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News Headlines

Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter

Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has fallen to the lowest recorded level for the winter season, according to US scientists.

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Eastern, High Arctic regain sea ice during cold winter

The good news is tempered by the fact that satellite data show ice levels in the rest of the Arctic -- and overall -- are at their lowest levels this winter.

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Study of ancient emperor penguin populations creates concern for future of species

The first study of ancient populations of the world's largest penguin, the emperor penguin, has raised serious concerns about the future prospects of the species.

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Scientists find translucent fish living under Antarctic ice shelf

DEKALB, Ill., Jan. 22 (UPI) -- It shouldn't be all that surprising at this point -- living organisms defying the odds, that is.

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Unlocking secrets of the polar night

Winter is the dark season and colder than cold in the Arctic north. But climate warming is giving scientists the chance to find out what goes on in the Arctic ocean during the Polar night.

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Polar bear populations are slowly shifting northward

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Jan. 8 (UPI) -- As habitats to the east and south of the Arctic region become more unstable -- and as suitable habitat continues to erode -- polar bears are relocating to far-northern Canada, where sea ice is plentiful and reliable.

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Robots reveal thicker Antarctic sea ice

Sea ice in the Antarctic is much thicker than previously thought, according to new data obtained by robotic submarines.

News Headlines

Arctic warming: Scientists identify new driver

A mechanism that could turn out to be a big contributor to warming in the Arctic region and melting sea ice has been identified by scientists.

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Antarctic conference to vote on huge marine parks amid strained relations

Meeting of 25 nations, including Russia and Ukraine, in Hobart will consider proposals on the future of Antarctic research and marine protection

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Antarctic sea ice shows record growth, climate change likely cause

The growth of sea ice is not evidence against the effects of climate change, but rather the consequence of it.

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Climate change threatens Arctic food security and culture

It’s increasingly difficult to find food using traditional hunting methods in the Arctic, and at the same time, provisions sold at stores are “unaffordable” for many, jeopardizing food security and cultural life in the region, Arctic experts and residents said, responding to a United Nations rep ...

News Headlines

New study claims ice sheets may be melting for centuries

NEW YORK, Sept. 28 (UPI) -- A team of researchers recently studied 120 ice sheets collapses and other factors to put together the history of sea level rise for the past 500,000 years.

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Antarctic sea ice set for record high as Arctic heads for sixth lowest extent

Antarctica poised for record high as figures show Arctic sea ice was millions of square kilometres below long-term average

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Glaciers in northern Antarctic Peninsula melting faster than ever despite increased snowfall

Increased snowfall will not prevent the continued melting of glaciers in the northern Antarctic Peninsula, according to new research.

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New Economic Council speeds Arctic commerce

The founding meeting of the Arctic Economic Council is taking place in Canada (Sept. 2-3). Critics fear the new business body will speed up the exploitation of a fragile environment struggling with climate change.

News Headlines

Iceland's Seabird Colonies Are Vanishing, With "Massive" Chick Deaths

Climate and ocean changes blamed for huge losses of puffins, kittiwakes, and terns

News Headlines

Greenland ice melting at record speed

Satellite data shows ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica are declining at record speed. The annual loss of ice has doubled in the case of Greenland and tripled in the West Antarctic compared to figures from 2009.

News Headlines

Lakes under the ice: Antarctica’s secret garden

A cold breeze blew off the Antarctic plain, numbing the noses and ears of scientists standing around a dark hole in the ice. Flecks of ice crackled off a winch as it reeled the last few metres of cable out of the hole. Two workers in sterile suits leaned over to grab the payload — a cylinder the ...

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Quito summit is our chance to protect the polar bear by all means

This iconic species should be listed under the Convention on Migratory Species and specific protection measures agreed

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2010 Chilean earthquake causes icequakes in Antarctica

Seismic events aren't rare occurrences on Antarctica, where sections of the frozen desert can experience hundreds of micro-earthquakes an hour due to ice deformation. Some scientists call them icequakes. But in March of 2010, the ice sheets in Antarctica vibrated a bit more than usual because of ...

News Headlines

Polar research: Six priorities for Antarctic science

Mahlon C. Kennicutt II, Steven L. Chown and colleagues outline the most pressing questions in southern polar research, and call for greater collaboration and environmental protection in the region.

News Headlines

Error identified in satellite record may have overestimated Antarctic sea ice

John Abraham: A jump is discovered in estimated Antarctic sea ice extent due to a satellite algorithm

News Headlines

Is Antarctic sea ice cover really setting record highs? Processing errors may be confusing the matter

Antarctic sea ice may not be expanding as fast as previously thought, new research suggests. A team of scientists say much of the increase measured for Southern Hemisphere sea ice could be due to a processing error in the satellite data

News Headlines

New hope for Antarctic Ocean?

A new report calls for protection measures in the Antarctic Weddell Sea, one of the world’s last, intact ecosystems. Cooperation between Germany and Russia could help achieve a better situation.

News Headlines

Scientists can now accurately count polar bears...from space

Polar bears are big animals. As the world's largest land predators, a single male can weigh over a staggering 700 kilograms (about 1,500 pounds). But as impressive as they are, it's difficult to imagine counting polar bears from space. Still, this is exactly what scientists have done according t ...

