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News Headlines

Bolivia's indigenous people join fight to save Gran Chaco wilderness

Second largest wilderness in South America threatened by farming, ranching and drugs trade

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Recent Brazilian Federal Court Decision Involving Genetic Heritage and Traditional Knowledge

On May 22, 2013, the Federal Court from the State of Acre in Brazil (which is North of Brazil) handed down an important decision involving alleged access to genetic resources and traditional knowledge.

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Traditional medicine suffers from lack of funding

Despite its rich natural biodiversity, the country is failing to tap the true potential of traditional and herbal medicine, experts have said.Studies have shown 9,600 out of 30,000 species of indigenous plants had medicinal properties.

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Q&A: ‘Traditional forest knowledge is not folklore, but a resource for change’

Researchers and policymakers have a lot to learn in designing and implementing climate change adaptation strategies from smallholder farmers in the Amazon, says Miguel Pinedo-Vásquez, scientist with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and Director of International Programs at ...

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Resurgence of Indigenous Identity in the Crossfire in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, Jun 19 2013 (IPS) - The powerful tractors and other farm machinery that landowners recently used to block roads at a dozen points from north to south in Brazil illustrated the economic clout of big agriculture, which rose up against the demarcation of indigenous reserves.

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Arctic research station design incorporates Inuit knowledge

Inuit knowledge and culture have played major roles in the design and function of the $142 million High Arctic Research Station planned for Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

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Indigenous people 'excluded from development efforts'

[NEW YORK] Representatives of some of the world's indigenous people have raised concerns that the global development agenda — including the UN's Millennium Development Goals and their planned successors — is being implemented without their full consent and participation.

News Headlines

Permanent Secretary Highlights Need to Protect Traditional Resources

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Beverly Rose-Forbes, says protecting the country’s traditional resources is of paramount importance, particularly in relation to misuse by third parties.

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Sharing Indigenous Knowledge from All Ends of the Globe

This city in northern Australia brought them together to share their experiences this week.

News Headlines

Guardians of the Land and Sea Meet in Darwin

DARWIN, Australia , May 28 2013 (IPS) - “Are you a park ranger?” IPS asked. “No, I am one of the owners of the territory,” Ángel Durán responded in a firm voice. The Bolivian indigenous leader is in this northern Australian city along with 1,200 other native delegates from over 50 countries for ...

News Headlines

Indigenous knowledge to combat climate change

An international forum in Darwin has been told that traditional land management practices are helping to combat the effects of climate change

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El cónclave de los guardianes de la tierra y el mar

DARWIN, Australia, 27 may 2013 (IPS) - “¿Usted es guardabosque?”, preguntó IPS. “No, yo soy dueño del territorio”, respondió con seguridad Ángel Durán, un líder indígena de Bolivia que llegó a esta norteña ciudad australiana junto a otros 1.200 delegados de pueblos originarios procedentes de más ...

News Headlines

Première conférence sur les indigènes du monde

La conférence inaugurale de The World Indigenous Network (WIN), (le réseau des indigènes du monde) a été officiellement ouverte hier dimanche, et se tiendra jusqu'au 31 mai à Darwin, en Australie. Elle regroupe 1200 délégués des autochtones de 50 pays.

News Headlines

Govt urged to resolve problems with indigenous people

The Indigenous People’s Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) and civil society communities have issued a joint declaration that urges the government to settle disputes concerning the rights of indigenous people, which has been mandated by the Constitutional Court.

News Headlines

World's indigenous peoples unite in Darwin

Reindeer farmers from Sweden, Colombian women's groups and Australian Aborigines are finding out what they have in common at a landmark conference of indigenous people in Darwin.

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South Africa: North West Preserves Its Indigenous Knowledge System - Finance Mec Paul Sebegoe

The North West Provincial Government has acknowledged that its communities have rich indigenous knowledge systems which must be protected, preserved, promoted and transferred to the future generations.

News Headlines

First World Indigenous Network conference opens in Australia

The inaugural World Indigenous Network (WIN) Conference has formally been opened in the Northern Territory capital of Darwin, Australia.

