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News Headlines

Tropical forest losses outpace UN estimates

Satellite data suggest that forest loss accelerated in the past 20 years, contradicting the United Nations' reports that it decreased.

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The wealth of forests

The day I first set foot in a tropical rainforest, in Malaysia in the early 1980s, I experienced something profound.

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Assessing carbon stock value of forests is tricky business, study finds

With financial incentives encouraging maintenance of carbon stocks and the increased popularity of carbon trading between countries, a forest has become economically a lot more than a clump of trees that supplements livelihoods

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REDD+ to the rescue of Central Africa’s forests? Not yet, study says

NAIROBI, Kenya—Enforcing sustainable logging and assigning a monetary value to the carbon stored in forest concessions managed under the REDD+ mechanism will not be enough to curb deforestation in Central Africa.

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Africa: Supply Chain Policies Need Work to Save Forests - Think Tank

Barcelona — Governments, companies and investors still have significant work to do if they are to stop global supply chains causing deforestation and worsening climate change, a tropical forest think tank said on Wednesday.

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Nepal prepares for UN forest carbon trading

Nepal’s forests store more than 500 million tonnes of carbon, new government research has revealed. This is equivalent to about two thirds of India’s total emissions in 2011.

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Swedish wildlife extinction threat as loggers clear-cut 'old growth' forests

Sweden's biodiverse ancient forests will be largely wiped out within two decades, writes Alec Forss - and along with it will go thousands of species that depend on mature forest ecosystems. But with powerful logging companies riding roughshod over the law, regulators, politicians and certifiers, ...

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Trapped between growth and conservation

Brazil's east coast, the Mata Atlantica, is home to the unique Pau-Brasil tree. A creative approach, well coordinated programs and the help of the local population are essential in the fight to save it from extinction.

News Headlines

After 10 years vying for protection, Kalimantan community granted legal rights to community forest

During Indonesia’s 2014 national census, 848 people were recorded living in the village of Setulang, an hour’s drive from Malinau, North Kalimantan (formerly part of East Kalimantan) at the confluence of the Malinau and Setulang rivers.

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When is a forest a forest? How definitions affect monitoring

We live in a world of constant beta,” explains James Anderson, communications officer for the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Forests program.

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China’s recent forest tenure reforms threaten panda habitat

Since the 1950s, plantations and second-growth forests in China have been locally managed by village communities as collective forests, which today account for 58 percent of China's forestland.

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Financial pledges for REDD+ slow to be disbursed, finds report

Only a small fraction of the $7.3 billion pledged under the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) program has actually been disbursed, find a new report that tracked REDD+ finance in seven countries.

News Headlines

Uganda Forests in Danger

Kampala — A parliamentary commission wants the management at the National Forestry Authority to take action against all encroachers in the central forests reserves in the country.

News Headlines

Brazil's soy moratorium dramatically reduced Amazon deforestation

The moratorium on forest conversion established by Brazilian soy giants in 2006 dramatically reduce deforestation for soy expansion in the Amazon, and have been more effective in cutting forest destruction than the government's land use policy in the region, finds a study published today in the ...

News Headlines

Nigeria: Imperatives of REDD Mechanism for Mitigating Deforestation

Abuja — THE proximity of Nassarawa state to the nation's capital was to be an advantage when there was massive demolition in the Federal Capital Territory in the year 2004, as most of the displaced persons found solace in the state.

News Headlines

California’s Forests: Where Have All the Big Trees Gone?

They’ve gone to logging and housing—but especially to climate change, says a new study.

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Wolf cull will not save threatened Canadian caribou

Study suggests Canadian government strategy is not enough to preserve caribou population in the boreal forest.

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Indonesia's moratorium not enough to achieve emissions reduction target

When Indonesia's former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono declared a moratorium in May 2012 on the issuance of new permits for logging in primary forests and on peat lands, it was widely hailed as an important, albeit far too limited, step in clamping down on the country's levels of deforestation.

News Headlines

New restoration focus for western dry forests

The most significant current threat to western dry forests is from insect outbreaks and droughts, not wildfires, research shows

News Headlines

Lust for Gold Is Consuming Precious South American Forests

Satellite images show that while the scale of deforestation is small, it is bleeding into protected areas

News Headlines

Deforestation climbing - along with fears - in the Amazon

Deforestation in the Brazil Amazon continues to pace well ahead of last year's rate, shows data released today by Imazon.

News Headlines

Tanzania: Armed Illegal Loggers Devastate Coastal Forest

Dar es Salaam — A surge in illegal logging is devastating native forests in coastal Tanzania's Rufiji district, despite efforts by authorities to curb forest losses, officials said.

News Headlines

A tree grows in Montreal? Most likely a maple

Montreal’s team of choice may be the Canadiens, but when it comes to trees, this is definitely a maple leaf city. An analysis of the tree inventories of Montreal’s boroughs shows the maple is the most common tree in the city: more than 113,000 of them, distributed across 60 species.

News Headlines

Calculating economic value of forests often overlooks biodiversity, study finds

BOGOR, Indonesia—If you are a land-use planner in a tropical country, how do you decide whether an area should be used to grow food, conserved for its biological diversity or protected for its ecosystem services (such as erosion control or pollination)?

News Headlines

Two-year study to identify threatened forest species

A two-year study to identify threatened species in the State’s forests is nearing completion, R.K. Ojha, chief project director, Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Conservation and Greening Project, said here on Thursday.

News Headlines

Big data and the science of the Christmas tree

Often called the "Cadillac of Christmas trees," the Fraser Fir has everything a good Christmas tree should have: an even triangular shape, a sweet piney fragrance, and soft needles that (mostly) stay attached and won't leave tiny stabs in your fingers.

