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Recommendation I/3

Alternative ways and means in which the Conference of the Parties could start the process of considering the components of biological diversity particularly those under threat and the identification of action which could be taken under the Convention


50th Meeting of the CITES Standing Committee

15 - 19 March 2004, Geneva, Switzerland


13th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES

2 - 14 October 2004, Bangkok, Thailand


Intergovernmental Meeting on Great Apes and First GRASP Council Meeting

5 - 9 September 2005, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo


Ecology & Conservation of Butterflies in Europe

5 - 9 December 2005, Leipzig, Germany


Meeting of the CITES Strategic Plan Working Group

24 - 28 April 2006, Ottawa, Canada


11th Meeting of the Advisory Committee to UNEP/EUROBATS

8 - 10 May 2006, City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg


ACAP 2nd Meeting of the Advisory Committee

5 - 8 June 2006, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


3rd meeting of the Bigleaf Mahogany Working Group

29 June - 1 July 2006, Lima, Peru


Sixteenth meeting of the Plants Committee

3 - 8 July 2006, Lima, Peru


Twenty-second meeting of the Animals Committee

7 - 13 July 2006, Lima, Peru


Wildlife DNA forensics training course

9 - 15 September 2006, Bangor, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


GEO-4 Third Production and Authors Meeting

1 - 31 October 2006, To be determined


54th Meeting of the CITES Standing Committee

2 - 6 October 2006, Geneva, Switzerland


European Regional CITES Plants Meeting

18 - 21 October 2006, Perugia, Italy


Expert Meeting on Animal Welfare (FAO)

29 September - 3 October 2008, Rome, Italy


World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) - 64th Annual Conference

4 - 8 October 2009, St. Louis, United States of America

News Headlines

Territory researcher on hunt for disappearing giant clam

Indigenous rangers are working with Charles Darwin University PhD candidate Shane Penny to survey the Northern Territory’s coastline for the threatened giant clam.

News Headlines

New elephant in the room

You can’t ignore this elephant in the room because he is so cute. Jake, a healthy Asian elephant, was the first in Canada to be born by artificial insemination at the African Lion Safari.

News Headlines

Orangutans Get New Home in Borneo

Indonesia pledges to reserve forest land for orangutan conservation, leading to the release of all orangutans in rehabilitation by 2015.

News Headlines

Wide-eyed primate caught on camera for first time

LONDON — A "cute" primate so rare it was thought to be extinct has been caught on camera in the forests of Sri Lanka for the first time, scientists said Monday.

News Headlines

Found: Sri Lankan primate thought to be extinct for 60 years

Researchers photograph and measure the Horton Plains slender loris, but fear there could be fewer than 100 left alive.

News Headlines

Butterflies: out of the blue

Large blue butterflies were driven to extinction in Britain just 30 years ago, but now they're making a comeback, thanks to some loving care from conservationists.

News Headlines

Poachers kill last female rhino in South African park for prized horn

Record levels of poaching are endangering survival of rhinoceros in South Africa.

News Headlines

Un primate considéré comme éteint pris en photo

Un petit primate qui n'avait pas été vu depuis plus de 60 ans, faisant craindre à une extinction...

News Headlines

Descubren un importante arrecife de coral blanco

Descubren uno de los más importantes arrecifes del Mediterráneo. Es uno de los más amenazados por las practicas pesqueras.  Leer . Escuchar

News Headlines

Orangutan Genocide Continues in Indonesia

An international stakeholders conference organized by the Indonesian Forestry Ministry, entitled, Man of the Forest: Orangutan and the Future of Humanity, was held July 15-16 at a posh local resort off the eastern coast of Bali.

News Headlines

Amphibians wiped out before they are discovered

A Panamanian park has lost around 40% of its amphibian species in the past decade, with some dying out before biologists had even learned of their existence, according to research published today in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science USA1.

News Headlines

Unfair trade: A week in the world of illegal wildlife trafficking

Illegal trade in endangered species continues to grow around the world. How big is the problem? Here are 10 major cases that have hit the media in just the past week:

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