News Headlines

Finding elusive emperor penguins: Both surveyors and satellites needed to study remote penguin populations

Field surveys and satellites complement each other when studying remote penguin populations.

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Ponds 'predict Arctic sea-ice melt'

A UK team believes it can now make skilful predictions of how much sea ice will melt during Arctic summers.

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Underground volcanoes accelerate glacier melting in antarctic

AUSTIN, Texas, June 9 (UPI) --The list of things that don't contribute to glacier melting keeps getting shorter. Now, the list-keeper can cross off "underground volcanoes."

News Headlines

Ocean waves influence polar ice extent

Large ocean waves can travel through sea ice for hundreds of km before their oscillations are finally dampened, scientists have shown.

News Headlines

West Antarctic ice sheet collapse unstoppable

Two new studies show the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting faster than anticipated. Experts say IPCC global sea level forecasts will have to be recalculated with levels far higher than initially predicted.

News Headlines

New bird flu strain circulating among Antarctica penguins

The genetic analysis revealed that this specific bird flu strain is most closely related to H3N8, a strain from the 1960s.

News Headlines

Climate change risk to icy East Antarctica

Is Antarctica really safe from climate change? A new study suggests even the icy east of the frozen continent could be at risk, with consequences for global sea levels. Scientists say the changes could be irreversible.

News Headlines

New light shed on changing Greenland ice

Research using NASA data is giving new insight into one of the processes causing Greenland's ice sheet to lose mass.

News Headlines

As Antarctica opens up, will privateer explorers be frozen out?

Antarctica is the Earth’s last pristine, untouched and most epic wilderness.

News Headlines

History of Antarctic glacier melt suggests more to come

CAMBRIDGE, England, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- A glacier on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, already the largest single source of global sea level rise, may keep thinning for decades, scientists say.

News Headlines

Arctic marine mammals are ecosystem sentinels

As the Arctic continues to see dramatic declines in seasonal sea ice, warming temperatures and increased storminess, the responses of marine mammals can provide clues to how the ecosystem is responding to these physical drivers.

News Headlines

Developing nations seek a share of Antarctica’s spoils

[SANTIAGO] With climate change causing Arctic sea ice to shrink to its smallest extent on record in 2012, opening up new sea routes and access to mineral deposits — including about 30 per cent of the world’s ­un­exploited gas and 13 per cent of its oil according to some estimates — the Arctic re ...

News Headlines

Are we prepared for a catastrophe in the Arctic?

As climate change warms the Arctic, oil rigs are opening, ships are making use of new shipping routes and tourists are flocking to see the icebergs.

News Headlines

Greenland's fastest glacier found to be accelerating

MUNICH, Germany, Feb. 3 (UPI) -- Greenland's fastest-moving glacier is accelerating, moving ice from the Greenland ice sheet into the ocean at the fastest speed ever recorded, scientists say.

News Headlines

Alaska's Arctic icy lakes lose thickness

The ubiquitous shallow icy lakes that dominate Alaska's Arctic coastal plain have undergone a significant change in recent decades

News Headlines

International action can save the Polar Bear

The largest terrestrial predator on Earth is losing the ground under its feet.

News Headlines

Pine Island Glacier's retreat 'irreversible'

Antarctica's mighty Pine Island Glacier (PIG) is now very probably in a headlong, self-sustaining retreat.

News Headlines

Giant Antarctic glacier beyond point of no return

Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier, one of the biggest single contributors to world sea-level rise, is melting irreversibly and could add as much as a centimetre to ocean levels in 20 years, say scientists.

News Headlines

Esa's Cryosat sees Arctic sea-ice volume bounce back

The bounce back in the extent of sea ice in the Arctic this summer was reflected also in the volume of ice.

News Headlines

Arctic gets a break in 2013, but warming still ongoing

Although the Arctic caught a break this year with a chilly summer, the region "continues to show evidence of a shift to new warmer, greener state" because of climate change, according to the annual Arctic Report Card issued Thursday by federal scientists.

News Headlines

Rapid melting of Arctic eases, but long-term problems persist, U.S. says

The rapid melting in the Arctic eased up this year. But the government says global warming is still dramatically altering the top of the world, reducing the number of reindeer and shrinking snow and ice, while increasing certain fish and extending the growing season.

News Headlines

Antarctic Fjords Are Climate-Sensitive Hotspots of Diversity in a Rapidly Warming Region

Dec. 3, 2013 — Deep inside the dramatic subpolar fjords of Antarctica, researchers from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa have discovered an unexpected abundance and diversity at the seafloor.

News Headlines

Rainfall to Blame for Decline in Arctic Peregrines

Dec. 3, 2013 — Rain, crucial to sustaining life on Earth, is proving deadly for young peregrine falcons in Canada's Arctic.

News Headlines

New research shows Arctic whale habitat losing ground to industrial development

As shipping and oil and gas development ramp up across the Arctic, so too have the impacts of those activities on Arctic whales and the Inuit who hunt them.

News Headlines

Study: Arctic temperatures warmest in more than 44,000 years

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 24 (UPI) -- Geologists say a study of temperatures in the Canadian arctic shows the last 100 years were warmer than any other century in at least the past 44,000 years.

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