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News Headlines

30 new species discovered in Los Angeles in first-ever intensive urban biodiversity survey

Thirty new insect species of the fly family Phoridae have been discovered in the LA region of California.

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Urban wildlife: when animals go wild in the city

Perching on the side of an old power station chimney with St Paul’s Cathedral to the north and the Shard, Europe’s tallest building, to the east is not where you might expect to glimpse the world’s fastest bird. Yet Tate Modern, and London landmarks including Battersea Power Station and the Hous ...

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A bird's eye view of Montreal

It is Montreal and the year is 1896. The city, with its half a million citizens, is alive and vibrant and enjoying one of its greatest periods of growth.

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Rise in heatwaves puts pressure on city planning

Cities around the world are likely to suffer more heatwaves in the future, a study has found, leading to greater need for planning regulation and urban cooling.

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Urban pollinators get the job done

Native bees in San Francisco provide adequate pollination to crop plants such as tomato plants, new research shows.

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Global Environment Facility to take up pilot projects in 4 cities

NEW DELHI: Global Environment Facility (GEF) that supports UN objectives on protecting environment and addressing climate change concerns, has agreed to undertake pilot projects in four Indian cities for promoting green practices in urban areas.

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Critics predict traffic nightmares if Pierrefonds residential project is constructed

Critics say it will destroy one of the island’s few remaining untouched green spaces, block a natural green corridor used by dozens of species and bring 10,000 more cars to a region plagued by traffic congestion

News Headlines

The rise of sustainable Perth

Perth is not a big part of the national consciousness, although its growth has sparked some interest. The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics projections are remarkable—the population will reach three million by the early 2020s, surpass Brisbane later that decade and hit five million by 2050, ...

News Headlines

The Soul of Buenos Aires Is Turning Grey

BUENOS AIRES, Feb 5 2015 (IPS) - If cities have souls, the Argentine capital’s is turning more and more grey. Real estate speculation, the fencing in and paving of parks, and the installation of private bars and restaurants in public squares have changed the face of the city.

News Headlines

Urban rabbits downsize to smaller, 'studio' warrens

European rabbits are in decline in rural areas, yet holding strong in cities. But urban living also comes with a changed lifestyle: instead of being packed into complex burrows, city rabbits seem to live a more solitary life in smaller burrows.

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Copenhagen unveils first climate-change adapted neighborhood

'Cloudburst boulevards' and innovative bowl-shaped parks are designed to protect the city from rising sea levels

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Farming Goes To Town

Urban farming could improve food security but also increases the competition between urban and rural water needs.

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Vanishing big trees put Australia's urban wildlife in peril

Across Australia - and the world - the future of large old trees is bleak and yet large trees support many species such as birds and small mammals, says Mr Darren Le Roux, a PhD student at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) and The Australian National University.

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Boosting the immune systems of city dwellers

A new project attempts to find solutions to allergies and other immune defence disorders using methods from medicine and urban design.

News Headlines

Street cleaners in New York have help from insect garbage-munchers

NEW YORK, Dec. 2 (UPI) -- For junk food-loving insects, New York City is the place to be. According to new research, urban-dwelling bugs -- millipedes, ants, spiders and cockroaches -- roaming a 150-block stretch of the Broadway/West Street corridor consume the equivalent of 60,000 hotdogs each ...

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In a Queens Forest, Compiling a Picture of Urban Ecology

Deep in the woods at Alley Pond Park in Queens is a laboratory that looks like something out of a weather fanatic’s wild imagination.

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‘Top down’ climate data don’t serve growing cities

Urban environments are changing rapidly. People who live in cities are faced with risks and vulnerabilities that depend as much on socioeconomic factors, like access to health care, as they do on exposure to climate change and variability.

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Urban cardinals and catbirds live longer study shows

Researchers at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center have found four bird species living in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region that survive longer than those living in rural settings.

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High ant diversity underfoot in urban environments

Cities have more species diversity than you'd expect. A study of ants in Manhattan found not only a wide range of species, but also significant differences in the levels of biodiversity in different urban areas.

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Green spaces don't ensure biodiversity in urban areas

Planting trees and creating green space in cities is good for attracting species, but it may not be enough to ensure biodiversity in built environments, a University of Iowa study has found.

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On first-ever World Cities Day, UN spotlights need for sustainable urban planning

31 October 2014 – As the world's urban areas inevitably expand, growing both in size and in population, they will also need to transition into better planned and better managed environments or risk exacerbating negative trends, the United Nations warned today.

News Headlines

Nestling birds struggle in noisy environments

Unable to fly, nestling birds depend on their parents for both food and protection: vocal communication between parents and offspring helps young birds to determine when they should beg for food and when they should crouch in the nest to avoid a predator seeking an easy meal.

News Headlines

Can cities save our wild bees?

I love bees. Everyone I know loves bees. And everyone knows bees are on the decline. But could it be that cities will come to their rescue?

News Headlines

Pop-up parks fight to bring green space to Brussels

Brussels boasts being one of Europe's greener cities, even though many of its parks are far from inner-city residents. In response, some people have created their own pop-up parks out of vacant lots.

