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General Information
Title A Taxonomy on Country Experiences on International Technology Transfers
Type Case-study
Description This WTO note analyses the justifications for government interventions in relation to technology transfers and provides an overview of the policy approaches and policy instruments that governments have adopted to promote technology transfers. The note identifies governments as key actors in promoting certain programmes (direct university-government-industry partnerships, government supported research and development programmes) and in creating the market environment for successful private-sector driven technology transfers, through financial or fiscal incentives, regulation and education programmes. A number of country case studies are surveyed that analyse national experiences with policies and institutional options available for promoting transfer of technology.
Web Link /doc/case-studies/tttc/tttc-00043-en.doc
Source World Trade Organisation
Additional Information
Information on Enabling Environments
Programme Areas Economics, Trade and Incentive Measures
Countries Costa Rica
South Africa
European Union
Regions Africa
Latin America and the Caribbean
Western Europe and Others
Central and Eastern Europe
Keywords Foreign direct investment
Barriers/obstacles to technology transfer
Incentives for private-sector actors
Incentives for public research institutions