Exhibitions for the International Year of Biodiversity

The beauty and variety of life on our planet will be shared around the world through a variety of exhibitions taking place during 2010. Below we list a few of the exhibitions that will travel the world in 2010. As more exhibitions are announced, details will be available.

Some are available for booking, others are available in a format for downloading and printing locally.

If you are the organiser of an exhibition for 2010, please get in touch with us at iyb2010@cbd.int and tell us about your exhibition. We would be glad to share information about it to the world.

photo credit: www.flickr/photos/rling

Biodiversity is life. Biodiversity is our life. A travelling exhibition

The exhibition aims to enhance public awareness of the importance of conserving biodiversity, of the underlying threats to biodiversity, and of success stories in its conservation.

In particular, the exhibition:

  • explores the multiple aspects of biodiversity contributing to human well-being;
  • describes the biodiversity crisis and its consequences for all life on Earth;
  • demonstrates how the global community is acting to ensure its sustainable use now and in the future.

The exhibition draws its inspiration from the ideas expressed by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and Global Biodiversity Outlook 3. It seeks to illustrate its arguments through reference to concrete and specific examples from around the world. Specific reference is made to biodiversity in the context of UNESCO biosphere reserves as well as natural sites and cultural landscapes that have been declared World Heritage. Particular focus is given to biodiversity in the context of local and indigenous knowledge. The work of the Global Environment Facility through its support to global and national projects is also highlighted.

photo credit: Ngoc Thai Dang-UNEP-Alpha Presse

The exhibit is intended for multiple audiences, including policy- and decision-makers, museums and educational institutions. The use of simple language and attractive visual elements contribute to making the exhibition equally accessible to a wider public.

The exhibition is available in English, as well as in bilingual versions with French and Spanish. Partners are sought for bilingual versions in Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

International Year of Biodiversity Travelling Exhibition Website - download the exhibition panels.

The travelling exhibition is co-organized by UNESCO and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, with the financial and technical support of the Global Environment Facility, the United Nations Environment Programmme and the World Heritage Convention of UNESCO, as well as contributions from the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, the Centre Sciences. For more information, and to become a partner, contact Anne Candau a.candau@unesco.org.

Nature Our Precious Web

Ten years after Rio, the community of states reaffirmed this commitment by agreeing on the 2010 Biodiversity Target, with seven focal areas. Making use of pictures produced by renowned photographers from the feature magazine GEO, this exhibition provides a sensuous experience of what the 2010 Biodiversity Target is about.

The pictures are a celebration of pristine nature, but also of cultural landscapes. They tell tales of people contributing to the conservation of biodiversity. They encourage reflection on our own actions and show us how astonishing biological diversity is on Earth.

  Nature Our Precious Web
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Details of the exhibition can be found on the website of Countdown 2010.

The exhibition is available in a bilingual version of English and German.

The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Geo Magazine, GTZ, Countdown 2010, the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the United Nations Development Programme.

For more information, and to book the exhibition, contact the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity.