborate an international regime on access to genetic resources and benefit sharing with the aim of adopting an instrument/instruments to effectively implement the provisions in Article 15 and Article 8 (j) of the Convention and the three objectives of the Convention. This is an ongoing priority of the Convention.

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