WG8J 6 Information Note for Participants

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1. Official Opening

2. Venue

3. Pre-Registration

4. Access to the Meeting Venue and Name Badges

5. Meeting Room Allocations/Reservations and Seating Arrangements

6. Documents

7. Visas and Health Requirements

7. Visas and Health Requirements

7.1 Visa Requirements

Participants from countries listed in annex B below require an entry visa for Canada and are strongly advised to contact the nearest Canadian diplomatic or consular mission as soon as possible in order to secure the required entry visa in a timely manner, prior to departure. Please note that airline companies will not allow boarding in the absence of a valid visa.

Information on visa procedures, including a list of relevant Canadian diplomatic/consular missions abroad, is available on the web site of Canadian Citizenship and Immigration at: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/offices/index.asp#international.

To facilitate the issuance of visas, the Secretariat will issue upon request invitation letters to be attached to the visa applications.

7.2 Health Requirements

There are no vaccination requirements for any international traveller.

8. Hotel Information

9. General Information on Access to Montreal

10. Services for Participants

11. Promotional Material

12. Side-Events

13. Other

14. Disclaimer

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