News Headlines

Africa: State of Indigenous Peoples in SADC

Following his recent visit to Namibia, members of the African caucus to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) met with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Dr James Anaya, to brief him on the issues affecting the San, Khoi, Batwa and Babuti indigenous peo ...

News Headlines

South Africa: Countries Must Promote Indigenous Rights

With one indigenous language dying out every two weeks, with indigenous livelihoods under threat and with indigenous children being routinely excluded from school, the Africa Caucus of indigenous peoples has appealed to UN member states to take concrete steps to promote and protect the rights of ...

News Headlines

Political participation by indigenous peoples in Latin America still low – UN report

Indigenous peoples in Latin America have undergone an unprecedented mobilization in the past 20 years, but political participation, particularly among women, is still low, the United Nations said in a new report released today.

News Headlines

Connecting Indigenous People All Around the World

On each expedition on The Healing Journey, Jon Waterhouse uses canoes to travel along rivers, recording traditional knowledge from local people, and detailed scientific readings of water conditions and quality using cutting-edge technology. This summer, he’s working with indigenous leaders in So ...

News Headlines

Indigenous Brazilians Learn to Fight for the Right to Food

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil, May 21 2013 (IPS) - Indigenous communities in remote areas of Brazil have begun to recognise that they have the right to not be hungry, and are learning that food security means much more than simply having food on the table.

News Headlines

Africa: Indigenous Culture, Youth Among Key Topics As UN Permanent Forum Opens 12th Session

Around 2,300 indigenous participants are expected to discuss culture, education and health during the 12th session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which will include a special focus on youth, indigenous groups in Africa and the importance of strengthening ties with in ...

News Headlines

Empowering communities to combat deforestation

Kibaha district authorities may not know exactly how much of their remaining indigenous forests are being illegally harvested but they see the size of bare land that was otherwise covered by trees increasing at an alarming rate. They have decided to deal with the situation.

News Headlines

Indigenous Nicaraguans Fight to the Death for Their Last Forest

MANAGUA, May 15 2013 (IPS) - Mayangna indigenous communities in northern Nicaragua are caught up in a life-and-death battle to defend their ancestral territory in the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve from the destruction wrought by invading settlers and illegal logging.

News Headlines

Rainforest tribe urges Norwegian king to recall energy executive

In an unusual bid to stop a series of dams that will flood their rainforest home, a group of tribesmen in Borneo are urging King Harald V of Norway to call one of his subjects home

News Headlines

South Africa To Launch National Traditional Knowledge Recording System

While diplomats are trying to find consensus on an international instrument to protect traditional knowledge at the World Intellectual Property Organization, some countries are establishing systems to protect their traditional knowledge domestically.

News Headlines

Australia to host first-ever World Indigenous Network

The Australian Government shall at the end of May host the first-ever World Indigenous Network (WIN) Conference in the city of Darwin.

News Headlines

New WIPO Text On Traditional Knowledge Protection Cleaner But Issues Remain

The main goal has been achieved for World Intellectual Property Organization delegates who started last week with the task of improving a document to become an international instrument protecting traditional knowledge. Consensus has not been met on core issues, but a cleaner text has emerged, re ...

News Headlines

In “Great Shame,” WIPO Fund For Indigenous Peoples’ Participation Running Dry

The participation of indigenous peoples at the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization has become compromised as the voluntary fund allowing the organisation to invite indigenous peoples representatives is running dry.

News Headlines

WIPO Committee Issues Revised Text On Traditional Knowledge Protection

After an intense day of drafting led by member country experts in small groups in closed rooms, the World Intellectual Property Organization secretariat released a new set of draft articles of what could become an international instrument aimed at protecting traditional knowledge.

News Headlines

Protecting Traditional Knowledge: WIPO Members Back To The Drafting Table

World Intellectual Property Organization delegates are meeting once again this week to try to advance a text that could become an international instrument to protect traditional knowledge. Substantial work needs to be done on the draft text, and developing countries generally favour a legal bind ...

News Headlines

Illegal loggers continue to threaten Amazonian tribe

Campaigners say the Brazilian government is failing to protect one of the world's most endangered tribes.