News Headlines

Asia’s Fragile Caves Face Growing Development Risks

Botanist Li-Bing Zhang has spent years collecting ferns in the caves and limestone formations of southwestern China and neighboring Southeast Asia. When I met him recently in a Vietnamese national park, his research vehicle, a silver van, was bursting with fern specimens. Zhang and two colleague ...

News Headlines

Study on threatened taxonomy of Tamil Nadu forest nears completion

CHENNAI: A two-year study on the threatened taxonomy in the forest in Tamil Nadu is nearing completion, said RK Ojha, chief project director, Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Conservation and Greening Project, on Thursday.

News Headlines

Seeing the forest for the trees: Youngest trees in a forest tell the biggest story

The largest trees in a forest may command the most attention, but the smallest seedlings and youngest saplings are the ones that are most critical to the composition and diversity of the forest overall.

News Headlines

Forests could be a thrifty way to fight ozone pollution

Planting trees may be a cost-effective way to reduce ground-level ozone, a toxic component of smog that contributes to the deaths of about 152,000 people annually worldwide, according to new research.

News Headlines

Growth of forests may not be keeping pace with rising CO2 levels

Plants rely on three critical elements for growth: carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are therefore expected to increase rates of forest growth, in turn helping counter some of humanity's influence on global climate.

News Headlines

Biodiversity protection is key to REDD+ success, study shows

Protecting biodiversity may be crucial for successfully storing carbon in forests, scientists say

News Headlines

Threatened indigenous forests store more than half the Amazon's carbon

Carbon emissions from human activities are the big player in global warming, and scientists have long known that tropical forests are vital for sequestering excess carbon.

News Headlines

Illegal Logging Wreaking Havoc on Impoverished Rural Communities

SYDNEY, Dec 1 2014 (IPS) - Rampant unsustainable logging in the southwest Pacific Island states of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, where the majority of land is covered in tropical rainforest, is worsening hardship, human insecurity and conflict in rural communities.

News Headlines

Solomon Islands Forests Face Complete Depletion by 2020

A Forestry expert has warned that Solomon Islands forest will inevitably become a “sunset industry” facing almost a complete depletion of forest resources from 2015 up to the late 2020’s.

News Headlines

Amazon deforestation in Brazil drops 18% in 2013/2014

Preliminary data released by the Brazilian government suggests that deforestation in Earth's largest rainforest slowed 18 percent over the past year.

News Headlines

Indonesia cracks down on deforestation in symbolic u-turn

Indonesia’s new president announces plans to protect rainforest and peatlands, signalling a new direction for country with worst rate of deforestation in the world

News Headlines

Primates indispensable for regeneration of tropical forests

Primatologist and plant geneticists have studied the dispersal of tree seeds by New World primates. Primates can influence seed dispersal and spatial genetic kinship structure of plants that serve as their food source.

News Headlines

Overhaul in tropical forest research needed

New work shows the limitations of long-used research methods in tropical rainforest ecology and points to new technological approaches for understanding forest structures and systems on large geographic scales.

News Headlines

Field plots offer biased view of the Amazon

Field plots in the Amazon are often not representative of the habitats surrounding them, potentially biasing extrapolations made across the region, argues a new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

News Headlines

Ending deforestation won't stop carbon emissions from land use change

Even if the world stopped cutting down forests, carbon dioxide emissions from land use change would still pose a major challenge, according to a new paper in Nature Climate Change.

News Headlines

Protecting forests alone would not halt land-use change emissions

Global forest conservation measures meant to mitigate climate change are likely to drive massive cropland expansion into shrublands or savannahs to satisfy the ever-growing hunger for arable land. The consequent changes in land use could cause substantial greenhouse gas emissions, a new study in ...

News Headlines

Surprising reasons to be optimistic about saving forests

In the 1990s, the world watched with alarm as vast tracts of tropical rainforest were torn down for timber and croplands, dug up for minerals and energy, and flooded for hydroelectric projects.

News Headlines

China's old-growth forests vanishing despite government policies

China's anti-logging, conservation and ecotourism policies are accelerating the loss of old-growth forests in one of the world's most ecologically fragile places, according to studies.

News Headlines

Reducing deforestation is good for business, argues report

Some of the world's largest companies are making progress in disclosing and addressing deforestation risk within their commodity supply chains, but much work is left to be done to shift to more sustainable practices, argues a new report from the Climate Disclosure Project.

News Headlines

Peru's forests store more CO2 than US emits in a year, research shows

Carbon mapping by the Carnegie Institute for Science reveals nearly seven billion tonnes of carbon stored in Peru’s rainforests, in a technique that could help preserve such stores to reduce carbon emissions

News Headlines

Protecting native forests more valuable than logging

New research has found Mountain Ash forests provide more value to the community and the global climate when protected and not logged.

News Headlines

Congo-Brazzaville: To Protect Congo Basin Forest, Ask Local People How to Use It

Yaounde — Central African governments must include local people when planning how to use land if they want to resolve problems caused by resource-hungry agribusiness and mining companies that have put the Congo Basin rainforest under pressure in recent years, experts say.

News Headlines

Project ‘discovers’ uncharted forests—and charts new direction in land-use planning

BOGOR, Indonesia — Whereas magicians use mirrors to make huge objects seemingly disappear, researchers in Indonesia are developing maps to “find” forests that apparently weren’t there before.

News Headlines

Forests lose essential nitrogen in surprising way

Even during summer dry spells, some patches of soil in forested watersheds remain waterlogged.

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