Success Stories

The International Year of Biodiversity is built on celebrating and communicating the examples of communities, governments and organizations that have been able to achieve the 2010 Biodiversity Target at different levels. Their stories will themselves become messages and models for future policy and action. They will be presented in a way that highlights their economic contribution to the lives of communities. The particularly important role of Indigenous and Local Communities will also be highlighted. Other examples of “2010 Success Stories” will be the work of the scientific community; the latest developments in biodiversity science.

Welcome to the “Success Stories” clearing-house. This is where communities and organizations and partners advertise their stories and demonstrate how these will help us all work to achieve the goals of a broader vision for safeguarding biodiversity in the decades to come.

We invite you to share YOUR “Success Stories” with the rest of the world! Tell us your story, and give us the following details by email:

  • the name of your story
  • where it takes place (country and city or region)
  • a brief description (200 words) of what was achieved and the lessons learned
  • a link to your website
  • a copy of any documents you think would help people to understand your work

contact us at:

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