News Headlines

Herbs and plants that once kept the doctor away

Amazing traditional knowledge about the use of various herbs and plants for medicinal purposes helped our elders keep the doctor away.

News Headlines

Deadly Sins in the Brazilian Amazon

The controversial Belo Monte Dam, which is under construction on the Xingu River in the Brazilian state of Pará, is roughly twenty percent completed. Belo Monte will displace over 20,000 people, gravely endanger the survival of indigenous peoples and local communities and cause irreparable envir ...

News Headlines

Traditional Leaders Play Key Role In Earning Trust for Development

Traditional leaders still hold important roles in today’s modernized world — they are a vital part of a functioning society.

News Headlines

India calls for binding treaty on traditional knowledge

India has called for a binding treaty to protect traditional knowledge at the World Intellectual Property Organisation so that action can be taken by countries against infringement of such rights by others

News Headlines

Lost tribes or Global Stewards?

Brazilian photographer Salgado’s new exhibition Genesis aims to highlight “the animal species that have resisted domestication” and the “remote tribes whose ‘primitive’ way of life is largely untouched”. Salgado hopes that by highlighting this “uncontaminated world” it will be preserved and, whe ...

News Headlines

Palarong Katutubo: Sports for biodiversity

AN Ayta dressed in his tribal attire hurriedly climbed a tree, casually aimed his bow and arrow to a target, and released the arrow with deadly accuracy.

News Headlines

Jeju traditional medicine - the healing biodiversity of the island

In the richness of Jeju's various natural resources, none compare to the vast array of plant species – many with known medicinal uses.

News Headlines

Rediscovering indigenous fare of Nilgiri Hills

While generating interest among food lovers, it has triggered nostalgia among many others who have over the years witnessed the gradual decline in the consumption of such items and their consequent disappearance from the markets and houses particularly those of the Badagas – the largest indigeno ...

News Headlines

Sikhism's Ecological Roots: Protecting Mother Earth

Earlier this winter, seventy new medicinal plants were sown in the garden of Naulakha Bagh in Kiratpur Sahib, Punjab, along the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

News Headlines

Indigenous knowledge holds key to sustainable community development – Daannaa

Ghana’s Minister for Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs, Dr. H. S. Daannaa, has indicated that research into indigenous practices of any people, is key to sustainable development of their community and thus advocatedscientific knowhowof indigenous methods, to enableany form of development to be ...

News Headlines

Academics Criticise Handling Of Cultural Diversity, Traditional Knowledge At International Level

At a recent conference jointly organised by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID, Geneva) and the Museum of Art and History of Geneva, academics tackled the question of the preservation of culture – in its natural and cultural dimension – against the risks of gl ...

News Headlines

Putting Local Climate Know-How on the Map

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Mar 5 2013 (IPS) - A new weapon in the arsenal against climate change is tapping local knowledge to bridge the policy gap and let communities make their own informed decisions about how to manage livelihoods, natural resources, culture and heritage.

News Headlines

Silent Plains … The Fading Sounds of Native Languages

All things must pass,’ sang George Harrison. With time, suns turn into ice, civilizations into dust, and species go extinct. And so ‘black dwarfs,’ ‘biodiversity loss,’ not to forget ‘Armageddon,’ have all become part of our daily alphabet.

News Headlines

Fishing for science in sea of traditional wisdom

During his heydays, Dayanandan, a fisherman from Vypeen, spent many nights gazing at the starry sky for indications of fish shoals.

News Headlines

Law to financially benefit indigenous communities being drafted

SUBANG JAYA: The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry is in the final stages of drafting a law that will financially benefit indigenous communities living in forests, said Minister Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah Embas.

News Headlines

Namibia: Mother Tongue Day to Be Observed

THE Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa (Wimsa), in partnership with the Southern Africa San Education Forum (SASEF), joins Unesco today to celebrate International Mother Language Day under the theme 'Mother Language Day: What does it mean to the San Child'.

News Headlines

Using language to save biodiversity

World over the people are embracing languages that bring them economic prosperity.

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