News Headlines

Cities launch global alliance to lower carbon emissions

[NEW YORK] More than 2,000 cities have banded together in what the UN calls the largest effort by cities so far to curb their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Cities Will Solve Climate Change, Not Nations

As world leaders gathered at the U.N. to talk about global warming, mayors set about actually doing something about climate change

News Headlines

Indian city of Surat anticipates worst effects of climate change

Gujarat city on India’s west coast is preparing to cope with twin disasters brought on by rapid growth and global warming

News Headlines

On a whim: Equatorial Guinea building new capital city in the middle of the rainforest

More than 8,000 hectares of rainforest are under threat as the nation builds a new $600 million capital city from scratch. Called Oyala, and also known as Djibloho, the city is expected to be completed by 2020 and house up to 200,000 people -- about an eighth of the entire population of the enti ...

News Headlines

Curbing air pollution, one bamboo bike at a time

Manila is known more for its gridlocked traffic jams and air pollution than for green spaces or pedestrianized walkways. Bamboo bikes could change that by curbing emissions and helping pave the way to go green.

News Headlines

Great tits' 'black ties' smaller in the city

Urban great tits have smaller black breast stripes than their rural neighbours, a study has found.

News Headlines

Toronto’s urban forest worth $7-billion, report says

Toronto’s 10 million trees are worth an estimated $7-billion or about $700 per tree and the benefits of maintaining an urban forest outweigh the costs, says a new report.

News Headlines

Triple Summit in Singapore Puts Urban Planning on the Map

SINGAPORE, Jun 5 2014 (IPS) - With over 20,000 international participants, a triple summit wrapping up today in Singapore is generating an abundance of ideas on sustainable cities.

News Headlines

Environment-focused Events in Singapore Address Urban Sustainability

5 June 2014: Three events, the World Cities Summit (WCS), the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and the CleanEnviro Summit (CESS) 2014, have brought together over 20,000 participants in Singapore, including 30 Ministers and 130 mayors, to share experiences and technological innovations, ...

News Headlines

How green spaces could stop cities from overheating

A 10% increase in green space in our cities could help to keep temperatures at present levels into the 2050s, despite climate change

News Headlines

Study: UK cities becoming mosquito-friendly habitats

Changes to UK urban areas provide habitats for mosquitoes, including species known to spread malaria and West Nile virus, a study suggests.

News Headlines

Wildlife in the cities

HUMANS are becoming ever more urban in their habits, yet it’s only recently that scientists have attempted to quantify the impact of urbanisation on levels of biodiversity around the world.

News Headlines

UN partners with private sector to help local communities map disaster risk

5 May 2014 – The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) has announced that it will partner with a California-based supplier of global geographic data to make available new technologies that can help communities and cities visualize disaster risk and take action.

News Headlines

Africa: Climate Adaptation Advice for Cities in Global South

Johannesburg — Cities in developing countries with quality health, housing and water drainage systems, can more easily adapt to a changing climate, says the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

News Headlines

Megacities contend with sinking land

Subsiding land is a bigger immediate problem for the world's coastal cities than sea level rise, say scientists.

News Headlines

Should cities be for animals too?

Half the world's people live in cities – but urban environments have just a 10th of the species present in equivalent countryside habitats. Should we care and what can we do about it?

News Headlines

Life finds a way: the surprising biodiversity of cities

Public perception of wildlife tends to be tied to natural habitats such as forests, ocean and other wild settings.

News Headlines

At-risk cities hold solutions to climate change: UN report

Smart choices by cities such as Miami in planning and investment could hold key to cutting emissions, IPCC draft says

News Headlines

City lights threaten rainforests by deterring bats

Fruit-eating bats play an important role in forest regeneration, collecting and spreading seeds far and wide.

News Headlines

200 European cities and regions call for more ambitious EU climate and energy targets

At a crucial time for European climate policy, 200 European cities and regions are backing a call for action supporting more ambitious and binding climate and energy targets, ensuring that future generations are safeguarded against the worst effects of climate change.

News Headlines

Despite the Concrete, Cities Still Retain High Numbers of Native Birds and Plants

The concrete jungles that are the world's urban centers are, indeed, not the best environment for wildlife to thrive. But according to new research, cities do still retain high numbers of native species and are far from ecologically barren environments.

News Headlines

The Awesome Things These 7 Cities Are Doing for Wildlife

With little effort, argue conservationists, cities can provide habitat for birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other creatures great and small.

News Headlines

Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy

Like many high-density cities, Melbourne is currently facing three main challenges: climate change, population growth and urban heating.

News Headlines

Singapore: A 'living laboratory' for sustainability

More than 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities by 2030, according to the United Nation's "World Urbanization Prospects."

News Headlines

Cities support more native biodiversity than previously thought

Researchers at NCEAS compile the largest global dataset of urban birds and plants, which shows world’s cities retain a unique natural palette

News Headlines

Climate leadership from mayors of the world

Mexico's urban sustainability leader Martha Delgado Peralta shares her views on leadership and transforming polluted cities ahead of GLOBE 2014

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