WG ABS 7 - Information for Participants

2. Venue

7. Visas and Health Requirements

Information on visa related issues is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of France at http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/france_159/entering-france_2045/getting-visa_2046/do-you-need-visa_1559.html, a highlight of which is provided below along with a list of visa requirements for visa applications.

Participants requiring an entry visa for France (Schengen visa) are strongly advised to contact the nearest French Diplomatic/Consular representations in order to secure, in a timely manner, the required entry visa, prior to departure. It should be noted that airlines will deny boarding in the absence of a valid visa.

In order to facilitate the visa process, participants should submit along with their visa applications an official letter from their respective Governments or organizations nominating them as official representatives to attend the WG-ABS-7 meeting.

7.1 Visa Requirements (from the Official Web Site of the MFA of France)

  1. Application form for a short-stay visa. The link to the English form is as follows: http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/IMG/pdf/visagb.pdf (PDF in English);
  2. Recent passport-sized photograph (maximum of 3);
  3. Valid travel document (valid for at least three months longer than the visa applied for);
  4. Ticket for the entire outward and return journey;
  5. Documentary evidence of your means of support during your stay and accommodation;
  6. Proof of travel and repatriation insurance.

The above Information applies to holders of ordinary passports. Holders of diplomatic or official passports, or any other travel document, are kindly requested to contact French diplomatic or consular representations to obtain relevant information.

To facilitate the issuance of visas, the Secretariat will issue, upon request, invitation letters to be attached to the visa applications.

7.2 Health Requirements

There are no vaccination requirements for any international traveller.

13. Other

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  • United Nations Environment Programme