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Each day the CBD Secretariat conducts a global Internet search for relevant news stories. The following stories collected over the last seven days relate to agriculture and biodiversity.

31 July 2014

CBC (Canada), 2014-07-31
Canadian cattle producers are working to make beef a more sustainable food source, say farmers in the wake of a study that shows beef production is far more environmentally damaging than other food production.
Blue&Green, 2014-07-31
Erratic weather such as droughts and flash floods is affecting agriculture in south Asia, but livelihoods of farmers could be improved with the introduction of new rice seeds that are resilient to changing weather patterns.

28 July 2014

Guardian (UK), 2014-07-28
A home-grown, alternative approach to farming is bad news for pesticides, monoculture and food poverty in Brazil
Inter Press Service News Agency, 2014-07-28
Less than four percent of Egypt’s land mass is suitable for agriculture, and most of it confined to the densely populated Nile River Valley and Delta. With the nation’s population of 85 million expected to double by 2050, government officials are grappling with ways of ensuring food security and raising nutritional standards.

25 July 2014

UN News Centre, 2014-07-25
24 July 2014 – The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is calling for urgent action to improve the health of the world's limited soil resources to ensure that future generations have enough supplies of food, water and energy.

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